April 22, 2024

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A New Religion and World Domination: The NWO’s PROJECT BLUEBEAM

Project Blue Beam Sun Symbol hovers Norway - Dec 10 2009 50 PER SMALL


The Blue Beam Project is one of the most dangerous secret programs. It has the potential to spark a global war, making all of us wish it were only a fantasy. But is it?

It’s a known fact that religion rules our world. It always has and always will, due to humanity’s need to believe in a higher power. This kind of power is exactly what Blue Beam seeks to acquire, through the most mischievous of methods. Making use of deception and mass manipulation techniques, Blue Beam would lay the foundations for a new world government supported by a unified, new age religion. Weird, right?

Those who first brought up the existence of this secret program have also given us a brief description of its targets. Project Blue Beam will have to go through four steps before completion:

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