February 25, 2024

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AMA Getting Behind Forced Vaccinations.


The American Medical Association is now “taking a stand,” and it isn’t a good one. They’ve now taken a “forced vaccination” stand.

(via forbes) Key groups within the American Medical Association’s governing body want the nation’s largest doctor group to help bring an end to “personal belief” and religious exemptions that doctors say undermines “population immunity” and put public health at risk.

The AMA, meeting through Wednesday in Chicago for its annual policy-making House of Delegates meeting, could add an influential voice to the growing chorus of public health advocates and state legislatures getting rid of opt-outs for vaccinations for school entry when students start Kindergarten.

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“These exemptions are used for convenience,”  said Dr. James Felsen, an AMA alternate delegate and public health physician from West Virginia which doesn’t allow religious or personal exemptions. “It’s such a no brainer. You’re protecting the kid next to you.”

They go on to blame the Disney Land “outbreak” whereas barely over 100 kids got measles and no injuries or deaths occurred. They want to launch an all out campaign on matters of personal and parental rights.

“Our AMA (should) provide materials on vaccine efficacy to states, and encourage them to eliminate philosophical and religious exemptions from state immunization requirements,…”

Those who support this move should really consider the larger picture. What if Monsanto buys off your precious AMA and then they decided that everyone should be forced to eat GMO diets? You CHOOSE what goes into your body, or your child’s body, on a daily basis. You CHOOSE if you want your child to be vegan, or to avoid dairy, or to eat chopped up pasta, but now the Government will CHOOSE for you what chemicals the Government wants to inject into your child.

How can anyone not object to this matter?

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1 thought on “AMA Getting Behind Forced Vaccinations.

  1. Of course…… the AMA was created by the Rockefellas whose history was snake medicine…… it certainly supported their control over the oil industry where they could inject plastics into human babies labelled as vaccines…… massive profits if you care less about the babies!….. Gus

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