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Vicpol terrified of Christian extremists

Robocops fire on Covid lockdown protesters in Victoria


By Jim O’Toole

Senior Victoria police say they are worried about an unprecedented range of threats from animal rights and climate change activists to ‘premillennialism’ – an alleged, extremist Christian belief system.

Police Commissioner Shane Patton

In the aftermath of the questionable shooting of two police officers, a farmer and three Christian family members at Tara in western Queensland last year, chief commissioner Shane Patton launched an extraordinary attack on fundamental Christians labelling them as “emerging threats.”

Here we have Victoria Police mouthing the same provocative line of Queensland Police that somehow ordinary people with Christian beliefs have morphed into terrorists, and tagged as an emerging threat.

A threat to what?

Perhaps police are fearful that ordinary folk fear God more than them? That would be a real blow to Premier ‘Dangerous’ Dan’s authoritarian rule in the communist state of Victoria which attracted international condemnation after its paramilitary police fired large rubber bullets at Covid protesters in 2021.

Numerous activists protesting about the world’s longest Covid lockdowns and a removal of fundamental human rights were seriously injured or disfigured from these horrendous weapons.

Now the pigeons have come home to roost with Australia recording more than 32,000 excess deaths in 2022-23 many in Victoria where the population was all but forcibly injected with the now-proven, dangerous, mRNA gene altering, toxic concoction.

Victorians have suffered acute immunological destruction of endothelial (blood vessel lining) and parenchymal (organ-functioning) cells by the expressed spike protein, causing organ damage such as myocarditis, heart disease, kidney disease or brain damage.

Several thousand Victorians have already died, with many more thousands injured and early in the plandemic lockdowns, Dangerous Dan managed to kill 801 elderly occupants of aged care homes after forcing them to have the experimental jab with a now-proven efficacy rate of under two per cent purportedly to control a virus that doesn’t exist.

It seems the protesters had something to protest about. They hardly rate as terrorists and Victoria Police have not specifically tagged Covid protesters in their grab-bag of alleged terrorists.

Police said however, they are monitoring an unprecedented range of threats from groups and individuals crossing the left-right political divide.

“Many people think the Qaeda and Islamic State are gone. Well, that’s not the case.” Mr Patton said.  “They are still significant threats, but there has been a rise in what has been classified broadly as domestic, violent extremism. Our persons of interest are now more widely dispersed….than they’ve ever been before, particularly among our nationalist and racist extremist cohort.”

Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther (left) said in the past there was a stereotype threat, but now there is a mix of anti-government, conspiratorial views and grievance-fuelled approaches.

Well it would appear on the surface that thousands of Victorian families would rightly hold a grievance-based attitude towards the Labor Party and Premier Andrews if family members had died from the vaxx.

“It’s an ongoing conversation even about the definition of terrorism, because of the complexities about what is, and isn’t involved,” Mr Guenther implied.

“We’re now seeing mental health issues in terrorists and even drug addiction and criminality.”

It would appear Vicpol have been very busy analysing and interpreting the growing animosity towards the medical mafia and its control over the political parties, from families of vaxx victims who have died or been injured for life.

“If you look at the Queensland police shootings, it was premillennialism,” Deputy Commissioner Guenther stated. “It’s the Rumsfeldian thing – they’re known unknowns. It’s a salad bar of ideologies with a diverse array of threats – not just a single thing any more.

“Even though we, touch wood, have been very fortunate and have not seen a terrorist event in recent times, there’s a whole lot of stuff happening in the background that is impacting and  mitigating the threat.”

There it is readers the next time you attend church you will be lumped in with Islamic terrorists and possibly be included in the present police monitoring of 400 persons of interest in the state.


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