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What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists

What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists

Why is it that the most celebrated scientists in our world were involved in some very strange secret societies or occult practices and how did it influence their work?


3 thoughts on “What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists

  1. Interesting Article:
    ABC Science by Dani Cooper – Human sacrifice may have helped to build & sustain social class systems.

    Co-author Joseph Watts, a doctoral student at the University Of Auckland, said until 12.000 years ago humans mainly lived in egalitarian groups of hunter-gatherers.

    However, around the time hierarchical societies began to develop, with the earliest examples a class-based system with wealth & power based centered on the ruling elite.

    “Our studies show that in these early stages, human sacrifice might have helped to build & sustain the social class systems.” he said.

    Mr. Watts said human sacrifice – the rituel & deliberate killing of an individual to appease the supernatural powers – did this in two ways.

    First it was used to punish taboo violations, demoralise the underclasses, mark class boundaries & instill fear of social elites.

  2. We find strong supports in models in which human sacrifice stabilises social stratification/the arrangement of people in different groups, once stratification has arisen & promoted a shift to strictly inherited class systems. Whilst evolutionary theories have focused on the functionality of prosocial & moral beliefs – our results reveal a dark link between religion & the evolution of modern hierarchical societies.

    This would be around the time man began to kill for the pleasure of the thrill.
    Satan having set up shop in mankind\’s psyche to partake of the human pleasures through us.

    Political theorists have long argued that effective political authority in class-stratified societies requires legitimizing mechanisms – an idea which evolutionary scholars have recently endorsed. According to the social control hypothesis, human sacrifice legitimizes class-based power distinctions by combining displays of ultimate authority – the taking of a life – with supernatural justifications that sanctify authority as divinely ordained.

    It is around the time some amongst us developed the God Complex.
    Yes – mental illness – the time of the psychopath.
    Insanity set in.

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