February 29, 2024

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Choose ‘Informed Refusal’ — Not ‘Informed Consent!’

The world’s first-ever “Informed Refusal Vaccine Warning!” Share widely! PRINT the PDF for your pediatrician! CLICK HERE for pdf

This article contains the first-ever thoroughly honest VACCINE WARNING!

Informed consent laws are a bad idea—because they presuppose that some folks may consent—and if they do consent—it’s only because the informer did a bad job informing in the first place. When all’s said, there’s no such things as safe vaccines, and informed consent laws make vaccines no safer. Truth is—vaccines remain unsafe regardless of whether the foolhardy consent.

Remember, so long as the informer knows and understands that all vaccines are “poison,” then the informer should naturally steer the patient down the correct path—towards informed vaccine refusal. #InformedRefusal

We must reject their “informed consent” brainwashing slogan and instead use our own indigenous language—”informed refusal.”

Ladies and gents! Without further ado! Here it is! The world’s first-ever “Informed Refusal Vaccine Warning!” Share widely! PRINT the PDF for your pediatrician! ?


PEDIATRICIAN to PARENT: “The purpose of this vaccine is to deliver a pathogen into your child’s body. A pathogen is a disease-carrying agent—either a virus or bacteria. This vaccine product contains a pathogen that scientists have weakened in the laboratory. According to mainstream science, once a weakened pathogen is injected into your child’s body, it is supposed to prevent stronger, naturally occurring versions of that pathogen from later infecting your child.”

“I am going to plunge this hypodermic needle into your child’s thigh muscle and inject a pathogen, either a virus or bacteria, directly into the muscle, along with chemicals, preservatives, metals, human cells, animal cells, GMOs, and known carcinogens. Note: viruses and bacteria do not typically enter the body via the muscular system; rather, viruses and bacteria typically enter through the lungs (airborne) or through a cut in the skin (bloodborne). By injecting vaccine ingredients directly into your child’s thigh muscle, the ingredients bypass the body’s natural bloodborne and airborne immune defense systems, and this alternative means of entry, via the thigh muscle, may cause health complications because your child’s body is neither prepared nor equipped to fight-off an infection at this point of entry. Once inside the thigh muscle, mainstream science cannot trace the route of any vaccine ingredient. Science does not know which ingredients exit the body, nor which ingredients accumulate in the body, or how long they remain.”

“Once inside your child’s body, the virus or bacteria can cause your child to develop a full-blown case of that disease. For example, injecting the measles virus into your child’s body can cause a full-blown case of measles; and injecting the pertussis bacteria can cause a full-blown case of whooping cough. Yes, flu shots can cause the flu—because, of course, flu shots inject flu viruses into the body. And, once viruses or bacteria are injected into a given person, that person can then infect others with that virus or bacteria—for several weeks after vaccination.”

“If, after vaccination, your child does not catch the disease for which he or she was vaccinated, you’ll never know whether it was because of the vaccine—or just coincidence. However, if, after vaccination, your child develops autism or dies from SIDS, federal law presumes it was a coincidence unrelated to the vaccine.”

“This vaccine product has never been tested to determine whether it can actually prevent disease. This vaccine product has never undergone testing where test subjects, after being vaccinated with a weakened pathogen, were later exposed to a stronger, naturally occurring version of that same pathogen—to determine whether their immune systems can successfully fight-off that stronger version of the pathogen. In other words, this vaccine has never been tested under real world conditions to see whether it actually works or not.”

“This vaccine product has undergone only minimal safety testing. It has never been tested in combination with other vaccines, over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, or street drugs.”

“Neither the vaccine maker nor the government know whether this vaccine product will have any effect on your child’s reproductive organs or fertility. The vaccine maker and the government both acknowledge that this vaccine has never been tested to determine what effects, if any, it has on reproductive organs or fertility.”

“According to mainstream science, vaccines boost the immune systems of healthy individuals, however, vaccines harm the immune systems of immune-compromised individuals. In other words, vaccines are for good for the healthy, but bad for the unhealthy. If you have a compromised immune system or are undergoing chemotherapy, this vaccine will overwhelm your immune system and cause immediate adverse side effects that will be far more noticeable than in persons with healthier immune systems, and therefore, vaccination is discouraged. If you have eczema, it’s a sign of liver toxicity, and this vaccine will overwhelm your liver and cause immediate adverse side effects that will be far more noticeable than in persons with healthier livers, and therefore, vaccination is discouraged.”

“The vaccine manufacturer makes no guarantee or warranty that this vaccine product will actually prevent disease. In fact, this vaccine product comes with no guarantees or warranties of any kind whatsoever and no warranty plan is available to purchase.”

“According to mainstream science, vaccines work only on some people, and only some of the time; however, science has no way to predict “when” vaccines will work or “who” can successfully be immunized. After vaccination, if immunity fails to take hold, science cannot explain why, and if immunity does take hold, science still cannot explain why, nor can science predict how long immunity will supposedly last. Science has no way to predict which persons are at risk for vaccine injuries. When vaccines kill and injure, science is never able to identify what caused the death or injury. If this vaccine product kills or injures your child, science will have no explanation for how it happened.”

“The United States Supreme Court declares that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe—because federal law presumes that all vaccines come with a risk of “unavoidable adverse side effects”—and federal law presumes that these adverse side effects are directly attributable to defective vaccine design. Compared to other consumer products, vaccines pose a heightened degree of safety risk. And, while it’s true that all medical products come with a “generalized risk” of potentially avoidable adverse side effects, this vaccine product comes with an “inherent risk” of presumptively unavoidable adverse side effects.”

“If this vaccine product kills or injures your child, you cannot sue the vaccine maker nor the doctor’s office—because federal law presumes that your child’s death or injury was specifically caused by defective vaccine design, and federal law specifically forbids all lawsuits alleging defective vaccine design.”

“So, do you still want this vaccine? Yes or no?”

The world’s first-ever “Informed Refusal Vaccine Warning!” Share widely! PRINT the PDF for your pediatrician! CLICK HERE for pdf


T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

T Matthew Phillips

T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, art historian, astronomer, Orwellian scholar, registered cinephile, and part-time particle physicist. TMP advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, Tidepods, Lysol, Windex, Febreeze, glyphosate, fluoride, and mainstream science. TMP is now suing the State of California to halt SB277, the State’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. Please visit: http://www.revoltrevokerestore.com BIO: TMP has no college degree, but he did win a spelling contest in the seventh grade. TMP is principally known, in academic circles, for his masterly translation, into Latin, of “The Wizard of Oz,” which remains, even today, the standard Latin version of that work.

Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/choose-informed-refusal-not-informed-consent/

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