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Why did former Australian PM Scott Morrison overrule advice against compulsory vaccination?


In June 2021, why did Scott Morrison overrule the AHPPC’s advice against compulsory vaccination for aged care workers?

In June 2021, when Scott Morrison and the Premiers and Chief Ministers in National Cabinet overruled Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly and the AHPPC on compulsory vaccination for aged care workers, this set the whole ball rolling on mandatory vaccination around Australia…

See for example my email thread to CMO Paul Kelly: Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination – Why did CMO Paul Kelly capitulate to Scott Morrison and National Cabinet’s demand for mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for residential aged care workers? 

Registered medical practitioner Paul Kelly, a specialist in ‘public health medicine’, and the AHPPC, should not have capitulated to Scott Morrison and National Cabinet – they trashed voluntary informed consent for vaccination.

The big question is – has anyone in this country actually given valid consent to Covid-19 vaccination?

This is such a massive scandal, and most Australians remain clueless about what has been done to them, the betrayal…by politicians, by bureaucrats, by the medical ‘profession’, by academics, by the mainstream media…

I’m seeking accountability – in this regard, please see below my email to Scott Morrison, asking why he wanted to mandate Covid-19 vaccination for aged care workers in June 2021.

Date: Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 1:08 PM

For the attention of:

Scott Morrison

Former Prime Minister of Australia

Former Member of National Cabinet

Former Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia

Member of the Australian Parliament for Cook

Dear Scott Morrison, in June 2021, why did you want to mandate Covid-19 vaccination for aged care workers?

On 4 June 2021, the ABC reported that you were going to “lobby state and territory leaders to overrule medical experts’ advice and force aged care workers to get the coronavirus vaccine”, even though the AHPPC chaired by Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly had “advised for a second time against making the coronavirus vaccine compulsory”.  (My emphasis.) (Please see attached ABC article and AHPPC Statement dated 4 June 2021).

Scott Morrison, why did you take it upon yourself to overrule CMO Paul Kelly and the AHPPC’s advice against making the coronavirus vaccine compulsory for aged care workers?

Was this your own initiative or were you being advised by other parties? If so, who provided you with the advice to overrule CMO Paul Kelly and the AHPPC?

I request your early response on this matter.


Elizabeth Hart

Independent researcher investigating vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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