March 1, 2024

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We’re Going Down

2000 YEARS AGO a small band of Trojan warriors took on the might of the Persian army: an estimated 300 men against over a million. Facing odds of over 3,000 to 1, they had no chance of victory, but that wasn’t their intention. They were taking a stand, making a statement, sending a message—to the future.


HERE ON PLANET EARTH there is a Titanic struggle taking place for the survival of humanity. This is not a battle between two giant armies, but of a very few against the many. A battle the few will lose.

Spend a few minutes today on YouTube and you will come across many motivational, inspiring ‘conspiracy’ videos, alerting us to the countless perils that humanity faces. These uploads typically garner a few thousand views. By contrast, the average Miley Cyrus video can easily top 500,000,000 views. These are the odds that confront us (in the West) as we slide towards extinction. Those Trojans had it easy, by comparison.


I REFER to this already lost battle, this battle almost imperceptible to the common man, as ‘Titanic’ because the vessel upon whose deck the it is being fought has already started to slip beneath the waves. It really doesn’t matter now which side ultimately emerges victorious because the ship’s fate is sealed: it is destined to sink. And, just like the original Titanic, it may even have been designed that way…

Yes folks, in spite of what the soppy, smiling New Agers say, there is no brighter future in the offing: no returning Jesus, no angelic or alien intervention, no rescue, salvation or redemption. Anyone who’s bothered to research the giant waves of time in which we are embedded knows the sobering truth: that we are still going down, still devolving, continuing our inexorable descent into darkness.


Dresden 1945. World Jewry’s Barbaric Genocidal Assault on Germany that continues today.

IN THE LAST CENTURY over 250 million people were killed by their own governments, and this century is already on course to smash that figure. The mythic traditions of many countries refer to Mars as the planet of war, the bringer of death and destruction. Not any more. We are living on the planet of war! It is perhaps no accident that, eons ago, planet Earth was quarantined in the outer reaches of our galaxy—or some similar tale…

Our poisoned air, our water, our food, our technology, our gadgets,
our medicines, even our kindness—are all conspiring to kill us.

So those of us who are paying attention, those who have noticed the deck has started to tilt, we are the modern day Trojans. Facing an overwhelming force of ignorance, apathy and wilful stupidity, our tiny band must acknowledge that the cause is lost and that we will soon go down with the ship. All that remains is to make a stand: to rise to meet our destiny with a demonstration of courage, honour and integrity. Get me Hans Zimmer on the phone…


SURE, there are 1001 positive initiatives, awakenings and counter-strategies being wheeled out as I write this, but I’m afraid it really is too little, too late. None of these will address the issue, because we don’t know what the issue is. Yes, some of us are beginning to suspect that something is wrong in the world, even that there may be some shadowy genocidal agenda playing out, but we have no idea who’s behind it.

We suspect that our dark overlords aren’t politicians, but we don’t know who (or what) they are. Come on—we don’t even know who WE are! THEY know who we are though, which is why they’ve been dumbing us down for generations. Because if we had woken up in time we could have destroyed them…

THOSE STUDYING these things have uncovered the reality that, for some reason, the Evil Cabal is bound by two rules. The first of these is that they must advertise their intentions beforehand. The second is that we must demand our own destruction. You would think that this second rule would be their Achilles’ Heel, that we could win simply be not playing ball. But you would be wrong.

Never before have we had all of man’s accumulated knowledge at our fingertips—on magical devices permanently attached to ‘selfie’ sticks—yet never before have we been so stupid. Oh the irony!

We can look all of this stuff up on the very gadgets they have given us to keep our attention occupied and distracted, but we don’t. While they prepare an ever more seductive virtual world for us to inhabit, our reality is being taken down around us…


We are Demanding Our Own Extinction

IT’S TOO LATE. Looking around, tell me what you see. An ocean of simian-strolling idiots stretching to the horizon—overweight people clutching their Donald Trump flags, their burgers, phones and iPads, with another generation coming up behind even more debilitated.

Even if the world were to miraculously change and all the psychopaths disappear, we simply do not have anyone who could viably populate this New World. It is too late. Too much irreversible catastrophic genetic and environmental damage has already been done.

We’re going down.

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5 thoughts on “We’re Going Down

  1. Brutus:

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea we are now afloat.
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures.

    Julius Caesar Act 4 scene 3
    William Shakespeare.

    Not for one moment do I believe George Carlin when he says “I don’t Care” . George is one big faker, his tactic is called reverse psychology.

  2. 2.000 years ago a group of Trojans ……

    Are you sure it is not a .. Once Upon A Time STORY .. like
    a) the bullshit story that is Hannibal taking 36 elephants over the Alps.
    b) or having gone to the moon .. when in fact it was only a scam to siphon off money by the trillions.
    c) the coming population blow out of planet earth.
    d) the hords of the aged descending upon & sending the global economy to ruin.

    Is it possible that the 2.000 Trojans are a myth.
    The web of lies that has keep us in slavery for the last few thousand years.
    You can’t have it both ways .. you either let the bullshit go to hell where it belongs & MOVE ON, or wallow in the regret of the passing of ..”THE GOOD OLD DAYS” .. WHEN EVERYTHING WAS CRISP & WHOLESOME & YOU WERE OR WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY..

  3. God is for the little man !
    We already have powerful energy forces of the universe on our side.
    According to mathematics .. BALANCE is everything .. go talk to a mathematician .. equilibrium is all pervasive .. just go with the flow of reality & leave the bullshit to those who spew it out at us.
    God is on our side.

  4. I do not care one fig what Miley Cyrus is doing .. Miley Cyrus is 24 years old .. YOUNG .. ATTRACTIVE .. RICH .. she has her whole life ahead of her .. she has family .. a manager .. and .. this is the big factor here .. she is most likely making big money from being disgusting .. which means she can afford good dental care & health care .. she lives in a nice house with a swimming pool .. and has umpteen .. cleaners .. a gardener .. a chef .. a driver .. a P.A. .. a beauty physician to wash her hair & do her nails & even squeeze her pimples for her.
    What in Gods name would I want to be wasting my valuable time thinking about .. let alone caring about Miley Cyrus for?

    Like her, the world has seen many more & will see again.

    I like looking at pictures of the Royals = google images or Royal watcher type websites.
    Remember the rebellions daughter of Grace Kelly .. Princess Stefanie of Monaco .. she is much older than she used to be .. she is an incessant smoker .. she still wears skimpy swim suits .. she dated young men .. there are a picture of HSH Princes Stefanie with her young boyfriend, dancer Muhammad Shaffik walking around in the street .. it is nice to see that despite all the loot that the Royal’s around the world have, that they are also human just like us & not born of DIVINITY.

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