April 22, 2024

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African Thugs Viciously Bash Father Of Three In A Melbourne Park

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Shocking footage has surfaced of military veteran Ben Woolley, being viciously attacked by Blacks while attempting to protect a woman who was also being assaulted as he walked through a park in Pakenham, Melbourne on December 2.

In the sickening video, African migrants turn on the 44-year-old ex-soldier, viciously punching, kicking, and hitting him with metal bars after he is already knocked to the ground, while his horrified wife watches on.

Ben told the Herald Sun that they kept hitting me with steel bars and umbrellas … I tried to hold my own but it was eight against one … They kept saying “kill him” it was unbelievable.’ Mr Woolley said.

One aspect of this disgusting crime that the Australian media have failed to report is the ethnicity of the attackers who are all of African appearance.

If this terrible assault was committed by whites then the Australian media would have no issues pointing that out but because the thugs are African migrants nothing is said.

We are also being told that only one of the savages has been caught and that Victorian police are struggling to find the other African gang members.

According to the Daily Mail One person, an 18-year-old female from Pakenham, has been charged with intentionally and recklessly cause serious injury, affray and commit indictable offense while on bail.

Others allegedly involved remain at large with Victoria Police asking the public for assistance to locate them.

Why would Victorian police need assistance rounding up a bunch of black savages that nearly killed a man? also, the vicious assault was filmed by the victims own wife.

Ben Woolley served in the Australian Army for more than ten years and nearly lost his life in a Melbourne park after being attacked by these filthy invaders but local police need help to crack the case it seems.

Victorian police are notorious for treating African gangs with kids gloves and the Australian media seem unable to just come out and tell the public that these crimes are being committed by blacks from Africa.

Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was correct when he stated “growing gang violence and lawlessness in Victoria” was “a failure of the Andrews government”.

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews is directly responsible for allowing these savages into the state and it is Dictator Dan who must be forced to clean this mess up.

If or when any of these blacks are caught we know that they will simply be released again into the community with a warning because punishing any of them would be racist.

Again, if these thugs were whites then they would be rounded up, “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”  and fully exposed as being white by the gutless Australian media.

Why should Australian taxpayers pay to house these African invaders in our prisons anyway?

Over the past decade, Australia has seen an unsustainable rise in the rate and cost of incarceration. Nationally, the incarceration rate is at an all-time high of 217 per 100,000 adults, and prisons now cost taxpayers $4.6 billion every year.

Are taxpayers happy to pay $302 per day to house these black thugs in prison cells or should Daniel Andrews pay out of his own pocket to send them back to Africa?

Victorian police know exactly who these thugs are and where they hang out but refuse to do anything because it’s all being done by design to destroy whites and their civilization.

We the Australian people need to stand up to demand that these vicious criminals and their families are rounded up and shipped out of this country with no chance of returning.

The War Against Whites: The Racial Psychology Behind the Anti-White Hatred Sweeping the West



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  1. The Government allow these unskilled aggressive backward groups into Australia in preference to White skilled europeans. 1+1=3?
    The only skill these savages have is swinging from tree to tree.

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