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Whooping Cough Rates Soar In ‘High Vaccine Areas’


A new report shows that whooping cough (Pertussis) has re-emerged in countries that have high vaccination rates, showing that not only is the vaccine ineffective but that it may actually be dangerous.

Countries with a consistently high vaccine coverage experience an increase in whooping cough diagnoses, especially among older children and adults. reports:

The issue may stem from under diagnosis or missed diagnosis and under-reporting, which hinder surveillance, as well as gaps in our knowledge of levels of herd immunity generated by the vaccination programs.

Whooping cough is a relatively new infectious disease afflicting human beings, compared with other infectious diseases, and is undergoing a resurgence despite decades of vaccination.

One study found that the body’s response to a pertussis infection was correlated with vaccination status. There was a primary response in unvaccinated children.

Another study in the Center For Infectious Disease Dynamics showed that pertussis vaccination actually enhances the colonization Bordetella parapertussis, the bacteria that causes pertussis, and that the vaccination itself may have contributed to the observed increase in whooping cough over the last decade.

How common is whooping cough in a non-vaccinating country?

In Sweden, general vaccination with a whole cell pertussis vaccine was recommended from 1953. In 1979 the recommendation was withdrawn because the Swedish-made vaccine had become ineffective. In order to determine the incidence of the disease in a non-vaccinating country, 400 children born in 1980 were randomly selected from the population register of Goteborg, Sweden. The parents of the children were interviewed in 1990, when the children were 10 years old. The parents of 377 children could be reached, and of those 372 were not vaccinated against pertussis. Of the nonvaccinated children 61% had experienced clinically typical whooping cough; 195 (119 with and 76 without a history of whooping cough) agreed to donate a serum sample for determination of antibodies against pertussis toxin, filamentous hemagglutinin and pertactin. Of the children with a history of whooping cough, 91% had antibodies against pertussis toxin, as had 64% of the children without a history of disease. All but 3 children had antibodies against filamentous hemagglutinin and all 195 children had antibodies against pertactin. The antibody titers against the 2 last mentioned proteins did not differ between children with and without a history of whooping cough or between children with and without antibodies against pertussis toxin.

In light of the solid Swedish study why is the rest of the world still heavily vaccinating its citizens for whooping cough / pertussis when it has proven unsuccessful and appears to be increasing in the vaccinated groups? Could this enzyme deficiency in vaccinated subjects be linked to a lack of naturally occurring anti-bodies? From the time we are born our body’s immune system begins to create anti-bodies and depending on the region of birth they create anti-bodies specifically to the threats of their own community. In the western world we heavily vaccine children beginning at childbirth, is this resurgence of pertussis the result of not having their own antibodies due to a life time of vaccinations, this avenue of thought must be considered regardless of the outcome or the profits lost in the world wide vaccination programs?

It used to be that infants were not vaccinated as early as today they allowed 6 months for the child’s own immune defense to develop now they are vaccinated before leaving the hospitals. How can the individuals immune system develop if they are being shut down or altered with vaccinations, how can they hope to adapt to new virus protection when bacteria begin mutating? Do you think what is done in a laboratory is more efficient than what is done within the body pertaining to the individual needs and region to where they live? Will we look back at this generation and see the errors of our ways when antibiotics fail or will we line up for vaccinations each time a new strain of bacteria is discovered since we no longer have our own immune defense? This is an age of discovery but the question that remains unanswered is what the discovery will be?




1 thought on “Whooping Cough Rates Soar In ‘High Vaccine Areas’

  1. With the rapid rise in whooping cough, with the highest increases shown to be in vaccinated children, the Australian Government’s response this week was to increase the dosage by adding another pertussis vaccine injection at 18 months to the schedule. This means children will get 5 injections by the time they are 4 years old. GSK then issued a press release supporting this move, why wouldn’t they, they claim to be ‘partners’ with the Australian government and its more money for them. (
    So our health leaders plan to solve the problem by increasing the dosage. Dumb. Do they really think an extra dose will make the problem will go away?God help us if they do!
    Has anyone in Australian public health publicly questioned what can only be described as this most stupid response to the whopping cough problem. Doctors, clinicians, academics, health administrators, the pertussis vaccine IS the problem. Investigate why this is so. In the meantime, remove this vaccine from the market – IT DOESN’T WORK! and worse, its making 1000s of people catch Whooping Cough!. By sitting with your head in the sand, you are making the problem worse still, because the poor naive public trust you. Is our medical community so gutless people are too scared to speak out wary of being branded an ant-vaxx nutter? Or are you just to scared someone will rollout the baby-with-whooping-cough video and start calling you a baby killer. If so, don’t worry, there’s a lot of us out there that will get behind you. Just do something.
    And, just by the way, I will assume that the Australian government has carried out independent tests that prove without doubt the extra injection will not overload our children’s already chemically overloaded bodies to even newer more dangerous levels. Of course they have.

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