March 3, 2024

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Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times 

Dialogue between a master A and his pupil B:

B: The Universe, or what is referred to  as ‘space’, seems to be a kind of ethereal void, populated here and there by stars, planets, occasional meteors, comets and such like.

A: The Universe seems like a vast and mysterious place, but when you consider that it is contained within a dew drop or a human cell, it becomes less distant. In fact, it becomes very immediate.

I refer, of course, to the microcosmic condensation of the macrocosm.

What is ‘space’? It is not what it seems. The word does not describe the reality. It seems void because you are only using your five senses to analyse it. There is no ‘space’, the area referred to is full of energy. An energy field. But you don’t recognize that which you can’t experience with your five senses.

B: What other sense do we possess, other than that which recognizes reality through touch, sight, taste, smell and sound?

A: We have our perception and intuition; these are receptors that pick up vibrational messages due to the absolute interconnectivity of all matter and energy. When you connect up with the source of all that is, you find that you are part of it, not distant from it. You cannot observe or experience it dispassionately – from a distance – because you yourself are part of the composition.

B: But rational observation forms the basis of all science, it enables us to understand the nature and structure of things, including the Universe. We want to understand how and what life is.

A: Such curiosity is a perfectly acceptable condition in mankind, but it arrives at the wrong answers;

unless man feels himself to be part of that which he observes. Not only this, but recognizes that he effects that which he focuses upon. Both intentionally and unintentionally.

B: How is this achieved?

A: One cannot say ‘how’ it is achieved, unless one is prepared to come at it from the opposite dimension and perception from that which one is accustomed to, in one’s experience of everyday life.

B: Oh?

A: What we experience in our typical daily lives is that which operates, almost exclusively, within the realm of the five senses. Take sight: Visible light- what we ‘see’ – constitutes less than 0.5% of what is actually ‘out there’ in our Universe. Or ‘in here’ within our microcosmic and internal Universe. So we cannot understand, within the scientific discipline which belongs to the Newtonian school of thought, how and what life is, if we only rely upon our five senses to reach our conclusion. There is a missing dimension.

B: What holds us back from being able to experience this missing dimension?

A: Almost everything which forms the experience of what we call life, here on Earth. We operate within a three-dimensional framework which has become so institutionalized that we take it to be the sum total of everything that is. Whereas actually, it constitutes something quite alien and divorced from the true state of existence: that which we experience in the fourth dimension and beyond.

B: Tell me more about the fourth dimension and beyond..

A: You already know something about this. When you fall asleep and dream, you are entering this dimension, subconsciously. When you get an ‘inkling’ about something – and then find that this inkling turned out to be true – you are also touching the fourth dimension. The problem is that, most of the time, you dismiss these experiences as being irrelevant to the tasks and needs to which you address yourself.  Those tasks which form the daily diet of a materialistically aligned world. That superficial repetitive pattern which forms the central point of focus of life on earth at this time. That which broadly operates within what we call ‘the status quo’.

B: I want to understand what this ‘other dimension’ is and how to have greater access to it. I do get these ‘inklings’ from time to time, but never really questioned where they come from.

A: Alright. Intellectually, you can already get closer to the higher dimensions by using something of what (well focused) three-dimensional thinking has already been able to ascertain, concerning further dimensions.

Take that chair you’re sitting on. It appears to be hard, doesn’t it? But actually, when seen/experienced from the higher dimensional state, it is not. It is just a mass of whirling atoms, clustering together in such a way as to provoke the sense of shape and form we call a chair. If we understand correctly from science what atoms are, we would not describe them as ‘hard’. Simply as ‘energy’. Mutable energy.

Now, look at me, or look at yourself. We too, seen from the higher dimension, are also a whirling mass of energetic particles (called atoms). The only difference between us and the chair, is that we are imbued with a whole host of sentient, sensitive attributes which operate on a vibrational wave length tuned to a different (higher) frequency than that of the chair.

The fourth dimension and beyond, is actually our true home – where we come from. And in it, we exist as spirit energy. This spirit experiences life as a quantum event. Everything interconnected with everything, everywhere, at all times. This quantum state is our true reality, and everything else is a falsehood.

B: A falsehood?

A: Yes, because in our true state we are at one with all creation. Which means at one with our Creator. The Divine Source of all that Is. Whereas, in a purely five sense, three-dimensional state of existence, we do not allow ourselves access to the vibrational waves of higher awareness that constitute the true universal state of reality. The 99.5% of existence we think of as ‘beyond the realms of possibility’.

B: Is this ‘lack of connection’ the cause of our seemingly endless problems, here on Earth? Are we really living in such a tiny match box and imagining we are having a universal experience?

A: Essentially, yes. We experience most of our lives as something completely divorced from what Life actually Is. This has not come about by chance. It is a design which has been imposed upon mankind by a force whose motivation is alien to the will of the Creator, yet which vampires energy from creation. However, since we are gifted with powers that originate with our Creator, but have largely failed to apply them, we are complicit in the problem. We possess all that is needed to return life on Earth to its true state of creative resonance, but fail to do so.

We have instead, allowed ourselves to be won-round by an alien force and its accompanying false agenda: its deception. So, as we awaken to our true reality, we must use the creative, imaginative powers with which we are richly endowed, to dismiss the three-dimensional imposter. The imposer of the three-dimensional deception – that we have confused with reality. The task of mankind is to rediscover and re-establish its connection to the source of all life.

B: Are we making any progress in that direction?

A: It is called ‘waking-up’. This is an apt expression, as it suggests coming round from a state of unproductive dormancy. Universal energies, whose origins are the higher dimensions, are manifesting strongly on planet Earth at this time. The pace is quickening. The attempt to block that quickening pace and its accompanying awakening, is equally manifesting itself, increasingly obliquely.  As a result, people are experiencing a critical confluence of disparate forces. The feeling, for many, is of being pulled apart; a type of dying.

The man and woman emerging out of this storm will be closer to their true state of being. Much closer. They will understand that they embody both sides of the disparate energy mix now manifesting. The alien and the true state.

They will recognize that both the creator and the destroyer exist within, and that each individual has the power of ‘free will’ to choose which to nourish into fullness. They will discover that they are in possession – and always have been – of higher instinctual and intuitive energies. Energies which, when properly directed, make it possible to avoid returning to a repetition of past errors.

They will realize that the source of their power is not their own. Does not belong to them, but is an inherited gift, a seed, whose origins rest with their Creator. Thus, rather than puff themselves up with false pride, they will honour the source from which their divine powers emanate. The life to come, here on earth and beyond, will be uniquely directed towards building upon the fruits of this deepening recognition.

In this way God and Man will be reunited – to put it better – will rediscover their unity. Their oneness. And the quantum Universe, with open arms, will welcome back the profusion of its presently disconnected and alienated parts, and thus become whole.

At that moment, the dance of all joyous dances will manifest throughout. And the purpose of Life will be revealed.

B: Blessed be that day!

About the Author Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, actor and international activist.

He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Julian is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defense of Life, which can be purchased by visiting He has just completed his third book ‘Overcoming the Mechanistic Mind’ for which he is currently seeking a publisher.


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  1. Before I begin to read this article:
    Have you noticed
    We are being bombarded with
    I was so wrong about man having made it to the moon:
    I watched this video & it opened my mind to the truth.

    Cosmic Disclosure Anniversary Special – Gaia – Youtube.
    David Wilcock speaks with Corey Goode who tell us such – “such lies that would make one gasp & stretch one’s eyes”
    Lunar Operations Command.

    This is exactly how the story of HANNIBAL & the 36 elephants came into being.
    And most of what is taught in formal education facilities as True History – Medicine – Organised Religion – Evolution by the likes of Charley Darwin – physics by Berty Einstein.

  2. \”about the 4th dimension\”

    Why is the 4th dimension seen as a higher level of consciousness???

    We are transmitter / receivers.
    We / our minds wander when we sleep.
    Our brain translates everything into language that is familiar to us – into reality as we know it / it blocks out the fact that we are interacting with others & internalises all encounters as us dreaming about us – almost.

    What can cause you to wake up feeling like you don\’t want to be alive – like you want to die ???
    Are you surrounded by morbid people / depressed people / people suffering ill health / disabilities / abuse ???
    Would the misery of the surrounding dreamers permeate your own positive consciousness – saturated with these negative thoughts for 8 hours every night.
    Could your mindset be reprogrammed to become suicidal ???
    Which means that you are somehow receptive to the misery frequency level.
    Is this why so many people sleep with the TV on – INSTINCTIVELY protecting themselves from the outside influences.

    Psychology Today:
    1) Non Self Characters In Lucid Dreams.
    2) Four Levels Of Lucid Dreaming.

    You see, conventional believes it too, only they are smart enough to keep it to themselves lest they lose their lucrative positions in life.

    I love your article Julian Rose.

  3. If you wake up feeling like this.
    Plug yourself into some positive & uplifting music – for as long as it takes to get free of / reprogram the negative thoughts & feelings to positive.

  4. We are looking for the knowledge & wisdom of the universe:
    Maybe it is as simple as stepping out of the dark – into the light.

  5. If we hold that sleep & dream state is a higher consciousness
    The we must accept that the brain / mind / intellectual consciousness is awake & seeking input.
    Via telepathic means is a given.
    That our brain can tune in & out of different frequencies ???
    That we can see & feel in hologram form.

    Experiments that prove looking into a mirror one can see …. holograms & feel their thoughts & emotions – their identity.
    The mind being the router / traffic director;
    And conveyor
    The mirror the screen.

    This used to be called scrying & it was deemed supernatural.
    In India it is believed that the mirror allows your dead rellies to come visit – a portal.
    All evil & demonic like.
    We were so afraid of nothing – hey.

  6. Imagine living next door to a den of junkies.
    Your mind would be popping off like fireworks.

  7. Your subconscious waandering about while you sleep is letting the cat out all night
    To find a dead rat on the doorstep in the morning & the cat purring with pride.

  8. In conversation with Peter, our conversation spat this out.

    What if our entire solar system is the facilitator of life on planet Earth ???
    If one of the planets was disturbed – somewhat – it would set the clockworks of the entire solar system on a new path ???
    Are we an interdependent system ???

    Also: if we want to believe the ice age happened – we need to rethink it.

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