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Current industrial Wiifi systems, Wigig systems, and 5g systems are being upgraded, tested and calibrated right now to broadcast on the 60 GHz frequency. This is taking place right now in the schools, universities, hotels, cruise ships, airplanes, buses, trains stadiums, theme parks and all the rest of the infrastructure that is locked down.

There is a planned next phase after this massive drill subsides will kill a massive number of young healthy children and young adults. A key component to their weapons deployment’s efficacy will be the targeting of the individuals, specifically the head and the air intake orifaces-the nose and mouth.

The wireless head sets like air pods and blue tooth devices are weaponized targeting systems designed to allow these 60 GHz transmitters to lock on and deliver a beam forming weaponized 60 GHz millimeter wave stream aimed at the mouth and nose to disrupt oxygen’s abilty to bind to the heomglobin.

This will create oxygen deprivation which is designed to mimic severe respiratory distress which will be labeled as THE pandemic disease. This is the plan which is to blame the electromagnetic illness on the coming FAKE NEW MUTATED version of the fake outbreak that we have now. The coming event will bring on martial law, forced relocations and forced vaccinations.

This will be the final blow to humanity unless we expose it and stop it now! The second phase of the upgrade involves you bringing these weapons into your homes. DO NOT BRING THE WEAPONS INTO YOUR HOME, ON YOUR PROPERTY OR PUT THEM ON OR NEAR YOUR HEAD.




  1. US Congress are nothing but one big psychopathic warmongering menace, stopping at nothing and destroying millions of lives in order to rule the world. Its all for their jewish masters and the phony state of Israel. The jews like Trump are all mentally ill. Evil to the core. Democrat or Republican it doesn’t matter. The jews for millennia have waged war on the gentiles, that is the reason why Hitler came into power, & begged the West to open their eyes to see what the jews were doing. But stupidly the West chose to side with Russia and the Bolshevik regime. Today we see the results of this. Its no secret that the jews want the Europeans dead. By 2022/3 in Australia at least 9 million of its people will be dead, deliberately by the actions of the Morrison govt., and the Labour govt and their off-shoot the Greens are the same. If you are white you are dead meat. The Europe of old of my parents generation were the last real warriors of the West. Sadly today the millenials and their off-spring just sit behind keyboards posting memes, vlogging etc which should be left for the Boomer generation. There is only 6% of the white race left on earth. We wont be saving our race any time soon when the best the younger generations can do is bang computer keys, and be brainwashed by the powers-that-be in Congress and the lamestream media. Americans… all talk and not much else.

  2. I think the chemtrails or 5G is behind the insanity of the police beating up, abusing, and killing. I’m more afraid of police than criminals because the criminals ARE the police now. It must be heavy metal poisoning or Wifi causing cops to act crazy. CAN SOMEONE ACT TO STOP POLICE VIOLENCE?

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