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Your Last Chance to Stop the UN’s Pandemic Treaty – The 3 Million Petition

2,296,390 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000,000


We’ve reached the final countdown with the United Nations Pandemic Treaty.

In just a few days, our lives could change forever.

Remember the control during Covid? Unless you and I act today, it could get much nastier! But led by you and CitizenGOers around the world, opposition to the Pandemic Treaty is growing louder every day. The Globalists are now in full panic.

We are at the eleventh hour – UN globalists are on the verge of seizing control — deciding how you live, where you can go, and what medical decisions you make for your children – or they are on the verge of defeat. Your action today can make a difference.

Imagine someone else dictating your health, your movements, and so much more.

This should terrify us all!

The Globalists’ plans are radical, totalitarian, and wrong – but they rely on your silence to get them through!

Despite their efforts, you can still stop them. But only if you act now.

In just five days time , member states at the World Health Assembly will cast their votes on the UN Pandemic Treaty, a pivotal decision that will dramatically reshape our future.

Your voice is powerful — louder than you think.

But we haven’t won yet.

Their plans are still on the table: a global authority that could invoke pandemics at will, enforce vaccinations, and restrict our movement — all without your consent.

If we don’t halt this, the Pandemic Treaty and the new International Health Regulations will unleash this tyranny to its full potential this week!

Remember who pulls the strings:

UN bureaucrats and Globalists embedded in the bowels of the World Health Organization – a failing, expensive, unelected, unaccountable, supranational entity that seeks to continually expand its power, overriding the democracies of nation-states and the freedoms of individuals.

Here’s what awaits us, if we don’t act:

    • A New Global Authority would call any health scare a pandemic.


    • Forced Vaccines and Quarantines even if you’re healthy.


    • They want to check on you and silence any questioning or dissent.


    • Travel Restrictions to stop you from crossing borders to visit family and friends.


  • Global lockdowns, where national governments will no longer have a say.

And it doesn’t stop there:

    • Your kids would be vaccinated without your say!


    • Your daily life and travels would be cut short on a whim!


  • Your freedom to meet up, protest, or pray would be tightly controlled!

We cannot and will not stand by as our fundamental freedoms are negotiated away.


Here’s how we win:

The battle against the Pandemic Treaty is well within our grasp, and here’s our plan to secure victory:

    • The language is vague and fraught with inconsistencies. These loopholes provide us with legal ammunition to challenge and deconstruct its provisions.


    • Capitalizing on the discord – the current atmosphere among the member states is full of disagreement. This discord is our opportunity! With your support, we can still influence nations that are undecided or skeptical about the treaty.


  • Amplifying public pressure – each signature on our petition is more than a number—it’s a declaration of dissent. Our concerted public outcry has already made headlines and put the negotiators on the defensive.

The momentum is on our side, and with your help, now more than ever, we can turn the tide.

As the big day draws scarily near, by the 27th May , when the World Health Assembly convenes, we need to reach 3 million signatures to showcase our thundering global dissent.

And it is your signature today that could tip the scales.

We have fought tirelessly to reach this point, and we cannot falter so close to the finish line.

Sign the petition, rally your community, and let’s send an unmistakable message – that our freedoms are not for negotiation! Urge your country’s Ambassador and Head of State to reject the WHO Pandemic Treaty in its current form and protect our freedoms against unwarranted global control.


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