April 17, 2024

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Welcome to the new (government-funded) LGBTIQ world

Welcome to the new (government-funded) LGBTIQ world. This is what little eyes are seeing at a Toronto subway station on the country’s busiest train line. Of course, no one is critical of advertising important health messages – but do mums and dads really need to be explaining images of men having threesomes or wearing bondage gear to their kids? #itsoktovoteno

Source: https://www.facebook.com/CoalitionForMarriageAustralia/?hc_ref=ARTcIw0tBdo36_Qnew5x7yrR4Qh8A7iny7k3a_8F3UYmGCYtg2ubpB7z_gRg6GmLNUE&pnref=story

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new (government-funded) LGBTIQ world

  1. ABC News – STMP
    Children as young as 10 ‘on secret NSW police blacklist’; suspects ‘routinely harassed.’
    People as young as 10 are being included on a secretive blacklist kept by NSW police – which experts say is criminalizing children.

  2. Woman Raised By Lesbian Mothers Infuriates Liberals, Drops Truth Bomb About Her Childhood- http://madworldnews.com/woman-raised-lesbian-mothers/
    “Millie Fontana, 24, was raised by two women. fter growing up with lesbian mothers, she’s speaking out to shed light on the negative effects of depriving a child of a mother and a father, and she’s infuriating liberals in the process.”
    “There is a reason it requires a woman and a man to conceive a child, and it isn’t obscure. Children need both a mother and a father to feel secure and grow into emotionally healthy adults. Even individuals who were raised by same-sex parents are now speaking out to say as much, and who would know better than them?”
    “Still, their voices are largely ignored by those on the left, because it doesn’t fit their narrative that everything gay is good. On the contrary, raising a child with two parents of the same gender has been likened to abuse, as it puts the child in such an uncomfortable position.”

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