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Where is Chase? A Nation’s Struggle Against Medical Fascism


*Note: See Notice of Intent at bottom of page

Where is Chase?

Where is little five-year-old Chase, the non-verbal, vaccine-injured lad with relentless seizures and cerebral palsy?

He is the face of Australia’s battle against the darkness of medical totalitarianism (fascism). More than this, Chase represents many thousands of medically abused and kidnapped children and their families all around the world…

…but no one seems to know precisely where he is (except his parents and they aren’t talking).


One year ago (May 19, 2017), outside John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle), Chase was callously and violently ripped from the care of his parents by a gang of police and two government (FACS) workers — all of which was broadcast live on Facebook (leaving many supporters of the family traumatized and outraged).

According to my sources Chase has been without his vital medicine and in anonymous foster “care” with strangers (in a hotel!) ever since.

For the informed community, this is a tragic one year anniversary. For his family it is a living nightmare.

Few people outside of his mum and dad seem to know exactly where he is — and they have clearly been threatened into silence.

What we DO know is WHY he was kidnapped by the Shallow State and its petty order followers (but it’s multi-layered).

Chase’s epileptic fits and injured gut were being made WORSE by hospital “care” (Lady Cilento of Brisbane specifically) and made better — MUCH better — by his parents’ attentive, intelligent care.

They were curing him and the hospital system could not.

There are also extensive files documenting the truly monumental incompetence and culpability of the doctors and nurses who began damaging Chase (and trying to obfuscate the fact) at Lady Cilento from the moment he was born.


It would suit the System nicely if Chase and his family just “went away.”

Better to destroy a family than let them show the world, a) how much damage the hospital truly caused their baby boy (heavily documented), and, b) how untrained laypeople can heal their children’s medical damage without doctors.

What a bunch of gutless cowards.

In contrast, his parents’ successful strategy included medicinal cannabis oil to control the seizures (from 100 a day down to 0 on the oil), and a diet of organic wholefoods — WITHOUT the cruddy, nutritionally void, inflammatory dairy-based formula (Nutrini) the hospital forced on the boy, despite his obvious intolerance to it.

And yet, the success of the “medically illiterate” parents was too much for the hubris of pharmaceutically-trained doctors and hospital brass to handle. The continued improvements in Chase were embarrassing testament to their medical bungling and ineptitude.

This situation simply could not be allowed to persist. Untrained laypeoplemust not be allowed to upstage the highly “educated” stars (control freaks)of the medical fraternity.


The boy must either live or he must die by the Aesculapian rod. As long as the hospital controls his every moment of existence down to the last breath (as with poor Alfie Evans), that’s all that matters. If they kill him with their “technical prowess,” so be it — their “care” is “best practice”; the result could not have been better, nor otherwise.

Doctors and administrators can always just blame Chase’s parents for “neglect” and say it was “too late” by the time they interceded (a blatant falsehood).

It’s child’s play for them to whitewash the whole sordid saga in which they took a vulnerable baby and destroyed him through a thousand medical cuts, the final insult being abject isolation from the love and warmth of his family, as if intending to finish the job Lady Cilento Hospital started on the day he was born.

It’s truly sinister.

Do the people now minding him even give a damn about him? Who are they? What is their background? The foster care system is known to be riddled with pedophiles (for obvious reasons)— god only knows how he is being treated (perhaps the hotel, as a “public venue,” offers a measure of security in that sense?).

One thing we do know: he is being denied his vital seizure-controlling medicine (cannabis oil). Reportedly, without naming the source, Chase’s health has deteriorated — exactly as we predicted it would. It had to.

We always knew the hospital system would return to their flagrantly ineffective and outdated way of doing things.

Prior to being kidnapped, Chase apparently went some 50 consecutive days without seizures once the oil and organic wholefood nutrition protocol commenced. Then the hospital system stepped up its terror campaignagainst the family and that was the end of Chase’s recovery.

This is a saga, a long and complicated situation which I am glossing over and simplifying, but make no mistake: the villains here are Lady Cilento Hospital, the FACS workers involved, and the police who assisted FACS with the kidnapping. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed (or has an agenda).


Sadly, over the decades, the System has only gotten worse, the Church of Modern Medicine more sanctimonious and cocksure; more intrusive and violent than ever, enabled by the (colour of) law, soulless government workers, and the courts which bend to the “moral” and sapiental authority of arrogant and unaccountable doctor-priests and hospital cheiftains.

Why was Chase forcibly removed from his family after being medically deemed in no immediate danger and cleared for returning home with his parents by John Hunter hospital? Why the continued vexatious persecutionof the family by Lady Cilento in Brisbane? And why hold him in isolation from his family for a year against all reason?

But hey, who are the parents to point out that Chase is a very healthy boy with normal bodyweight for a child with his condition? Who are they to upstage the doctor-priests by showing what true progress and healing looks like where the hospital system failed miserably?

They lack the doctor’s priestly smock and authoritative qualifications.
Where is their sapiental authority? They merely conceived, birthed, and raised the boy. They have no technical expertise and no license to give drugs.

They merely held vigil day in, day out, with him for 4 years, observing his every twitch, gesture, vocalization, and seizure, as he was repeatedly damaged, first by the vitamin k shot, then the hepatitis B vaccine, then multiple vaccines more, along with additional pharmaceuticals, each worsening his condition.

That is to say nothing of the rest of the hospital interventions and endless harassment and persecution of Chase’s parents — all because they would not just shut up and submit to the medical experts / “authorities.”

Make no mistake: this is a FULL BLOWN COVERUP, initiated by the highest levels of Lady Cilento hospital, now involving government and the judicial system.


Chase’s parents merely eliminated his epileptic fits by using cannabis oiland organic wholefoods (peg fed), whereas the hospital succeeded in leaving Chase drugged, bloated, inflamed, and semi-comatose thanks to the ineffective, mind-altering drugs they used.

Suppressing symptoms whilst birthing still others seems to be the Church of Medicine’s strong suit.

That and cold-hearted brutality.

I am now reliably informed that, without his medicine and nutrition, Chase has now returned to a seizure-addled, semi-comatose state whilst in captivity with his illegitimate government custodians.

Who are the parents in the eyes of the medical monopoly, but an impediment to smooth business and a fluid interface with the utterly broken foster care system which reaps hundreds of millions of dollars each year?

Did you know that a disabled, non-verbal child like Chase (who needs 24-hour care) generates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the foster system?

The conflict of interest is clear. The motivation for stealing children from loving families could not be more obvious, and in this case there is more motivation than usual, because Chase is most assuredly hospital-injured and the hospital responsible is trying to hide the reality.

The methods of perpetuating this system of coercion and corruption are nothing less than Orwellian and barbaric.


This is a system for psychopaths and sadists, utterly inhuman and de-humanizing. We have noticed Health Minister Greg Hunt has done nothing, just as FACS secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter has done nothing. It was his underlings who did the deed, aided and abetted by professional thugs in blue uniforms. (Chase’s mother Cini was assaulted by police as they kidnapped Chase.)

Shame, shame, shame. Shame on everyone complicit in this crime.

Where is a parent’s voice actually heard under the regime of totalitarian medicine?

If the System operates successfully a parent’s voice is not heard at all — unless it speaks in agreement with Big Brother’s doublethink.

If we don’t speak up for what remains of our freedom now, then when?

When it’s too late and abject medical fascism is a fait accompli?

We collectively allowed psychopaths to take control and it’s up to us to remedy that.

We may not have much time left to do it.

Bring Chase home.


Print and sign a “My Will” letter to send to the Legislative Assembly of NSW

Get your Chase supporters stickers here

#BringChaseHome #FreeChase #IStandWithChase #WhereIsChase

Notice of Intent: This article is an act of conscience and a public servicewritten from a superior jurisdiction to the realm of statutes and legal fictions, issued with ONE clear and all-transcending purpose: to attempt to protect a highly vulnerable child (who was medically kidnapped) from further medical malfeasance, incompetence, and neglect, particularly given that available information indicates he is in imminent danger and unable to speak for or protect himself. Therefore we living men and women must act on his behalf to defend and protect him. We defend those who cannot defend themselves, do we not? The only acceptable outcome is that he is returned home to his family immediately. If we are silent we aid the perpetrators of the crime against Chase and his family. The community has a responsibility to speak up in the face of injustice, particularly when a small child’s life hangs in the balance. In view of these facts I see no other option but to speak up and say something in the hopes that a grotesque injustice be remedied with alacrity, meaning that a non-verbal boy with serious epilepsy is returned to his family in order to resume the *only effective medical care* he has had access to in his short and fragile life. The intention here is to prolong that life, and decrease his suffering to the fullest extent possible. If we say nothing then we allow a serious miscarriage of justice to endure, and yet another family is ripped apart by the State. I will not lend my tacit approval to this injustice. I have a duty to speak up and influence this situation however I can through written or spoken word, preferably without causing any undue harm or stress to any innocent parties. Such is the intent with which this article is written. “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”


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3 thoughts on “Where is Chase? A Nation’s Struggle Against Medical Fascism

  1. The thing is this.
    The court system is corrupt & lethargic.
    The court system in Australia does not serve anyone.
    Not even the government.
    The players of the legal court system are a bunch of – full of themselves – layabouts on a high salary.
    Mumbling incoherent rubbish & nonsense at each other.
    A waste of money from go to woe.

    Under what circumstances was Chase Walker taken away from his biological parents ???
    What was the charge to warrant this action ???
    No emotional drivell please.
    Just the facts under the law.

    There are not enough FOSTER PARENTS to go around.
    So where is this kid being kept ???
    In an institution ???
    Like the institutions for spastic & retarded children like in the olden days ???
    Where children were hidden away from society.
    I thought those places were all shut down year ago.
    Dungeons is what they resembled.

    Hiding children can mean only one thing.
    Something unsavory is going on.
    If a child is removed from their parents – there is not need to HIDE SAID CHILD – unless that child is not in safe hands – unless said child is being neglected & abused.
    Why hide a child if that child is in safe & caring hands ???

    It behooves a government to make transparent it\’s actons – lest it be deemed abusive & worse.

  2. Maybe what we need to be looking for is some INFIRMARY with a big wire fence around it.
    To keep out intruders.
    Where unwanted children are sedated & tied to their beds day in & day out.
    Left in shitty nappies all day.
    There is no valid reason to hide children away.
    Unless something VERY WRONG is happening to them.

  3. I am not offended, distressed, repulsed by children with disabilities in society.
    Anyone who is – need to get a firm grip on reality.

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