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WA Labor wants the army to round up citizens in next plandemic


What a gander, WA Labor Premier wants these goose-steppers to round up citizens in the next plandemic. How does this goose know there will be another plandemic?

From Nick Goiran, MLC, WA Liberal Party

In case you missed it, Western Australia Labor Premier Roger Cook, has made a submission to the Commonwealth’s COVID inquiry.

And what better way to demonstrate WA Labor’s commitment to your health in future pandemics, than by considering the deployment of… wait for it… the military!

In WA Labor’s true authoritarian style
this gook Roger Cook wants the army to round up WA people










Yes, you read that correctly.

In the mind of Premier Cook, the Australian Defence Force is the perfect candidate to enforce even more strident lockdowns in future, because, in his view, during the last pandemic response, “the use of ADF infrastructure and personnel was extremely limited in WA’s experience.”

It is disturbing to witness Mr Cook upping the authoritarian ante of his predecessor rather than humbly returning WA to the basic democratic principle of responsible government.

Premier Cook’s arrogant desire to employ the military in future is not just alarming; it is an affront to our fundamental freedoms.

Let us be unequivocal: militarising public health responses sets a perilous precedent that threatens the very fabric of our liberal democracy.

WA Liberal Nick Goiran says Labor
wasted tens of millions on a RAT

The idea of deploying the armed forces to enforce health lockdown measures is grossly disproportionate.

In times of crisis, leaders should inspire confidence through transparent communication, evidence-based policymaking, heightened accountability, and a commitment to protecting the well-being of every citizen and resident.

Resorting to military intervention reflects a failure of leadership, a disregard for the rule of law, and a lack of intelligent policymaking.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t Premier Cook and Health Minister Sanderson be better off fixing and bolstering the healthcare system, which is struggling with record-shattering ambulance ramping, even in the absence of a pandemic?

Or looking at ways to avoid another RAT plague, which, courtesy of no planning or communication between departments, saw $580 million spent and tens of millions of wasted RAT testing kits.

In fact the WA Labor Government’s performance was so bad that the Auditor General stated:

‘I acknowledge the uncertainty that the pandemic created… however, I have never before witnessed such escalation in the cost of a program over such a short timeframe, occurring with a lack of due consideration of the impacts, or without a record of anyone pausing to ask what level of procurement was sufficient and whether this had been achieved.’

Of course, Mr Cook’s bravado around hard borders and lockdowns also detracts from the uncomfortable question: will the WA Labor Government extend the life of the current “emergency” powers beyond their scheduled demise in November this year?

You have my assurance that I’ll be pushing for the abolition of these “temporary” sweeping emergency measures.

Militarisation is absolutely not the answer; it is a dangerous detour towards tyranny.

A responsible government demonstrates empathy, wisdom, and a steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of our modern democracy, especially in the face of adversity.

Editor: Maybe dumbed-down West Australians might be more careful of WA Labor’s totalitarian state next time around?


1 thought on “WA Labor wants the army to round up citizens in next plandemic

  1. We must abolish public health “authority”. Health is a private, personal matter, not for government to dictate over. Let those stupid enough to believe in good health from a needle be vaxxed; let them wear masks and stay shuttered up at home if they fear life and fear other people; but leave the rest of us alone.

    The flying virus myth and the concept of contagion are ancient superstitions akin to ‘the devil did it’ or ‘the witch next door.’ They’re tools of the nefarious entities that control our elected leaders.

    Refutal of Virology

    Viral transmission from human to human has never been proven!
    By Dr Sam Bailey

    Microbes don’t cause disease

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