April 20, 2024

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Ultrasound Breaks The Gates Permanently At The Cellular Level With Jim West

Ultrasound Causation: The Hypothesis

This presents a well-documented Hypothesis, that the great microcephaly epidemic in Brazil was caused solely by a unique prenatal ultrasound program. Zika virus is a mere cover story dismissed even by Brazilian scientists. All causation suspects for the Brazil epidemic are critically reviewed and the last one standing is clearly ultrasound.

Implications are explored re U.S. microcephaly incidence, vaccines, rubella, prenatal X-rays, MACROcephaly, fetal ocular disorders, congenital heart disorders, childhood cancer and other so-called infectious diseases such as chorioamnionitis and GBS infection.

This book is based on Jim West’s prior book, 50 Human Studies(below), presenting the inevitable and required discussion that must follow.

Part A presents The Hypothesis and critically reviews the mainstream propaganda. Parts B and C (available soon) provide detailed supporting documentation.


Save the Brain by Removing Toxic Aluminum 
Super-high levels of toxic aluminum found in the brains of autistic patients: aluminum is present in many vaccines


6 thoughts on “Ultrasound Breaks The Gates Permanently At The Cellular Level With Jim West

  1. Excellent work, Mr West. Your Hypothesis is easily comprehended and believed. I wonder if it extends to men being ‘diagnosed’ with swollen prostates to then have ultrasound, to then have a inguinal hernia, from the ultrasound, perhaps? Surgery now required, but first another ultrasound, I may have a double hernia. Yes sir, you do have a double.

  2. On the Jolie woman having a double mastectomy, I do not believe a word of it. She is an actor in life, in politics and on the stage. Commonly referred to today as “a lifetime actor”. No surgery, No breast removal, just another ACT for the TV zombie masses and to the joy of some who enjoy beautiful women having parts of their womanhood ‘hacked’ off. This was the act of a conquering, dominating force to further subjugate those recently enslaved. “Out here nothing changes, not in a hurry, anyway”

  3. Jagg, I would ask your doctor for an environmental review and reconsideration. You could also do some of this by carefully going through the list below, item by item on a spreadsheet.

    Suspect causation at the root of your symptoms (as well as ultrasound) are exemplified by: EMF (fluorescent lights, CFLs, electric motors (fans and A/C), unshielded LEDs (high frequency transformers), internet cables and wireless routers), and odorless gas stove and boiler exhaust, and vaporous earth plumes from pre-existing industrial dumping flowing near your residence and work areas, and polluted water supply.

    EMF is a major, a highly under-represented environmental problem that might be related to your symptoms. See bioinitiative.org for ideas and research. For a quick way to map out your residence/work areas, tune an AM radio between stations and hear the static, which represents EMF radiation.

  4. As a formality, here is my

    Disclaimer: Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. His research and conversations address apparent contradictions and are designed for discussion.

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