April 22, 2024

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5000-Year-Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found In Australia Prove History Is Wrong


History is thrown into turmoil as 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs are found in Australia. Either plate tectonics have shifted so drastically over the last 5,000 years, or what we knew of the ancient Egyptians may be severely lacking. Either way, it seems that history has been giving the wrong story.


What is even more disturbing is that this has not been the first discovery that debunked current historical records, and that the records seem to need a severe overhaul.

There are of course die-hard sceptics who would never acknowledge the fact that 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs were indeed discovered in Australia. It would not be foolish to think so as current historical records does indeed suggest that the Egyptians do not have the capability for trans-continental oceanic voyages.

Thus, it may come as a shock to many to discover that ancient Egyptians may have contact with ancient American civilisations. The discovery was made back in 1992 when a German scientist was performing a series of tests on some very old Egyptian mummies. Test results revealed traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine lodged within the hair, skin and bones of the mummies. This may even suggest that the ancient Egyptians knew about the uses of these plants way before anyone else did.

Tobacco and cocaine grew only in the continent which makes up modern America. The question is, how did any of these plants arrive in ancient Egypt long before any Europeans discovered the Americas. These discoveries are groundbreaking, as they evidently point out that the ancient Egyptians did have the capability for transoceanic travel. This not only means that our current recorded history may be wrong, but also the possibility that there could be other ancient cultures that have developed the capability for long-range sea travel, or even developed other forms of technology or capabilities that we may not be aware of in the history texts.


Upon studying the ancient hieroglyphics, many researchers believe in the authenticity of the glyphs. The glyphs also use a form of ancient Egyptian sentence and grammatical structuring that were only recently discovered.

The glyphs are located within the compounds of the Brisbane Water National Park, Kariong. These hieroglyphic texts could shatter publicly known history and rewrite thousands of historical records.

Known as the Gosford Glyphs, they were actually discovered in the early 1900s, and the roughly 250 stone carvings have been an integral part of the local culture and folklore for about a century.

The writing style of the glyphs is what makes them so unique. They appear to be extremely ancient and used an archaic form of sentence and word structuring that was only used in very early Egyptian dynasties. In fact, the Gosford Glyphs were used so way back that very little records exist, thus attempts to study them have yielded little progress. Most Egyptologists do not even have the ability or knowledge to translate these glyphs.

Source: http://simplecapacity.com/2016/09/5000-year-old-egyptian-hieroglyphs-found-in-australia-prove-history-is-wrong/

6 thoughts on “5000-Year-Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found In Australia Prove History Is Wrong

  1. I’m not sure about the authenticity of these squiggles, but it is great fun just the same & the Australian bush is indeed a powerful, magical & mysterious existence in time & space.
    I do not believe that it all began with one cell dividing, off the shores of Ancient Africa. I believe that the for the seed for mankind to evolved on planet earth, they materials were scattered, sprung up in / on, every corner of the planet.
    And for us, we the people to exist in this capacity today, I believe that the process began gazillions of years ago .. Mutation after mutation & bingo, here we are today, in this capacity.
    We will die out soon, the “gastric juices” that we ourselves have spewed out onto planet earth will terminate our current time. And it will be these very gastric juices that will intermingle with the code of mankind to form a new & I hope more souped up version of what we are this time around.
    The truth is so much more interesting than the bullshit we have been fed by so called archaeologists .. historians & their fraternity of ambitious, opportunist, con-artists, of the caliber of snake oil salesman like William Avery Rockefeller & his allies.
    Adam & Eve & the Con-Artist .. Serpent, who sold them a bill of goods only.

    1. The story about the God & the forbidden tree of knowledge, is a ploy by The Establishment Witch Doctor to scaremonger mankind out of the ‘seeking the truth’ mode & the partaking of education of any kind, except bible studies / the official story according to ..
      The Tree of Knowledge is also the ‘bill of goods’ sold to mankind by The Establishment Snake Oils Salesman as a means to an end.
      The sign God posted on The Tree of Knowledge read Buyer Beware.

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    by Benedict Brook.

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    Poor old Glen Stevens .. Stevo our mate .. your not over extended are you mate.

    I TAKE OFFENCE ON BEHALF OF MY FELLOW AUSTRALIANS .. the greedy & arthritic hands of the parents & grand parents who are holding the real estate that Stevo & his mates are desperate to get their grubby little hands on.
    Real wealth that will be passed on to the kids & grand kids .. unless Stevo can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

  3. Urban Dictionary:
    sporned .. If an item is sporned it is produced from the nothing in a jammy (lucky) manor.
    sporney .. a jammy individual.
    spornicus .. a very sporny individual.

    The first people in Australia: The official Story:
    Aborigines were the first humans to discover Australia. They walked out of Africa about 60.000 years ago & migrated through ..
    Rapua New Guinea
    before they were confronted by the ocean that separated Australia from the rest of the world.
    Humans had not invented canoes or boats at this time ..so .. it is uncertain HOW they crossed the ocean.
    * It would be logical, but too hard to believe that they were “sporned” here in the first place.
    There is some evidence that fishermen & traders from ..
    may have visited the north of Australia for thousands of years.
    * And though the Aborigines walked from Africa to Australia 60.000 years ago the peoples from nations just across the waters did not venture here.
    GO FIGURE this cow dung story, hey !

    White Man:
    The Portuguese were the first great European explorers. Portuguese sailors reached Timor, just 700 km from Australia in 1515, so it is conceivable that they may have sailed along the coastline of Australia.
    * Albeit that Timor KNEW Australia & the Aborigines existed, they did not tell, nor did anyone of the other nations tell the Portuguese, “hey man, just yonder is an inhabited nation.”
    *Amazing, truly amazing .. Australia & it’s people were TOP SECRET. In fact I would imagine that news of an inhabited land mass would have spread across the world like wild fire.
    In 1600 the Dutch found New Zealand & not knowing it, also discovered Australia.
    The British knowing that Australia was here, came to visit.
    In 1622 a British ship wrecked on the Australian coastline.
    In 1700 Captain Cook sailed to Australia.
    The British Colonized Australia. “ours, they shouted, ours, demanded,” & they popped off a few rounds of amo.

    * There is no way that the peoples of the islands & countries surrounding Australia, did not visit & it is not hard to imagine that this area was a thriving trade center.
    Europe & Britain the Great heard & made their way to the region looking for freebees / to exploit the region & the populations, as they did Africa & the Middle East.

  4. A paper published in the Journal of Archaeological Science by George Ferentinos & colleagues.
    ” It is believed that .. 100.000 years ago, Neanderthals not only figured out how to build boats & sail, but did so quite extensively long before modern humans got the idea.
    Thus far evidence of modern human sailing dates back to just 50.000 years when THEY made their way to Australia.”
    The truth is so much more fascinating & tell how magnificent we the people of planet earth really are.

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