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Adelaide City Council blocks police bid for facial recognition CCTV

No biometric prison just yet. Photo: AJU


The Adelaide City Council has hardened its stance against the use of facial recognition technology in the city’s CCTV network.

The Council doubles-down on a November decision.


Adelaide City Council has once again rejected a push by police to install facial recognition CCTV capabilities across the city, until legislation has been developed to regulate the technology.

At a special meeting Tuesday night, the council sought to clarify the capabilities of its new CCTV network after it emerged this week that SA Police had not provided formal assurance it would not use the technology.

A letter was sent to SA Police in November asking for a formal undertaking that they would not use the facial recognition capabilities “unless and until the parliament of South Australia adopts legislation”.

It prompted a council report later that month, noting: “…it will be the decision of SAPOL whether these [object tracing, facial and number plate recognition] functions will be turned on”.

However, the Council heard on Tuesday that the intent of this motion passed in November had been “understood” by council staff as including the procurement of facial recognition functionality.

Which had not happened.

As a result, the Council now says it has not purchased the software licences to enable facial recognition on its new CCTV network, and has such re-committed not to use the technologybefore legislation is developed.


“The software that’s required to actually enable facial recognition, and the additional hardware required, was not purchased in the tender process,” said team leader, Sonjoy Ghosh.

Ghosh said there is “no ability for SA Police to turn on the facial recognition without City of Adelaide expressly doing it”, as it owns all of the assets and infrastructure across the network.

“SA Police actually don’t have the keys to the system; we hold the keys to the system.”

Ghosh’s comments followed a motion by councillor Alex Hyde that council had “neither procured nor purchased the necessary backend hardware or software licences required to enable facial recognition”.

A second motion reiterated that the council’s “commitment to not use camera facial recognition technology unless and until the parliament in South Australia adopts legislation or regulation”.

Both motions – which were the reason for the special meeting – were said to be “in accordance with the council decision” in November that sought the undertaking.

A breath of fresh air in a country where facial recognition has taken over.


In Australia, sweeping legislative changes and broad anti-terror laws introduced since 9/11 have sanctioned the rise of unaccounted surveillance methods, including the development of vast biometric capabilities for government and the private sector.

This includes a significant increase in the use of biometric systems in Australia, including in CBD districtsairportsschoolspublic transportsupermarkets and more.

Police in Melbourne, for example, already have been using CCTV cameras with facial recognition capabilities across the CBD for some time, while public transport in Queensland and Sydney also have the tech.

Darwin’s ‘smart CCTV’ network has been criticised, while Perth has ongoing surveillance across the city.

Indeed, it seems as if Adelaide is one of the last strongholds to wait until regulator legislation has first been introduced to contain the scope and power of this technology.

Australia’s leading privacy and civil liberties organisation calls facial recognition ‘unnecessary’ and ‘fundamentally incompatible with a free and open society’.

Big Brother is Watching.

Source: https://tottnews.com/2022/06/23/adelaide-council-facial-recognition-cctv/

3 thoughts on “Adelaide City Council blocks police bid for facial recognition CCTV

  1. Because of extreme Internet Censorship by Treasonous Governments and Globalists, so many people are still unaware of what’s really going on and it is with great thanks to your tireless great work and others like you, that gives the truth to the people and allowing the Truth Tellers to put their information on your website when So many Globalist Social Media Platforms have censored/banned the truth in line with the narrative of Treasonous Governments.
    Thank you Crazzfiles.

    Aren’t the Governments’ Police Forces who brutalized innocent populations already suffering so much and protesting against vile Tyranny and the people’s rights not to be injected with anything or medically treated for anything against their will going to feel overwhelmed with guilt when they finally wake up to what they have been doing to their own people and I would have expected every single police officer and all others to do independent unbiased research and not just believe the governments Narrative.
    The fact that governments globally hijacked the entire internet to spew the only narrative allowed should have been the only RED FLAG they needed.
    I hope that now All police officers realise their dangerous and lethal errors of judgement and stand up with the people for the people and not on the side of corrupted and treasonous governments.

    BRISBANE Vaccine Carnage in the Emergency Room, an ER Nurse Speaks out

    When private citizens have to do the job of the media confirms that the mainstream media empires are totally corrupted with extensive conflicts of interest.

    Widespread censorship and banning of the truth by Tyrant Politicians and their globalist accomplices et al should be a criminal offence, absolutely terrifying to know that this is what our corrupted polluted world has become.

    **** Companies illegally back filling Risk Assessments to justify Jab Mandates ****.
    This is huge. Any company that has mandated the jab for employees without doing a safety risk assessment has broken the law. This includes universities.


    **** In addition, remember Professor of Law, Mr Augusto Zimmerman has previously stated that the Government actions are unlawful. ****

    Dr Robert Young – Covid Jabs/Vaxxines – Clots Nanowires Parasites Symplasts of Graphene in vaxxinated-unvaxxinated blood

    The covid plandemic Con the most destructive and damaging and lethal global political and medical and Globalist WEF WHO UN et al con ever staged, All about Global Totalitarian Control over all Populations absolutely not about health IT NEVER will be. THE people of the WORLD HAVE BEEN PLAYED and they are running out of time to stop All these political et al Psychopaths and their evil agenda for Totalitarianism. WEF gave Infiltrated most countries parliaments. The clueless members of the population keep complying and dragging us all down with them and the WEF mobster Zuckerberg and the other platforms and mainstream media empires corrupted vermin keep blocking truth from being told. Something has got to give for All these disgusting Vermin to be stopped and punished for all their actions and crimes against innocent populations.
    Corona virus Con the Common Cold and the dangerous uninformed people of the world who keep complying continue to drag us towards full throttle Global Totalitarianism – they better get informed by all the Truth Tellers quick smart. > See this >>

    The common cold is a virally related syndrome and has been associated with over 100 different viruses, including Human Coronavirus and Rhinovirus. Common symptoms include throat discomfort , followed by sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing and decreased energy level. Fever is uncommon with colds, except in young children.


    ** I posted this article “How the Covid Vaccines damage the body” on Farcebook and promptly got banned for yet another month. I have been on severe restricted postings since November 2021.

    Mr Farcebook is also a member of the notorious Democracy Destroying World Economic Forum who insanely are lusting for total global control working with Tyrannical and Treasonous Politicians and the World Health Organisation, UN and other Globalists who are in ecstasy with their unbridled power, money and control and taking control over global populations. **
    How The Covid Vaccines damage the body

    Previously in 2019 Zuckerberg stated >
    3 December 2019 – Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has defended the company’s decision to not take down political advertising that contains false information – and compared the alternative to censorship.
    Challenged on CBS over the policy, which has raised concerns over misinformation campaigns that could distort elections, Zuckerberg refused to commit to any changes. ZUCKERBERG stated. >>
    ###########!!!!!! “What I believe is that in a democracy, it’s really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying, so they can make their own judgments,” he said.
    “And, you know, I don’t think that a private company should be censoring politicians or news.” ########## Indeed Mr Zuckerberg. !!!!!!
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    NB CORRUPTION/CONFLICTS OF INTEREST – More stench than a Parliamentary Sewer Pit
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    Page 52 International Medical Council on Vaccination
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    Also, please in particular, see the information on Victorian Government > Revolving Doors > Big Ties >Big Pharma > Big Medicine et al but as stated, the entire system is corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corruption/Conflicts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

    More on corruption here >
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  2. I have listened to some of your podcasts so thanks. This comment is really for you personally. The more you see these kinds of stories you realise it’s the Hegelian Dialectic in play. It’s all controlled. For example local councils are illegal (not in our constitution) and therefore all rates and fines are and so on. So how can something not lawful block the unlawful action of the state? You see how it works? It brings confusion and everyone chasing their tail for ever but never seeing the real evil. The God of this world is Lucifer and he is over all “worldly” authority and ultimately he serves the God of Heaven and Earth. So all of these stories are controlled by him. If you read Genesis chapter 3 from the correct source: GENESIS CHAPTER 3 KJV- (kingjamesbibleonline.org) you will see that dialectic in play. It deceived the most advanced and perfect man and woman to ever exist.
    So we think we can take on the most powerful of God’s creation Lucifer who is the most intelligent and advanced being to ever exist? Sure thing we can. LOL. He beat Solomon the wisest man to allegedly to have ever lived so he became a hero of witchcraft which is in direct rebellion against Jehovah God! This is what we see in media every single day. A mind game that you cannot win. Again it’s why you must get the correct testimony from God which Lucifer (and his servant the antichrist Papacy) despise vehemently. They have worked for 411 years to destroy it! In fact the whole English language was changed (dumbed down IMO) and all the rules altered to bring confusion and pave the way for the King of Babylon’s modern bibles which change numerous truths in the name of being contemporary. (So convenient) They even made the KJV (hybrid) in 1769 and blatantly lied calling it King James after he died in 1625 and could not have “authorised it.” Imagine I write a famous book in 2022 and say that JFK authorised it and people believe it when I was not even born as was the case with Dr Blayney in 1769 and the current KJV. So I say this so you will have the baseline of perfect truth found in the first 1611 bible.

    1. I did not write this article and the article is from TOTT News and I have shared it here as this website is also a newsfeed site. You need to be directing your comment to the billions of jabbed up zombies with their snouts set in stone to this fake system you mention. I understand totally that councils are actually illegal and so are all their taxes, just as income tax is illegal but most don’t see that. I understand that Australia is just a registered company and our previous shows and we are tied into slavery at birth through the birth certificate and straw man but most do not have any clue. I must cover as many angles here as possible because many are at different stages in their own personal development and learning. Just because you say something is not real does not mean it’s not for those who believe in the system so it’s up to readers to find what they want from them. How many Australian people will be willing to understand that councils are a fake construct and have no real place in our constitution and that we pay fines and taxes for nothing? only a tiny few as the rest totally support these idiotic council structures and feel like paying taxes is a necessity to maintain the illusion they call reality. You are targeting me but not the masses? I already understand and as I said, it’s up to the readers of the articles to find what they want and if its what you are saying, then great but others may have a million and one opinions about all of this.

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