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Will Enough Americans Resist Tyranny? Formerly Law Abiding Citizens Now Criminalized as Prisons are Emptied

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

America is now living under medical tyranny, with more and more basic freedoms being lost on a daily basis as we rush towards a complete medical police state where the Constitution of the U.S. is set aside as meaningless all in the name of “emergency orders” to combat the Coronavirus, a virus for which there are currently over 100 tests in the marketplace, all of which have been fast-tracked, and none of which have been tested as completely accurate.

And as the media wars fight over illegal mandatory face mask orders, the larger story is that the global medical cartel is rushing to test as many people as possible with these highly inaccurate tests in order to implement the next stage of the Plandemic, which is contact tracing and getting ready for the COVID vaccines.

This plan is being published for all to see, as the Globalists are now so confident that nothing can stop them, that they no longer need to do things in secrecy, but are doing it right out in the open for all to see, if one is diligent enough to stop being spoon-fed what the Pharma-funded corporate media is saying, and do a bit of research for themselves.

A family in Kentucky, Isaiah and Elizabeth Linscott, along with their 9-month-old daughter, are now under arrest in their own home, being forced to wear ankle monitors, simply because Elizabeth tested positive for COVID, even though none of them are sick.

Elizabeth wanted to take her baby to visit her mother and grandmother, so she was tested first. When the test came back positive, she was told to “self-quarantine” at home.

In an interview with a local TV station in Kentucky, Elizabeth explained that she had no problem self-quarantining herself, but when the Health Department asked her to sign a document forcing her to get permission from them anytime she wanted to leave her home, she declined to sign it. She states that she wanted the freedom to leave her home at her own will if there were an emergency, and that she did not believe the Health Department had the authority to track her every movement and require her to get their permission.

So the Health Department, along with the Sheriff department, sent over 5 cars full of people to force them to wear an ankle bracelet inside their home.


They are doing the right thing by going public with what happened to them, and resisting by seeking legal help, as their 9-month-old daughter now is in grave danger of being removed from their home, as Kentucky is one of the most corrupt states in the U.S. when it comes to medical kidnapping.

How long are Americans going to continue putting up with these restrictions on their liberties and face arrest for simply wanting to live their lives as normal people? If enough people resisted and said “no” as the Linscotts did, there would not be enough law enforcement agents or ankle bracelets in this country to contain the resisters.

And while this Sheriff in Kentucky complied, other sheriffs around the country are not, and we need more sheriffs in the U.S. to also resist these unconstitutional orders, and fulfill their oath to UPHOLD the Constitution, rather than participate in shredding it to pieces.

Because as long as the Globalists keep getting away with this, things are just going to keep getting worse.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates Want Every American Tested with these Inaccurate Tests

There are currently over 100 tests for COVID in the marketplace, and every single one of them has been fast-tracked through emergency orders, and not a single one has gone through the rigorous scientific testing needed to be able to positively detect a single virus called SARS-CoV-2 out of the hundreds of TRILLIONS of viruses we all carry around every day in our bodies.

This fact is even acknowledged in corporate media reports if you dig hard enough to find them, but all of the emergency order health mandates pretend that a COVID positive test is always accurate, and therefore a cause to arrest you if you do not comply with what they tell you to do.

See our previous articles for more information on this topic:

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Therefore, the government, Big Pharma, and their corporate media can control the statistics to develop whatever narrative they want to justify orders to arrest you and force you to comply with whatever they want you to do, something that prior to 2020 we have never seen in the U.S. before, only in Communist regimes, or in the Fascist regime in Germany during WWII.

And with BILLIONS of government funding available to Big Pharma for COVID testing and treatments, it is well documented now that almost all deaths occurring this summer are being recorded as COVID tests, including one recent report out of Florida where a man who was killed in a motorcycle accident was listed as a COVID death because he tested positive.

Fox 35 out of Orlando did an investigation in the inflated death counts being recorded in Florida and reported:

A person who died in a motorcycle accident was added to Florida’s COVID-19 death count, according to a state health official.

FOX 35 News found this out after asking Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino whether two coronavirus victims who were in their 20s had any underlying conditions. One of his answers surprised us.

“The first one didn’t have any. He died in a motorcycle accident,” Pino said.

Dr. Pino was asked if the man’s data was removed.

“I don’t think so. I have to double-check,” Pino said. “We were arguing, discussing, or trying to argue with the state. Not because of the numbers — it’s 100…it doesn’t make any difference if it’s 99 — but the fact that the individual didn’t die from COVID-19…died in the crash.

But you could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash. I don’t know the conclusion of that one.” (Source.)

Because of the media exposure and outrage, the state eventually did remove the death as being caused by COVID.

But this just shows how “Health Officials” think in order to justify recording COVID to as many deaths as possible in order to collect federal funding, as long as they can produce a positive test result, as nobody is questioning the accuracy of the test results.

According to the recently published report from the Rockefeller Foundation titled Covid-19 National Testing & Tracing Action Plan (emphasis added):

We’ve gone from 1 million to 4.5 million tests per week in the U.S., but we’ll need to redouble our efforts to make it to 30 million tests per week and beyond in order to reopen communities and economies, and keep them open.

When we were barely a month into this pandemic, we brought together scientists, industry, technologists, economists, and Republicans and Democrats alike to formulate an action plan to expedite the development of our nation’s widespread testing and tracing system.

We called for rapidly expanded diagnostic testing capacity from 1 million tests per week to 3 million tests per week by June, and to 30 million tests per week by October.

Today we’re at 4.5 million tests per week, but unfortunately it’s taking far too long to get to 30 million tests per week, and communities that most need them – low-income families, minorities, and highly vulnerable essential workers – find it most difficult to gain access, while elite institutions, companies, and enterprises seem to be able to access them on the private market.

We need to urgently fix clinical diagnostic testing and accelerate the introduction of faster, cheaper, point-of-care screening tests to prepare for next flu season. Some say it’s impossible. Some say America has already given up. But we know it can be done, and we present here a renewed national action plan to help get there.

Across the board, federal leadership and genuine public-private partnership will be essential to meeting three key needs identified in this updated plan.

First, we need to massively scale up fast, cheap screening tests to identify asymptomatic Americans who are currently infected. Today the country conducts almost zero such tests, and we need at least 25 million per week for schools, health facilities, and essential workers to function safely. Teachers, healthcare workers, grocery store workers: these are the real heroes of this crisis, and they should be able to support our country without the all-consuming fear that they’re jeopardizing their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Second, we need to dramatically reduce the processing time for diagnostic tests, from the current 5-14 days to a 48-hour standard turnaround time that every state and community should meet. Many businesses that are privately contracting with lab companies already meet this standard. We propose a public-private collaboration between government, lab companies, and scientists in order to alleviate the very basic constraints that are leading to these extraordinary delays.

Third, this reinvestment in testing must be tied to the basics of any pandemic response to really work: clear public health communications from trusted community leaders, and robust contact tracing and support for targeted isolation to reduce the contagion of the disease.

The Rockefeller Foundation will invest an additional $50 million toward realizing the emergency requirements we outline in this updated plan. But make no mistake: this crisis demands immediate federal funding. Congress took a first step by including $25 billion for testing in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

This plan requires another $75 billion as soon as possible, because tests should be free and accessible to all who need them – with extra effort to make sure low-income and minority communities, those who are more financially vulnerable and critical institutions like nursing homes, schools, and community centers are supported, and that we address the sharp racial injustices and inequities that plague our country. This represents the single best investment America could make in averting an even more tragic and pending disaster.

Today Covid-19 cases are spiking, and the trajectory in much of America is rising rapidly. In addition, we will soon enter a new cold and flu season with potentially 100 million cases of flu-like symptoms that stand to overwhelm our current testing capacity.

Not only do we need to bend the curve of this epidemic; we need to provide America’s essential workers and children with a way to go about their work and lives more safely, so that critical institutions can survive and function during this period of time. The only alternative is more large-scale lockdowns. The price of that is too high to pay when we don’t have to, if we make smart, strategic, science-based investments now. (Source.)

As I wrote above, they are not even hiding the plan anymore, but openly publishing it. They want 30 million tests a week, so they can test every single person in the U.S. which has a population about 330 million people, before the flu season starts in October.

To do so, they need more money from Congress, and of course, they need Americans to comply.

Notice the veiled threat if not enough people comply and are tested: “The only alternative is more large-scale lockdowns. The price of that is too high to pay when we don’t have to, if we make smart, strategic, science-based investments now.”

And of course if they can reach 30 million tests a week by October, just think of how many more “positive” cases there will be in the public, just in time for flu season, which they are already conditioning the public to believe will be worse than this past flu season. And they’ll have the tests to “prove” this while also making another fortune in selling the tests which Congress will pay for, just as they are doing now for the masks.

If you still think all of this social isolation, wearing of face masks, mandatory testing, and other illegal mandates that have no basis in law, is all because of a dangerous virus that threatens our existence, then you need to wake up fast, because the dangers of these government orders far exceed any danger that the virus does.

These mandates were designed to get you used to complying to their orders, to bowing your knee to the Health Dictators representing the Globalists who are very quickly taking over the economy and rushing to put their plan in place for their New World Order.

ReallyGraceful put out a new broadcast this week titled:

AMERICA: Would you notice if you lived under tyranny?

It is only 10 minutes long, and she points out how more Americans need to understand what is currently happening, and that this was actually all predicted in a book published way back in 1949 which explains in detail almost everything happening today.

Are People Waking up to the Mask Hoax? Walmart Customers Respond to New Mandatory Mask Rule

Walmart was one of a handful of major corporations that announced this week mandatory face mask requirements to shop in their store.

The following images were posted on a website called “People of Walmart.”

While these people are technically “complying,” they are sending a clear message to the sheeple in the public that these mandates have absolutely nothing to do with health and stopping a virus, and what better way to show than by demonstrating the absurd.

If enough people start resisting in public, the same “mob psychology” techniques being used by the Globalists today to get people to comply out of fear will start working in reverse, where people will start to realize that if they all just start resisting, these mandates can NOT be enforced, and people will begin responding in faith, not fear.

And that is just what they fear most.

And this is main reason why they want you to stay home, and shop online instead. Social isolation is not for your protection, but for theirs!

Here is a woman in Colorado who resisted wearing a face mask in a liquor store, even while being attacked by another customer, cursed at, and facing tremendous pressure. The video went viral, and the store got so many calls with threats and complaints about how they treated the woman, that they had to shut off their phones such was the uproar.

If you have stories of resistance and some positive effects of such resistance, share them in the comments!

Resistance is healthy! (And so is a little bit of humor sometimes… ;)

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. (1 Peter 5:8-10)


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