April 22, 2024

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Workchoices: It’s back!


Tony Abbott has a clear choice, writes former Assistant Commissioner of Taxation, John Passant. He can rule out any attack on penalty rates or come clean and tell the workers who are paid Sunday penalty rates why he wants to cut their wages.

ONE OF the bosses’ best economic think tanks, working class, taxpayer-funded government agency, the Productivity Commission, has released its Workplace Relations Framework Draft Report.

It recommended (at page 25 of the overview)

‘that Sunday rates in the hospitality, entertainment, retailing, restaurants and cafes industries should be brought into line with Saturday rates.’

There are 4 million workers who work Saturday or Sunday. Contrary to popular stereotyping, many are not students but rather a mother or father giving up time with their kids to earn much need income to put food on the table for them.

Tony Abbott has a clear choice. He can rule out any attack on penalty rates or come clean and tell the hospitality, retail and other targeted workers who are paid Sunday penalty rates why he wants to cut their wages and steal the food from their tables.

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3 thoughts on “Workchoices: It’s back!

  1. Penalty rates –
    Regarding the EXTRA you earn if you work through XMAS HOLIDAYS
    I worked at Harold Mac Nursing Home Fitzroy
    “can you work through XMAS” they asked “it’s DOUBLE PAY” & it bloody was & here am I, all by myself, with a mortgague & kids in secondary & tertiary.
    But that is not why I worked the Xmas Holiday – you see no one else would work – someone had to be there – in Gods name – these people are dependent on us for everything.
    Wow & Crickey …. !
    I earned DOUBLE THE BLOODY MONEY – an extra few dollars on the house payments – the Kingswood station wagon to the mechanic – I was laughing.
    Lucky I did it because the oldies needed me – hey.
    WHAT PENALTY RATES – the money is snatched before you can say “that’s bullshit”
    What can I tell you – how about we just get our normal pay – & have choices – what choices are we talking about, working on Sunday & having Monday off in exchange – well actually it is so much more convenient to be free on a Monday.
    Everyone is so mesmerized that they can’t see – it is the business that the federal & state governments of Australia are slugging & crippling – & depriving the population of services.
    To earn extra money I worked nights as a drink waitress – Friday, Sat, Sun at Copacabanna nightclub – I also had a 3/4 of a week day job & kids in Primary school – not everyone can work 9-5 Mon-Fri.
    Mum slept over to watch the kids – we only liver 4 door away & the the kids were always in & out of her place anyway.

  2. the unions are the buffer between the owners of business AND us
    but for the union thugs we the workers would have drowned them bastards – the owners of the work place in a blood bucket of water

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