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ALDI to terminate employment of all Unvaccinated workers by March 2022

Boycott These Mongrels & Don’t Give Them One Cent!!! 


The supermarket chain ALDI, has written to all employees informing them that they have until 1st March 2022, to provide proof of their Covid-19 vaccination status, and if they refuse to do so or are confirmed to be not-vaccinated then their employment will be terminated.

As things currently stand the proposed mandate will apply to all ALDI stores in Australia, the current testing ground for the most Draconian and disproportionate restrictions, but it’s only a matter of time before they enforce the same policy throughout stores in the UK.

In a letter sent to all employees, ALDI stated that if an employee refuses to provide information about their vaccination status by 1st March 2022, they will be treated as if they are unvaccinated, but did state that they will recognise some “extremely limited instances” where employees are unable to be vaccinated due to “being allergic to components in the vaccines” as long as medical evidence is provided.

ALDI goes on to say in the letter to employees that “ALDI has provided over 3 months’ notice of the requirement to be vaccinated by March 2022 to continue in employment… Employees who choose not to be vaccinated will be permitted to work until 1st March 2022… Unfortunately employees who choose not to be vaccinated will not be able to continue in employment with ALDI from 1st March 2022”.

ALDI also made clear in the letter that they they will require employees to keep up with all scheduled booster doses in order to still be considered vaccinated, implying that if they do not then they will be considered unvaccinated and have their employment terminated.

The letter sent to ALDI employees in Australia

ALDI also made it clear in the letter that all sub-contractors who carry out work on ALDI premises will also be expected to be fully vaccinated, and to have provided proof of this to ALDI before being allowed to work on their sites, but stopped short of applying the same rules to customers citing that “Public health organisations have noted the limited transmission of Covid-19 between customers in retail settings”. Which begs the question of why they are requiring their employees to be vaccinated?

ALDI Australia chief executive Tom Daunt said it was their view that requiring all employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the future was the best measure to ensure the health and safety of our teams and our customers.

“The heath advice is clear: vaccinated employees are less likely to contract Covid-19 than unvaccinated employees, and vaccinated employees are also less likely to pass Covid-19 on to colleagues or customers,” Mr Daunt said.

“There will be a small proportion of our employees with a valid medical exemption who will be excluded from this policy. In these rare instances we will rely on other arrangements to ensure their safety in the workplace.”

We’re not sure what “health advice” Aldi Australia chief executive Tom Daunt has been listening to because the data we’ve seen suggests the fully vaccinated are actually much more likely to be infected and transmit the alleged Covid-19 virus.

Data available from the UK Health Security Agency shows that between week 41 and week 44 of 2021, Covid-19 cases rates were higher among all fully vaccinated individuals over the age of 30, and were so astronomically higher among fully vaccinated individuals between the age of 40 and 69 that the Covid-19 vaccines were proving to have a real-world effectiveness of less than minus-100%.

Employees of ALDI Stores in Australia have until Monday 22nd November to provide feedback to the Head Office on the new Covid-19 vaccine mandate proposals, you can guarantee if they get all of their information from the TV news that they won’t have a single complaint to make against them.

This isn’t about a virus. It’s about control.

3 thoughts on “ALDI to terminate employment of all Unvaccinated workers by March 2022

  1. Hi

    A good article exposing this latest round of bullshit. On my own website I’ve been keeping a log of the spread of vaccine mandates around the world. It started off with a single entry and now just keeps growing and growing. The webpage is called “Vaccine Mandates – Becoming a Global Curse” and can be found at:

    You or your readers may also be interested in the following short article I recently added called WokeWorld, which I believe sums up what we are living through:

    Thanks again for a great article, and keep up the good work.

  2. The stats tell the story.
    Ban Aldi!… but the sheep will continue to support as this info is not on the TV.
    Anyway, they luv their jabs; it’s a talking point to separate from the un-jabbed. Us and them is an important part of our evolutionary survival of Natural Selection, Amity and enmity.
    Another human cycle to extermination; coming soon!

  3. Disgusted , lost all respect after supporting Aldi for years because they allow staff to sit down. Grow a pair!

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