March 3, 2024

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Vicinity Centres reopen with social distancing technology

Welcome back..



Melbourne might be out of lockdown, but the coronavirus saga is far from over.

Vicinity Centres (Vicinity), the owner of 20 shopping centres across Melbourne — including Chadstone, Northland, The Glen and Bayside — is welcoming back Melburnians with wide-ranging COVID ‘safety measures’ in place.

According to a press release, social distancing and security officers will patrol centres, working closely with Victoria Police and Protective Service Officers, to check that customers are keeping a ‘healthy distance’ from others as they move around the centre.

Vicinity CEO Grant Kelley said: “Safety remains our top priority and we’ve been working hard, alongside our retailers, to get our Melbourne centres ready for the reopening of retail with thorough COVID Safe Plans in place utilising new technologies.”

What does this include?

First, a new digital queueing system will help participating retailers ‘support a safer and easier experience’ for customers, manage capacity in their stores and reduce congestion:

This is how everything gets passed — ‘safety’ and ‘security’:


Customers log onto centre websites and pre-book times to shop, while customers in-centre can use a QR code to join a virtual queue, rather than lining up outside a store, if capacity is reached in-store.

All Vicinity centre websites will also have a interactive feature that uses real-time data to show visitation numbers, updated every fifteen minutes, and forecasted for the day and week ahead

Next, ‘COVID Safety Officers’ will be in each centre, stationed at entrances, reminding visitors to use hand sanitiser on arrival and to wear a mask. They will also monitor and ‘encourage’ everyone to practise social distancing, directing traffic flow.

“We recognise the important role we play in operating our centres in a new, COVID safe environment, and we want our customers, retailers, teams and contractors to do the right thing to help keep each other safe,” Kelley said.

At Chadstone, a state-of-the-art COVID Safe Control Room will be used by dedicated teams to monitor and manage, live and in real-time, customer density across the centre. Similar technology will be used across Vicinity’s Melbourne centres to manage customer numbers.

I’m sure many outside of Victoria have experienced similar, smaller-scale measures in place. The ‘new normal’, a foreign social world of behaviour and social psychological warfare.

This is taking things to a ridiculous level and it doesn’t stop there. The final and most important element of this new plan will be heat monitoring of customers.

We predicted social distancing will soon merge with surveillance tech and he is the first step.

In the company statement, Kelley speaks on how this element will enhance their security:

Vicinity’s industry-leading heat-mapping technology monitors what’s happening in the mall in real-time so our teams can respond swiftly, deploying to potentially congested areas to encourage customers to keep moving and maintain a healthy distance.”

Despite Australia supposedly ‘beating’ the boogeyman virus, most of the country is still subject to restrictions at shops, clubs, pubs, restaurants and even workplaces. Victoria is leading the charge.

On closer examination, Vicinity is a regular name that has popped up through this entire saga.


When I was first sent this release by Full Member Sero, I thought to myself: Where have I heard of the name Vicinity before? Once quick search and I was reminded of their existing participation.

Vicinity was the organisation that introduced six new drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites across Melbourne, as part of the Victorian Government’s blitz to test up to 100,000 people in two weeks.

The sites, located at West Footscray, Pacific Werribee, Pacific Epping, Watergardens Town Centre, Westfield Fountain Gate and Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston, conducted tests:


The increase in testing provided a clearer picture of ‘how the virus spread’ in Victoria and informed any potential easing of restrictions once the State of Emergency was ‘reviewed’ on 11 May 2020.

That’s correct, the same testing in which a $1500 payment was also announced for those who have a confirmed case or are a close contact and who can’t rely on sick leave.

Victorians were bribed back into lockdown past May on the basis that numbers began increasing.

Testing stations were quickly overrun, with many reporting that they had to wait hours to get tested. Just 10 days later, thanks to a ‘huge spike’ in positive cases, 10 postcodes were forced back into stage 3 restrictions and the rest has been history.

Interesting when you now consider the role Vicinity has played in both the restrictions themselves and the dystopia aftermath that is being rolled out.

Could they have been in on this thing the entire time?

More red flags are raised when looking at other company operations.


Pandemic responses are not the only thing Vicinity is undertaking, with many other areas of business operation supporting a transition to a more ‘sustainable’ world.

Under its landmark $73 million solar program set to provide 31 MW of clean energy to 22 shopping centres in six states, the company has now delivered Australia’s biggest solar car park.

The solar array covering 1,400 parking spaces was installed at Elizabeth City Centre in South Australia. The car park system is in addition to the 2.7 MW rooftop program which was completed last year and brings the total on-site capacity to 5.9 MW.

Another smaller car park with 430 shaded spaces was completed at Castle Plaza, complementing an existing 1.3 MW rooftop solar system. The installation was added as part of the latest stage of Vicinity’s national solar program, which has already generated more than 15 GWh across five states.

Earlier this year, Vicinity upped the sustainability ante by announcing a net zero carbon target for its 34 wholly-owned shopping centers, to be reached through a combination of its solar program and energy efficiencies by 2030.

That’s right, as in aligning with plans detailed in the Agenda 2030 document.

“Our commitment to reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint continues in 2020, when we will introduce four new electric vehicle parking stations across both Elizabeth City Centre and Castle Plaza,” Mills said.

Interesting when you consider they own a number of properties, being Australia’s second largest retail property company, with 52 per cent of the portfolio by value in Victoria’s capital city.

Vicinity Centres manages and part-owns top-tier fortress malls like Chadstone in Melbourne and Sydney’s The Strand Arcade, Queen Victoria Building and Chatswood Chase.

The company says its 2030 net zero carbon aspirations will become the centrepiece of its commitment to long-term sustainability.

Could these type of restrictions soon be expanded elsewhere?

Don’t forget, Agenda 2030 is just as much about digital surveillance and resource rationing, as it is about direct policies penned in by a ‘federal government’.

Society is being morphed towards an era of total control and suppression.

Vote with your pockets and let these chains know you WON’T be supporting this!


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  1. There is no doubt that the massive Corporations in our world are controlling us all via our Governments.
    There is also no doubt that these Corporations want to extend the invisible virus noted as CoVid 19.
    They will extend the invisible life of this virus via their media and paid stooges with PHD’s or Professorships whoever the media chose to promote this invisible virus.
    This invisible virus is the most incredible scam ever promoted to mankind and the planning is most certainly dimensional… Satan!
    I have been researching for absolute scientific proof that CoVid-19 exists but just cannot find any science to prove its existence.
    Why has not our mainstream media promoted this science along with all the tests that Co-Vid-19 is a virus in our midst; they have not because there is no scientific proof to enable them to promote CoVid scientifically so the bullshit prevails.
    Have you seen any scientifically organised proof that CoVid-19 exists. If you have then please let me know.

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