April 12, 2024

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WHO attempting global COUP through International Health Regulation amendments to Pandemic Treaty – can it be stopped?


Board-certified internist and biological warfare epidemiologist Dr. Meryl Nass conducted an interviewrecently in which she unpacked the implications of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) infamous Pandemic Treaty and its associated International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments.

In that interview, Nass explained how the IHR amendments even got this far, including because “nobody has read them.” Further described by Dr. Joseph Mercola as a “soft coup,” what the WHO is planning to do will not be good for health or even food freedom once the next “pandemic” arrives.

“I’ve been reading the different drafts of the amendments and the Pandemic Treaty that have been put forward,” Nass explained in the interview – she also wrote an article about all this that you can read at DoorToFreedom.org.

“They’re a mix of things, different ideas put forward by the different [member] countries. And then there’s a group within the WHO that tries to harmonize them, and also make sure that what the WHO wants is in them.”

Nass went on to explain how after completing a full, line-by-line read on June 2 of the most recent draft of the Pandemic Treaty, it revealed itself to be far worse than she and many others initially thought, which prompted her to start writing about it.

She began with a short piece, after which she decided the issue was too important to not write a full-length feature piece. In her belief, the only reason this atrocious scheme has even made it as far as it has is simply because most people have no idea it even exists, let alone what it actually entails.

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Globalized health tyranny

Once all the moving pieces of this abomination come together across the globe, it will more than likely shock just about everyone when they wake up and discover that they have become imprisoned by a totalitarian police state that is inescapable.

There are many different sectors of the economy that are working independently on these pieces, which will eventually at a later date merge into one and lead the world into what Mercola describes as “the enslavement of mankind and the centralization of control over the world’s population.”

One major piece involves the rollout of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that will likely cover the entire planet and control everything. Another involves a United Nations (UN) takeover of the world, allowing the globalist body full control over world affairs.

“It wants to be able to declare global shocks and manage them,” Nass stated about the UN. “And those could be the ones that the WHO wants to manage, which is biological warfare and pandemics that occur in more than one country.”

As we learned with COVID, a pandemic does not even have to be real for it to be declared as occurring in more than one country. Taken to its logical end, all the UN and the WHO will have to do if the Pandemic Treaty actually gets implemented is to simply declare one into existence.

“The U.N. has listed those two, but also all sorts of other potential global shocks, like climate change, supply chain interruptions, cyber events, and even events in outer space,” Nass went on to explain.

“And they finalize it with black swan events, which means anything the U.N. wants to designate as a global shock can be one, and then the U.N. will come out with its management of that event.”

Be sure to read Nass’s full piece to learn more about ways you can help in the fight against the implementation of a global Pandemic Treaty.

Just say no to global public health tyranny. Learn more at Tyranny.news.

Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-10-04-who-global-coup-ihr-pandemic-treaty.html


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