February 25, 2024

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The people of Melbourne love to live in a tyrannical police state run by a psychopathic dictator so there is lots more to come after Andrew’s gets re-elected later this year. 


I would like to reiterate my calls to presidents Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, hell even Narendra Modi:

Please nuke Melbourne.

It is a remarkable electoral map. Melbourne has gone almost entirely left wing as a result of the weekend’s federal election.

Melbourne’s inner suburbs have been retarded for many years. It’s a land of soy and degeneracy. It’s fallen.

But the suburbs, particularly out east has been where the normal people live. Anglos, the last pockets of Whitopia in a once beautiful city. The inner city retards loved Covid Tyranny, while resistance to Daniel Andrews’ madness came from the suburbs.

Seriously, does anybody remember Covid?



Melbourne became the most locked down city in the world in 2020-21, and its police force became infamous as the most brutal in the so-called “democratic” West.


I’m not saying you should vote Liberal, but surely given the size of the resistance to vaccine mandates:

Surely Melburnians would have wanted to punish Dictator Dan and vote against the Labor Party. Instead Labor has enjoyed a huge swing toward it in Melbourne.

It’s retarded.

Aside from the fact that Melbourne is officially retarded, there are a few factors which can help us understand why this happened. It basically boils down to one massive elephant in the room:

After several months of fruitless anti-vaccine mandate marches, hundreds of thousands of Aussies realised that ultimate responsibility for Covid Tyranny rested with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. They turned up on his front lawn to plead with him to pull the premiers into line and restore freedom to the Australian people.


He responded by using an experimental sound weapon on ordinary citizens which left thousands of witnesses feeling sicker than they had ever felt in their lives.

I reckon it is about this point that many ordinary Australians decided that Scott Morrison could eat shit and die. This sentiment was reinforce by footage of our smirking Prime Minister being congratulated by his WEF masters for pushing along Australia’s so-called energy and digital transitions.


This understanding that ScoMo was a puppet of international institutions was reinforced just days before the election when he signalled his intention to sign over Australia’s medical sovereignty to the World Health Organisation.


Determined to put the majors last, a million Aussies voted for One Nation and the United Australia Party. That’s nearly 10% of the vote between them.

Given that the LNP had a higher primary vote than Labor, and even a small primary swing away from Labor, it is likely that a sizeable proportion of Scott Morrison’s base put Liberal below Labor on their ballot paper in order to punish the Liberal federal government for its ultimate responsibility for Covid.

And there’s the conundrum if you live in Melbourne. Who do you put last in the federal election?

  • The guy who pepper sprayed old ladies, used rubber bullets at the Shrine and made you choose between injecting poison or keeping your job.
  • The guy who imported and distributed the poison to the premiers, then used a sound weapon which gave protesters radiation poisoning when they pleaded with him to end the madness.

Morrison’s base realised he was on Andrews’ team and punished him accordingly. Without the ScoMo factor to confuse voters, the Victorian state election could turn out differently, but don’t hold your breath. The Liberal Opposition is about as insipid as it gets.

Today the Lying Press is gushing about how this means Australians want more climate change action, gender equality and how the Liberal Party should move to the centre. Even the formerly intelligent Janet Albrechtsen has gone retarded.

The fact is, ordinary Aussies think climate change action and gender equality are retarded too, and the Liberal Party is lagging behind Labor only a few years on policy. However, Scott Morrison bears ultimate responsibility for the totalitarian state into which Australia has descended, so he was punished.

We’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the AnAl fire.

Source: https://xyz.net.au/2022/05/melbourne-is-officially-retarded/


  1. Melbourne, the centre of Communism in Australia.
    Unfortunately it’s spreading and we now witness another ‘Smart City’ as Newcastle (NSW) has been chosen alongside Melbourne to represent the takeover of Australia by Lucifers religion titled ‘Communism’ orchestrated by the United Nations, a Communist organisation that operates under the Communist Constitution that was set up post WW2 to spread the Communist seed worldwide.

  2. Ok, guys, wake-up:

    \”Those who win elections are not those who vote but those hwo count the vote\” – Stalin.

    The real elephant in the room? ELECTION FRAUD!

    They rigged the US 2020 elections (watch 2000 mules for final proof).
    They probably rigged Canadian elections in 2021 (retarded Candians who re-elect their torturer, sure)
    They rigged the French presidential election in April 2022 (retarded French who re-elect their torturer, the most hated politicians of all times in this country… SURE)


    They rigged your elections too. This is why a piece of shit like andrews is still there.

    Like for macron, Trudeau or others, to get rid of them will take a bullet.

    Prefer the \’peaceful\’ solution? Ok, enjoy slavery then.

  3. Simple question > Who the hell can stop these Power Crazed Lawless Psychopathic Tyrants who murdered our Democracy and Australia will now be under total Government Tyranny/Totalitarianism Regimes as per Plandemic/Scamdemic > WHO, WEF, UN, Globalists……….
    Who the hell can stop this ??

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