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When Freaks Are Given The Upper Hand


When people with mental issues are given any sort of advantage (privileges) over the majority of the population the whole thing becomes the equivalent of giving a job in a gas station (and a box of matches) to a pyromaniac.

Mental sickness should be treated, not legally promoted.

This is one of the in-a-nutshell comments to be found in the comments’ section of the second video posted here. When people with mental issues are given any sort of advantage (privileges) over the majority of the population the whole thing becomes the equivalent of giving a job in a gas station (and a box of matches) to a pyromaniac. What could possibly go wrong I wonder?

This is basically what Justin Castrudeau’s Canada has become; a communist dystopian circus more akin to an insane asylum run by its inmates (although we know who really runs the place in actuality, don’t we?) – Institutionalized madness.

What many of these people do not (want to) see is that they are just a means to an end: How long until Justin Castro and his ilk decree that speaking against pedophiles must be punishable as a crime? I find myself compelled to conclude that this is the real purpose of passing these types of “legislations”.

Just look at those drag queen clowns behind the overweight child in the image. They are coming for the children, as the same time as they are using them as a “shield” to protect themselves. How clever.

How many seconds can you endure staring at this obnoxious twat without feeling the extreme urge of slapping his face vigorously multiple times? Do the test – share your experience below.

Do not get me wrong; I do not “hate” any “transexual” people whatsoever, as long as they are sincere with whatever they think their “condition” is, of course with the exception of what I call the “opportunists” i.e. those who pretend to be the “opposite sex” so they can rape women in penitentiaries and groom children – These are the ones who deserve to be castrated or worse.

These opportunists are having a field day right now playing the “victim”, while trying to “normalize” the whole thing, just to get a substantial advantage at the expense of everyone else. Reparations anyone?

I would not attack verbally or bully anyone just because they happen to suffer of sexual dysphoria as a consequence of some real physical issue such as a hormonal imbalance (in many cases artificially created of course).

Our society has become an ocean of toxicity in which people are suffering real side-effects (leaving aside the propaganda and the indoctrination, coupled with the rest of “blessings” which have become commonplace in this jewish-perverted post-modern world). It is my conviction that chemtrails are being used as a weapon of sexual extermination and depopulation as well. That is fodder for another debate anyway.

Such things can happen to anyone’s sons and daughters, and it is indeed happening. Kids these days are in a state of over-exposure to this hazardous miasma, physically and psychologically, and of course it is all by design. Children belong as far as possible from mainstream institutions these days.

The “people” who are benefiting from all this situation are just a bunch of tyrants with a victim complex and a misplaced sense of entitlement, who will not hesitate using their new-acquired privileges and powers to basically fuck anyone who just happens to show any trace of dissent (most specifically concerned parents). They are part of the boot which will be stamping on our faces forever if something is not done swiftly.

To finish this writing I am addressing the speaking lady in the video:

Who wants to be anywhere near those freaks that you are sponsoring in your speech? They are the ones who need to stay away from kids and anyone else who wishes to stay sane in this Twilight Zone of a world that you are creating with your insane policies.

Do you want your “safe spaces”? The hell you can have them… but away from us.

So thanks Magnus Hirschfeld there. The jewish involvement in all this multi-generational “transgender” agenda is so obvious than it becomes boring and redundant to point at it once again.

Please do not let me go there.

New bill would criminalize protests and offensive remarks in parts of Canada (April 5, 2023)


Meanwhile in Canada (April 5, 2023) by John Talks


No worries there: They will be given a cushy job in some of those lavishly taxpayer-funded mainstream institutions in a town near you.

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  1. Homosexual and Transexuals are unfortunate in that some chromosomes mis-fired in their evolutionary development.
    They do have a problem and the sooner they understand this then the sooner they may get help and let us be normal heterosexual human beings as designed by nature.

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