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‘Watching Online Fear-Filled Dramatic Videos Will Make You Sick. Literally’

Scott Snitzer
The scope of this article is focused on government-sponsored online propaganda in the “alternative” media-It is assumed that the reader does not get their news from the mainstream media, which itself is a weapon of perception management and information warfare.
We all remember the excitement of watching a horror movie, or perhaps and action adventure movie during which we had a rollercoaster of up and down adrenaline spikes that made us feel alive, yet safe knowing that as real as the movie felt as we were watching it, no zombies, ax murderers, or demons were going to actually kill us.
And this rush of being stimulated by fear from movies and TV is addicting because of the adrenaline high as well as the dopamine hit of excitement that we get from this entertainment.
And over time, many of us who identify as “truthers” transitioned from horror and action films to the endless online fright fest of “real life” of shocking “hell on earth,” end of the world, post-apocalyptic propaganda.
At least most of the online truther fear porn has always been mainly propaganda with enough truths in it to make us pay serious attention to it.
So of course people have been maimed and killed by not only the Covid “vaccine,” but by all those that preceded it.
Of course there are detention camps, militarized police, directed energy weapons, all manner of chemical weapons, and FEMA camps.
But there are also literal armies of well-paid crisis actors or LARPERS (live action role players), Hollywood-level production quality media hoaxes, large and small alike, and they are all scripted, directed and distributed to influence you to make choices that are not in your best interest, with your free will and consent.
So aside from all of the other stressors which we are bombarded with from everyday life, by exposing our information-hungry minds to disconcerting news on a daily basis, this chronic stress can cause a host of serious mental and physical problems which can include but are not limited to:
  • Learned helplessness (people become conditioned to believe that a bad situation is unchangeable or inescapable.
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • respiratory infections
  • Insomnia 
  • depression
  • Difficult or inability to concentrate
  • frequent infections or illnesses (because your adrenals are secreting cortisol and adrenaline like crazy)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
Please ask yourself if your favorite “day of doom” video and podcast content “creators” care if any of the above will ever happen to you because you have been addicted to their endless stream of traumatic babbling.
And if someone already has post traumatic stress disorder or even worse, complex PTSD, then every time they listen to an “end of the world” video or podcast, they are adding to their toxic stress load; This is not speculative. Its a fact.
Aside from the adrenaline highs and the dopamine hits, why are fear porn videos so damned addicting?
The dramatic music
We think that we just MIGHT learn that one tiny bit of information, or that one special insight which might somehow keep us alive when SHTF.  
The colors in the video  (blue engenders trust and red draws attention and can provoke fear or excitement)
Many of the controlled opposition video channels feature speakers with strong and/or calming, almost hypnotic voices which keep us coming back.
how they repeat and stress certain words and how they gesture with their hands and even their facial expressions can influence the viewer (neuro linguistic programming
We think that we just MIGHT learn that one tiny bit of information, or that one special insight which might somehow keep us alive when SHTF.  
It is very possible that there are subliminals in the audio track which play a part in addicting people to these videos
The human mind wants closure, and when you hear (or read) information that leaves you with more questions and fear, you will be compelled to keep listening to this person who just might give you some peace of mind, which of course never comes, and this is not by accident.
Its highly likely that most truthers are alone, meaning that most of their family and friends think that they are “mentally ill conspiracy theorists,” so when you watch a video with someone who you think resonates with you or someone who sounds sympathetic to your views, you might think of this person as a “friend” of sorts.
Those who designed the fake online truther community know every facet or aspect of what motivates and controls a human being; The web has always been a military operation and “the common man” has always been the enemy, or the target of information warfare and perception management.
The war for the full control of your mind is all too real.
And keep in mind that regardless of how discerning you may be when it comes to telling truth from propaganda, humans are very easy to hypnotize and the false information that you hear in a video (or read in an article) might slip past your conscious awareness and become part of your inner reasoning.
So we have to ask ourselves some critical questions when it comes to our “need” to listen this endless stream of horror and violence:
“How has listening to this agent actually made my life better?”
“Has this person done a decent number of videos which have improved my mind and body or made me more self-sufficient?”
“After I listen (or watch) this truther, do I feel empowered or indecisive?”
“Could I sit down with this person one on one and speak to them like a regular person, or are they larger than life and talking down to me?”
And it comes down to the simple fact that I myself have never heard one obvious disinformation agent speak with true passion, love, or sincerity.
  • There are many shadow banned and censored honest truther podcasts, websites, blogs and video channels across the web who cover fearful news only when its relevant to the other topics they are speaking about.
  • These people seek to educate and empower their audience, to get them to think critically for themselves.
  • They do not play games.
  • They do not string their audience along.
  • They get straight to the point.
In other words, look for sane and sensible podcasts, video channels and websites to replace the horror show ones and in time you will wonder why you ever wasted your time on these sources to begin with.
For example, for information on germ theory and the huge body of work related to it, you have:
Doctors Mark and Samantha Bailey, Amanhda Vollmer, Tracey Northern, Stephan Lanka, Dawn Parker and David Lester and John Blaid to name a few-
You can listen to well-paid actors lie to you about “snake venom” and how they can save you from it.
With the current state of the world, you want all of your most important choices to come from a place of response versus reacting. 
When you listen to, or read state-sponsored propaganda, you will most likely react, and this can include wasting money on things you do not need, as well as the surges of adrenaline and cortisol slowly but surely breaking your body down making you weaker, and making your body more susceptible to disease.
The effects of psychological stress on the mind and the body have been well-documented for a very long time, and those who employ and script these fake truthers want you to literally be your own worst enemy and do their work (of breaking you down) for them.
Watching and listening to fear porn makes you your own worst enemy.
In these often unpredictable and tumultuous times, if a person truly wishes to become more independent of this oppressive system, they can no longer tolerate any form of emotional and mental abuse when it comes to where and from whom they obtain their information from because both intentionally false and well-meant information (misinformation) will lead to your possibly making a decision that could result in harm to your health or financial loss. 
We can not escape feeling fear because its literally “hard-wired” into us to keep us alive, when needed.
But we have the choice to reduce our exposure to fear and replace it with that which best serves us and those whom depend on us.
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