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WHO poses a bigger threat to the world than a pandemic of any disease


At a conference held in Norway, Swiss Attorney at Law Philipp Kruse spoke about the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) ambition to establish new rules for its own nefarious purposes. For his presentation, he selected critical aspects of WHO’s power grab through the amendments to International Health Regulations (“IHRs”) and the proposed new Pandemic Treaty.

The Spotlight Conference was held on 15 April in Stavanger, Norway, organised by Children’s Health Defense Europe and Binders Initiative.  The day after the conference, Kruse gave the same presentation, with a few extras, to a smaller audience that included Members of Parliament from Sweden and the UK.   Independent production company Oracle Films were on hand to film his second presentation. For the latest productions from Oracle Films, you can follow them on Twitter HERE and on Rumble HERE.

Kruse and his team have been working on a criminal complaint against Swissmedic since January 2022.  On 4 July 2022, the team submitted their criminal complaint.  The team held a press conference on 14 November 2022 about their legal action against Swissmedic. He also has 20 active cases relating to covid, of which the major ones are currently with the Swedish High Court.

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WHO defines the rules under which pandemics are declared and how pandemics are managed, Kruse said.

“In all my court cases, I was given in response that once we have a pandemic the courts shall not interfere with the actions of the executive powers … more or less the same [response] was given by the Swiss parliament when we asked them to reconsider the decisions of the Swiss federal government,” Kruse told the audience.  The response Kruse received was: “The Swiss parliament is not entitled to carry out a full investigation.”

“I was personally alarmed – and motivated to analyse the true powers of the WHO and the developments they are pursuing for the future,” he said.

Kruse then presented a summary of his investigations which reveal what WHO truly is; who is influencing its policies and decisions; what the effect of the new or amended WHO instruments are; why we need to be concerned for the future if we don’t perform a proper analysis of the past; and, the overlapping or joint purposes of the amendments to the IHRs and the Pandemic Treaty which clearly show the true purpose of WHO’s ambitions.

After giving an overview of the disinformation WHO has propagated and continues to propagate regarding the covid pandemic, Kruse said: “The cure (WHO) poses a bigger threat than the disease (covid-19). And we cannot come to any other conclusion but [that] there is an intention to harm as long as they pursue these [false statements] and do not start a proper assessment [of the covid pandemic].”

The IHRs and Pandemic Treaty are not just about covid or the next pandemic WHO declares.  It’s about a permanent loss of control over all basic aspects of life: fundamental rights, sovereignty, health, business and privacy.  There will be no protection whatsoever against abuse of power as WHO will become a global dictator with no accountability.

Kruse ends with some proposed solutions. “I don’t want to pretend I have solutions but we have to think of solutions in order to come to solutions.  And I want to provide you with some first proposals,” he said.

#StopTheWHO. #ExitTheWHO

You can watch Kruse’s presentation in the video below. If you are unable to view the video on Rumble, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.

Oracle Films: Who Power Grab – Vital Information for The Attention of Lawyers and Legislators, 30 April 2023 (60 mins)


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