April 20, 2024

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The Greens have shown their true colours on natural medicine and sided with skeptics to fight to stop the Bill that was passed in Canberra (Thurs, 15 Feb) that supports complementary medicine.

Will this cost them votes?
The Greens go to the polls in Melbourne for Batman’s Federal by-election on March 17.

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GREENS SHOCK: We now know a vote for The Australian Greens is a VOTE AGAINST NATURAL MEDICINE – here’s the proof.

Read how Senator Richard Di Natale supported skeptics in an “offensive and disrespectful” attack on natural medicine.

On March 17 the Greens think they’ll win the Federal by-election in the Melbourne seat of Batman – Do you want another anti-natural medicine voice in Parliament?

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  1. Very Interesting Listening for many different reasons:
    ABC RN Overnight with Rod Quinn 25/02/2018 – 1:29:00 into the show – guest Jim Garrett – curator of the Thackray Medical Museum. Nth Leads Yorkshire.

    1. Just the first few minutes of this audio interview tells us that – we the people of planet Earth – are merely The Establishments – BELONGINGS – their GOODS & CHATTELS.
      The Establishment being Our Self Appointed Lords & Masters – the Creme De La Creme of humankind – hey!
      If only The Establishment Bosses had the organisational skills to have us in confined in convenient & cost effective slots – units of existence – capacities of production – realising profit for them.

  2. Senator Richard DI Natale is also Doctor Richard Di Natale.
    Monash University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree in 1993.
    Later Di Natale obtained Master of Public Health, Master of Health Science degrees from La Trobe University.

    This man is definitely qualified to speak on conventional medicine.
    Weather he know anything about alternative medicine is another question.
    And he definitely has a conflict of interest here.

    The investment monies for BigPharma have dried up around the world & bribe monies for doctors are drying up fast.
    There is more money made from alternative medicines & supplements around the world than profits from CONVENTIONAL MEDICINES have ever realised.
    And now investors are pulling out of the & away from the bad smell that is the –
    compulsory vaccination scam fiasco:
    No more Lecture Holidays to New York & Hawaii for Australia’s elite Medical .
    No more cash kickbacks either.

  3. The Greens are Communist to the core.
    Of course they are against Natural Medicine as they are against everything natural. This is why they push the LGBT barrow….. homosexuality natural?
    They push the Vaccine barrow…… are Vaccines natural….. nature didn’t give us a needle with bottles of toxins she gave us clean air, water and food which we now have systematically destroyed along with our immune.
    The Communist agenda is against nature…. read up on the Russian Revolution.
    Should you bother to read about the real facts of the Russian Revolution then have a quiet look at the UN Communist Agenda 21/30.
    Stack and Pack along with no private ownership is just a sample of this monstrous pretence for Sustainable Development….. you gotta be joking!

  4. Regarding my guttering problem:
    Doesn’t it amount to ‘willful damage with intent to extort / & attempted extortion’ ?

      1. Thankyou.
        I shouted at one of them –
        \”I\’ve got no – – – – ing choice, have I, now that you have pulled down the guttering,\”
        \”We didn\’t pull it down, it was in bad condition & fell,\” he said as he stood at the screen door – angry – angry because he was not going to get any cash from me that morning, I bet.
        I now think that they decided to just get as much cash as the could in the guise of a deposit for materials & pissoff – with the attitude \’she can chase us for it.\’
        \”Shut the door,\” I shouted at him, \”shut – the – door,\” & he did, I then slammed the front door.
        I heard them pack up their ladders & drive away at top speed.
        I\’m afraid I scared them away on Saturday morning, so no one turned up on Monday.
        Other guys came to continue the job across the road – that job\’s been going on for around 2 weeks, so they made their money.
        How boring life would be without these creatures – hey.

  5. When Goldilocks came to the house of the bears.
    What did her blue eyes see.
    A chair that was big.
    A chair that was small.
    A chair that was tiny & that was all.
    that’s what her blue eyes saw.

    Gus, hola hombre!

      1. Hola Gus:
        It is that I am upfront.
        I told the first guy.
        “The house is falling down around me, it is not worth me spending money on it, I would have sold & moved on but for my health issues, now I’m stuck here for a year or 2, I just want the guttering changed, I know everything is rotten, there are developers waiting to buy this place, they will bulldoze it ASAP, so just tack on some cheap & nasty guttering, I will happily pay full labor costs.”
        Gus, I am well spoken & it was delivered in a business manner, what did he not see that would make him know that I was not a chump?
        When I get pissed & shout it is scary – trust me.
        But why does it have to come to that?
        When do they think I am going to weaken & fall into a heap?
        It is not going to happen.
        It has to be something about me though, a weakness that I need to refurbish.
        No one is invincible & I have infinite patience & a mind that conjures war strategies to win, I will get you in the end.
        Having said that, I would never intentionally hurt someone, or physically strike anyone.
        Mantente fresco amigo.

      2. The eye’s see …. but do they?
        Am I blind?

        The roofing guy wanted $10.000 or nothing.
        They have a set goal, a system, vital work that must be done to repair & prevent massive cost later, minimum work maximum money.
        I looked at the house across the road, the job done is the job they described to me, the standard rip off job & most certainly not $10.000 worth, but it looks & sounds like $10.000 worth.

        I was fitted with a pacemaker because I needed it.
        A faulty pacemaker worth $2:50 – Made in a sweatshop in India or China.
        I was given an angiogram to showed the inevitable blocked arteries & pressures to have a bypass immediately.
        They are paid for the shonky pacemaker surgery – the bypass all in a weeks work.
        They have earned their Xmas money.
        They would then prescribe meds that would finish me off – give me a heart attack.
        They just got rid of the evidence.
        Like the roofing guys.

        What do you reckon Gus?
        I went to Merri-counseling today, has it sharpened my view?

          1. New hospital new tests.
            It will be necessary for me to have another angiogram.
            What if I don’t have blocked arteries?
            On the 26th July my heart stopped in the street.
            Sudden Cardiac Arrest….. apparently it is hereditary.
            In hospital 27th July it was stopped for 25 minutes.
            The cleaner saw me laying across the bed & called for help according to Philip in the next bed.
            I was plugged into the monitors the whole time ….(?)

  6. Merri – Victoria St next door to the Greek Church – I nearly took the wall down with my scooter … ooops!

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