April 24, 2024

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All Qld school kids to be taught they were not born male or female


The Australian Christian Lobby has raised the alarm that all Queensland state school children will now be taught the belief that “people are born either male or female, and that’s how they should stay” is a ‘myth’.

Child Safety Minister, Di Farmer told Parliament: “I am pleased to say that this framework includes several significant new actions that we will start working on right away. They include making respectful relationships education compulsory in all state schools via implementation of the Australian curriculum.”

The Respectful Relationships program contains helpful material in its primary target areas on domestic and sexual violence but is brought undone by promoting radical gender fluid ideology that families will find confusing – if not very dangerous – for their children.

An associated on-line quiz asks – “People are born as either male or female, and that’s how they should stay.” Children are forced to choose between answers ‘Myth’ or ‘Fact’. The ‘Fact’ answer result in the child being corrected:– “Hmm, it looks like you might need to think a bit more about how we can be respectful of diversity in our society.” Whereas the ‘Myth’ answer praises the child: “Great job! You really understand the principles of diversity, and how to respect diversity.”

“This compulsory Respectful Relationships course tells boys and girls that viewing their schoolmates as a boy or girl is not ‘respectful’,” ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said, “Radical gender-fluid indoctrination of Australian children has surely reached a new low – kids believing they are born (and should stay) male or female does not mean there is something wrong with them,” Mrs Francis said.

“The ACL calls for the removal of the ‘respectful relationships’ component of this program.”

Source: https://www.acl.org.au/mr_qld_gender?fbclid=IwAR0Ks5qTubD-yiiSPVa665R_sPPYtQEHVtmw6FSdXh87cefh9yUj6nzSMBY#splash-signup

9 thoughts on “All Qld school kids to be taught they were not born male or female

  1. All the Asia Pacific Region sponsored & derived mining, toxic waste, has mutated the thought pattern capacity of Queensland’s Political Arena.
    They have all become CESSPOOL thinking critters all the way up there.

  2. When was I sweet sixteen ??
    Melbourne Victoria.
    Who danced at the CATCHER in Flinders Lane ??
    Who danced at the Thumping Tum in Little Latrobe St ??
    Who remembers Max Merritt & the Meteors ??
    The Wild Cherries ??
    James Taylor Move ??

    1. The Truth was the paper of the moment
      The CATCHER was written up as sin cities basement
      The POLICE raided the CATCHER & they only served coca cola
      Guitarist George had a leek outside in the lane & there was Mr. Plod to write him up a fine
      My mother waved it at me on a regular basis
      “Look what’s going on in these places you frequent” she accused.

      1. “In The Midnight Hour” howled George, aggrieved that a guy couldn’t take a leek in private.
        Mustang Sally
        Knock On Wood

        Her Majesty’s Hotel Toorak / MASIES closed at 10.00PM
        Frequented by the gay boys
        Sandra & I piled into a Morris Minor with 5 gay boys & made our way to Rosies Sly Grog in Carlton
        It was where the Maltese men hung out after closing time.
        Men knew who they were in them days.

        1. Some girls we knew from the Tum, lived in a large old house 2 blocks up from TRAK Theatre today, a rental property, in shared accomodation style.
          One Saturday Saz & I were invited to a party, everyone was there
          David Haley – ballet dancer
          Donny Savage
          John McCarthy
          Doris Tyler – who became personal assistant to movie star Britt Ekland, Peter Sellers Wife.
          Roger Stone
          Cliff Nash – had the biggest vinyl collection ever
          Margo Jones – became a fashion designer
          & many others … things were going along just fine … then the POLICE turned up to raid the joint … we, sandra, Doris, I & some other girl hid in a cubical under the stairs … we could hear everyone & including POLICE feet running helter skelter … the girl had, had a few drinks & would not stop talking so Doris said, \”Shut up, we\’ll get arrested,\” & put her hand over her mouth.
          Phew !!
          We were all about 16 – 19 years old & we were just fine … what exactly do adults of today want from their kids ??
          Get a life of your own & leave the blood kids alone.

          We stayed at Glenis & Aidas, they rented a room in a boarding house in St Kilda, Saturday we went to the local disco in Prahran & Sunday lunch time we had pineapple fritters, coca cola & a cigarette for breakfast in the fish & chip shop in Fitzroy St St Kilda.

  3. David Haley & I danced together a lot … cause I could dance.
    He was very blond & gorgeous to look at.
    Donny savage got into a fight with some other guy & …somehow ended up with a perfect circle of hair the size of 20 cents pulled out of his head.
    Saz, Donny & I laughed about it as we walked home down Lygon St at 3 AM … Donny lived in Brunswick & we left him in Carlton North 1/2 way along the Carlton Cemetery..

      1. Morris Spinetti … Her Majesty’s Hotel Toorak
        “Why does Sandra wear that horrible wig” Morris
        “She is bald underneath, she bleached her hair with peroxide & ammonia & all her hair fell out” Me
        So he picked her up … sat her on the bar & pulled off her wig.
        To her horror & the surprise off the patrons, once they realised, everyone applauded.

  4. Dearest John,
    Should we adopt some children, after Gisel Anabella ??
    We will have plenty of room.
    Declan Seamus Connelly Rafael
    Shane Eamon Nolan Rafael

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