March 1, 2024

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WHITE-OUT: Huffington Post Erases Dozens of Articles on Vaccine Injury


Huffington Post has gone from deleting articles on vaccine injury as they appear to going back in time and erasing old ones that have been up for years. Click on a link to an article about vaccine injury on the site, and this is what you’ll get instead:

A previous blog post published on this site has been removed in the interest of public health. The article expressed the sole opinion of its author, who retains the rights to publish it elsewhere. Multiple studies have demonstrated that vaccines are safe and effective. Our letter from the editor has more on this decision.

The “Letter From The Editor” states:

After a months long review, HuffPost has decided to remove dozens of blogs that perpetuate the unfounded opinion that vaccines pose a health risk to the public. Allowing these blogs to remain on our platform does a disservice to our readers that outweighs any ostensible value as part of the public record.

And they’re not done:

The size of our archive is daunting, but our editors will continue to review and remove content that fails to meet our standards when we find it.

In response to Huffington Post’s white-out campaign, Autism Investigated will run its deleted articles here. And of course, no links to the Huffington Post website will be allowed in any comments.


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