April 22, 2024

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“VOTE 1” The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party With Allona Lahn

Allona Lahn & Adam Rowe -QLD Senate- Involuntary Medication Objectors IMOP

Spend 7 minutes watching me Allona Lahn Queensland Senate Candidate, Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador to know why YOU NEED to vote for me.

Australia is in crisis, a slippery slope of coerced drugging from womb to tomb. We have the sickest society ever with Australia being number 1 in the world for Cancer and allergies, Australian’s are getting sicker and no one knows why….

Time to do REAL unbiased, independent research. Demand an unvaccinated V’s vaccinated study, hold the Government accountable for the damage they are doing to our babies and children… Our future.

By voting IMOP you send a clear message we have had enough, we are concerned about the health of our children and we want freedom of choice without financial blackmail and coercion.

IT IS TIME TO MAKE CHANGE!… TIME TO VOTE DIFFERENTLY… What we have isn’t working… We are on an unsustainable path…
VOTE for Truth and Transperancy and a Voice for Health Choice.

The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party is committed to giving a voice to the tens of thousands of Australians who have been ignored by the government and vilified by the press for their informed choice to reject the highly questionable government sponsored Vaccination Program.

Objection is also raised to the mass medication of the population by the Fluoridation of our water supplies.

The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party will be standing at least seven candidates in the 18 May Federal Election. The party needs your support to turn back this great tide of evil that strikes right at the heart of our hard won freedoms that make us uniquely Australian.

You are invited to join the Party, make a Donation and add your voice against this great travesty of justice and freedom.

Find Out More: The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party

How to Vote for IMOParty 

1 thought on ““VOTE 1” The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party With Allona Lahn

  1. Adam thank you having a fare interview Allona with IMOP. We must have with Freedom of choice for all. We must never have mandatory vaccination program.

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