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Wireless mass mind control has been occurring long before 5G

By Scott Snitzer
In response to Donna and your mentioning of remote influencing technologies or remote neural monitoring, I have been aware of the “targeted individual” phenomenon for nine-years and in that time I’ve done a lot of research on it because when you find out about this, all you want to do is make sense of what’s going on because the government/corporations often pull a “shock and awe” harassment campaign to catch people off guard to better try to break them down including trying to drive someone to suicide, or acting out against a harasser or just losing their mind.
I have learned that hard way that most of what is online as far as advanced technology is what “they” allow as you have bullshit “national security” or “proprietary technology” as an excuse to not reveal everything that they are up to.
Some of the main beliefs in the online TI “community” (its fully infiltrated) include:
HAARP, radio waves and microwaves as well as ultrasound and infrasound (sonics) as how they control people’s minds with the remote neural monitoring connecting to each individual via their personal frequency and/or if they have implants  and aside from lead caps (in cloth as a doctor wears) or radio frequency blocking caps (they should be grounded to really block pulsed radio waves or microwaves) there is not very much solid information online as how to block these ELF or UHF signals.
There is research that proves that we all have millions of nano-sized magnetic particles in nearly all of the tissues of our body (especially the brain) called  “biogenic magnetite” which might be a way in which extremely low frequencies (ELFs) can interact with the weak magnetic fields of our brains controlling our subconscious mind, but this is of course speculative.
Its becoming more popular that everyone has nanorobotics or smart dust in their bodies that have been in the environment for a long time, possibly from chem trails, but also from food, pharmaceuticals, air pollution and the water supply.
Then there’s the idea that the metals in our bodies act as an antenna or sorts and in the case of 5G our skin is the antenna.
And a good number of people who claim to be targeted insist that they have RFID implants and/or microchips in their tooth filings.
So the radio frequencies or microwaves are sent in real time at the speed of light (of course) into the skull of a target which can literally make you think, say or do something that you THINK is of your own free will but is not-This really makes me question the natural law of free will, but some people think that our name in capital letters on our birth certificates making us a commodity or the strawman overrules our natural born rights and makes this violation of our minds and bodies “OK.”
There’s voice to skull, forced body movements, alteration of mood depending on the frequency, creating euphoria, depression, anger, confusion, and anything else.
There’s supposedly EDOM electronic dissolution of memory which can cause confusion and basically block memories or create the “UFO” type of missing time.
There’s all kinds of manipulation which can affect sexual arousal (I will not be vulgar here).
From Tim Rifat on ‘Microwave Mind Control’   “Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns, change the behavior of the victim with the flick of a switch.”
“Precisely modulated microwave radiation is used to influence brain function. Human behavior and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation” There is “a catalogue of every specific brain frequency for each mood, action and thought. . .there is one for anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing”
There’s synthetic (or vivid) dreams, and supposedly, as the remote influencing tech both reads and influences our thoughts and behaviors, our brains are being mapped as in those who identify as targets are perhaps the beta test for transhumanism.
Then of course there’s synthetic telepathy which can wirelessly link two or more brains to communicate with each other using a computer as an intermediary.
I have heard several people who are targeted say that people around them have said things that they thought of just before the other people said it or some of those around them said things that they dreamt of the night before, and although government paid harassers are scripted to say  personal things intended to rattle targets (directed conversation), this is not always the case, yet if you go online you will read that synthetic telepathy (like brain mapping) is in its very early stages of research and development.
My point is that long before the nine-years in which I was found out about targeting online (I do not believe in coincidences), going back well over twenty-years ago, aside from government-sponsored stalking that increased over time, I now am 100% positive that many people around me were basically being “hacked” saying and doing things meant to upset me (everything about the psychological operations or perception management of the targeting is meant to break the person down as in Zerzetsung or a chemical decomposition), so they want you to think that everything that goes bad is “your fault,” and 100% complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) is one of the top goals as it makes the target that much easier to manage or control as this entire system is about controlling everyone leading of course to merging humans and technology or the post-human crap.
Although I personally believe that all human and non-human minds could be controlled decades ago, its also very likely that those who are called “targeted individuals” have been the beta tests for remote neural monitoring technologies meaning that “all bugs or issues” with this subliminal influencing tech have been taken out in a controlled setting (because all targeted individuals are isolated to varying degrees, thus making the feedback data more reliable), so in the very least, people who are “TIs” have gotten the full monty as far as the boots on the ground (“gang stalking”), the DEW (directed energy weapons attacks) and the remote neural monitoring or having one’s mind read and influenced simultaneously at the speed of light which theoretically includes all systems of the body.
Its also possible that part of the beta testing experiment on targeted civilians using RNM included the actions and reactions of those who harassed them (street terrorism or “boots on the ground”) and those who recruit and give the marching orders to these stalkers.
The human brain is supposed to be THE most complex thing in existence and its storage space is supposedly close to around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes), but as far as a conscious human being being an “enigmatic complex creature” or “the noble savage,” most people are motivated by their most basic needs of food, shelter, acceptance by other people, reproduction and having some entertainment.
Most people have been generationally dumbed down through a  diet high in refined grains, fluoride, vaccines, refined sugars (and much more) and their emotional age and attention span is lower than ever (like a goldish), and Facebook and all other social media show how easy it is to control people using their dopamine-People’s minds can be controlled by colors, drugs (both legal and illegal), sex (porn takes up most of the bandwidth of the internet), music (certain rhythms and tones entrain our minds as in “trance music”) and when people watch a smiling celebrity or news (spell) caster speak in a friendly tone, they usually do not doubt if these are Narcissistic liars using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which is yet ANOTHER way in which people’s minds are easily influenced as their conscious filters are deviously bypassed.
And I just named most of the ways in which our minds (and bodies) can be controlled and/or addicted.
So when it comes to the term “targeted individual,” except for the “in your face” harassment from private citizens and government officials, isolation the smear campaign, directed energy weapons attacks and being aware that one’s mind is being read and controlled, every single person who is part of this Satanic beast system has been targeted since birth in a myriad of ways and close to all people in our modern world have some degree of complex post traumatic stress disorder (in my opinion).
As Jim West has said, “I’m always trying to prove myself wrong” because (in my case) the more that we think of and stand in the truth and the better we know what we are dealing with the better strategies we will be able to formulate to (as you say) “navigate this system.”
What I am saying can be summed up as: For at least twenty-five years (probably far longer) radio waves and/or HAARP have been able to influence at least a high percent of the population’s thoughts and behaviors and its possible that the entire population of this earth could be controlled for a very long time or perhaps nations (corporations) with the most pollution (due to the metals in the pollution which supposedly lodge in our brains making them unto antenna.
Or its as simple as each unique person has their own electromagnetic signature and its all stored on super computers and given the last two and a half years (or so), I believe that this has really been amped up to better mind control most people and I could easily be wrong, but its the most logical explanation that I can think of so far.
So long before 5G began to be installed, remote neural monitoring was in widespread use and went FAR beyond people who are openly targeted.
There is SO much misdirection and disinformation as well as many ways the powers of this world assault our minds, bodies and souls that its not easy to pin down exactly what’s going on and to confuse things even further, there are truthers who believe that those who run this world are perhaps a century or more ahead of what they give the public technology-wise and there are some who think that most of its an act, such as there’s no real proof for the quantum computer actually working and as Brendan Murphy has pointed out, peer reviewed science is a joke and most of what we call “science” is not the true scientific method but a lot of fancy jargon, equipment, official-looking “intelligent” authority figures and TV, movies and other marketing to make us think that doctors and scientists are beyond reproach.
An example of how they play upon our perceptions are the voluminous DETAILS that have gone into the Wu Han “bio weapon” lab lie-No virus.  No bioweapons (aside from possible chemical weapons) but most of the world bought this, as they believed that bats could infect humans!
The point of this “short story” is that the governments of the world have been able to maintain as much control over most of the population because they give us information and technology at THEIR pace.
There are many movies which use predictive programming about drones, smart dust, nanorobotics, mind reading and mind control, the singularity, of cybernetic implants, of linking two or more human minds together via a computer or mass mind control using microwave frequencies (e.g. ‘Cell’ with John Cusak or ), but we find out about these things long after these technologies have been developed.
When it comes down to psychotronic weapons which control the human domain, what the corporations, universities and the government (e.g. D.A.R.P.A.) tell us is in the “early stages” of research and testing is an absolute lie just as billions of doses of the Covid “vaccine” was ready within less than one-year when it would have taken years to produce this number of vials.
Any human brain can be controlled in real time to make the person say and do something that seems to be of their own free will or volition when in fact its some type of external control over their subconscious using microwaves, radio waves or perhaps low frequency signal from HAARP.
As Timothy Thomas has said, “the mind has no firewall” and from my experience, people whom I’ve known and strangers said and did things that I know were out of character and made no sense given the situation, and this goes back at least twenty-five years-I know full well that traumatic experiences as well as an obsessive analytical mind will make people read into things and see things which are not truly there, plus there’s the fact that the human memory “fills in the blanks” as in why eyewitness testimony for court cases is often not very reliable.
But I am really good at ascertaining certain patterns after a while (kind of a Autistic savant trait) and I am always trying to be objective and unemotional when it comes down to analyzing data because I understand how having just one major belief that is wrong can warp or confuse my perceptions, so I have zero doubts that mass mind control of civilian populations has been in use for a minimum of twenty-five years.
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