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A Criminal Conspiracy With Health Politics Lawyer Graeme Little

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPqAAAAJDE1MjJlYTM0LWNkNjYtNDA1OS1iNjcxLTcxYjEzZTg0MDcyNwWhy a Vaccination Royal Commission is a certainty

Who would have thought ten years ago we would be having a Royal Commission into the cover-up of our Churches’ extraordinary abuse of children.

So why do I say a Vaccination Royal Commission is a certainty.

Three clues follow as to why I say new government forces will act, when the groundswell of public disbelief turns to blood.

This paragraph was written three days after my post – I am just watching “Man on Fire” – that is how I feel about this sick corruption fuelled by fear engulfing myriads of health professionals who could do something about this crime against our babies – the mother at the end of the movie said “Kill Him(her husband) or I will” – galvanised mothers I am meeting will ensure No Jab No Pay will be the death knell of the Liberal Party, and its campaign fund masters.

 The first clue is a brand new MMR whistleblower *****- I only found out about this courageous doctor on the morning of my post. He will be a difficult target for the “mob” to silence.

Former science chief: ‘MMR fears coming true’  .

His name is Dr Peter Fletcher, now retired (i.e. less vested interests than most of us now), who was Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Department of Health. He is quoted in the first article below as saying if it is proven that the MMR jab causes autism, “the refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history”.

***** ( just been told that this 2016 article was actually a reprint of an article in 2006 – you could argue that weakens my message or maybe strengthens the cover-up ten years on- hope Dr Fletcher is alive and well – can a UK connection update me please)

The second clue is the alleged MMR Vaccine/autism cover-up fraud by the CDC, sprung by a whistleblower perpetrator Dr William Thompson, being the essence of the recently US censored movie VAXX, which hopefully will be aired in Australia soon, preferably on a big Screen.

See Powerful forces threaten Houston film festival to pull VAXXED documentary… ‘heavy handed censorship’ by government officials who resort to financial extortion to shut down public screening Learn more:

The third clue is a personal oneI believe the Australian Immunisation Handbook authors have deliberately and fraudulently cherry-picked the peak scientific evidence in support of the MMR vaccine. Unreal!!!! Makes me wonder what else they have doctored as I have barely scratched the surface of this 526 page bible. I wonder how many of our doctors have actually read the Handbook, checked it for accuracy and currency, considered it for balance and bias, and noted that it is intended to be a GUIDE only.

 AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkNAAAAJDhiYmMzOWFjLTExNGYtNDljMy1iNDM2LWQ0YzBiMTRhMWQxZAI am alleging this “Handbook” fraud could have vast consequences for all stakeholders in the vaccination industry, for many years to come. Keep watching this space.

I could not believe my eyes after only 15 minutes studying the sections on measles, mumps and vaccines. I will put one of Professor Dwyer’s groupies in the HOT SEAT grill very soon, and see how friendly the Friends of Science in Medicine will be this time when it comes to the health of our babies. 

I look forward to the first whistleblower from the Australian Friends of Science in Medicine – thanks for including all your names, titles and places of employment on the Friends website – makes my job a lot easier to find you.

Plus remind me why nurses are acting within the scope of their professional training when obtaining informed consent from parents for catch-up vaccinations involving 10 vaccines on one day. Hmm. Plus do doctors have to have these vaccinations too, or is the “system” making nurses only take them? More questions.

 I confirm again I am an advocate of freedom of choice based upon EXCEPTIONAL INFORMED CONSENT when it comes to vaccination, because we are dealing with babies. 

I decided to start better informing myself of the opposing views about the efficacy and safety of vaccines around December 2015, some three months ago. I have a long way to go to be fully on top of all the vaccinations in the Australian schedule, or the vastly different approaches being taken by our trading partners.

The link to my post on the lifting of the censorship ban of Judy Wilyman’s PhD follows – I might just need a refresher course myself as Judy has put enormous energy and study into her work, and naturally has suffered the wrath of the mob.

 Judy Wilyman’s Ph D on vaccination

Suffice to say this V topic is such a personal, divisive, emotional, complex, historical, political, legal, medical and ultimately social issue, it threatens to erupt a grass roots revolution globally. This social upheaval will be reinforced, and accelerated, by the tsunami of mainstream focus finally upon corruption of all facets of our society, particularly in the wake of the Panama scandal leak.

BTW very few of my Linkedin connections read the horrific vaccination story with “Gestapo” style police raid in my post at “Mandatorily” vaccinated parents face Gestapo police raid. Let’s hope this never happens again in Australia.

You have a weekend ahead — just think — if it is so important to close down debate on this topic – what are our governments trying to hide?

So what do you like, dislike, think, comment or otherwise? Debate must proceed without fear of retaliation.

“In the final analysis, we see only what we are ready to see, what we have been taught to see. We eliminate everything that is not part of our prejudices.”

— Jean-Martin Charcot, 1825-1893é-peter-pope!cdcwhistleblower/cmmo

2 thoughts on “A Criminal Conspiracy With Health Politics Lawyer Graeme Little

  1. “Who would have thought 10 years ago – we would be having – ( we, means Australia ) a Royal Commission into the cover-up of our churches, ectraordinary abuse of children.”

    Put into play by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    What was the alternative to a Royal Commission – where no one is charged with criminal activity, where no institution is shut down, where no one does “REAL TIME” in prison, where George Pell was whisked away to the Vatican, in Rome, given a promotion & an extravigant clothing allowance & allowed to gloat all over Australian TV.

    Who knows what kind of deal was struck between the political arena & the Churches to the mutual benefit of both parties & a Royal Commission White Wash was set in play.

    Let’s do a WHO-DUN-IT shall we.
    Prior to the 2008 GFC
    Mainstream Media Australian, was hysterically & agressivly, pushing – [ down the throats of the Australian people ] – the Baby Boomer Fairy Story …
    The End Is Nigh … The Hords of the aged are descending upon us.
    The aged Baby Boomers will bring about our demise.
    The Theory being that the mass population of Australia was over 60 & about to blow out the budget by claiming the Aged Pension.
    This was nothing more than Scaremongering.

    Investment – everyone was intoxicated with greed & throwing their money about in feaver pitch mode – to make that killing they are always talking about .
    The churches – and Municipal Councils invested heavily in …
    * Aged Care Facilities & Services
    * Retirement Villages
    * Resort & Holiday Venues for CASHED UP Self Funded Retirees

    The truth is – unfortunately for all the investors – that there are no Baby Boomers – there are no Hords of The Aged descending upon us in any direction except into their graves, there were then & are still today, very few CASHED UP Self Funded Retirees.

    What is the bet that the churches wanted their money back – ?

  2. Remember this case –
    Friday 8th February – a landmark case began today – Wingecarribee Shire Council has accused the Lehman Brothers bank of failing to warn ……
    There was more – these institutions were deliberately targeted by the Big Banks – misled & cleaned out.
    The ABC Learning Centers – were stooged & decimated – PAID UP PARENTS WERE LEFT STRANDED – it was left to The Australian Government to pick up the pieces WITH TAXPAYER MONIES FROM THE AUSTRALIAN COFFERS.

    Thank goodness the Australian people have an endless flow of billions of dollars for the Australian government to clean up after their buddies the banking sector.

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