April 12, 2024

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AnAl Wins Election: Australia Is Screwed


AnAl isn’t just a meme. Look at the beard they chose to be his “girlfriend”:

They cleverly chose a chick who wasn’t too hot, but still well above his punching weight.

Anthony Albanese (AnAl) is now Australia’s Prime Minister after Labor smashed the Liberal Party in a landslide victory. Scott Morrison lost his base because ordinary Australians held him personally responsible for the lockdowns and vaccine mandates of the last two and a half years, regardless of his insistence that it was all the premiers’ fault.

Labor and Greens voters love Covid Tyranny and were thus unmoved, while the Liberal Party’s primary vote was frittered away amongst One Nation, UAP and “Others”.

The division of voting blocs into thirds reflects the divided society Australian politicians have created, a trend which will likely accelerate as the centre collapses and Australia rushes to the extremes at both sides of the political spectrum.

Australia now faces an all out assault on the family, fresh Covid Tyranny and waves of boat people.

Regarding the first factor, below is a video of AnAl’s victory speech. You can view the awkward peck he gave his fake girlfriend from about the 16:30 mark:

At least it was no Al Gore moment, but, well, urgh.

I wonder how much they’re paying her:

The “family” of Australia’s new PM says a lot about the kind of Australia the ALP purports to represents. At least the Liberal Party presents its Prime Ministers as leading strong nuclear families and keeps their Freemason-pedo tendencies as quiet as they can. Labor gave us the homosexual Julia Gillard and her beard (is that what we get to call the guy who made the joke about Chinese doctors checking our prostates with their little Chinese fingers?) and now the raised-by-a-single-mum homosexual AnAl with his fake girlfriend, standing on stage with a “son” who is clearly not his and thanking his former wife who had the good grace to attend his inauguration but stay off-camera.

They literally constructed a fake family for the homosexual for the purpose of winning an election. This is a signal that they are really going to go after the family. Guard your kids, get them out of school, because they face an all out assault of reprobate propaganda.

The closet homosexual shills of the World Health Organisation have replaced the closet homosexual shills of the World Health Organisation as the managers of this Antipodean jurisdiction on their behalf. The election was staged to maintain the illusion for Australians that we are the ones who pick our rulers and their policies.

The fact that both ScoMo and AnAl referred in their respective concession and victory speeches to the upcoming WHO Conference in Tokyo, during which they intend to sign over our sovereignty to the WHO/WEF/UN tells us all we need to know. Australia is in for more Covid Tyranny as the globalists turn up the new pandemic scares to 11.

Just with more AnAl.

Have they deliberately put “Labor” in trans colours?

As well as fresh Covid Tyranny and engineered food shortages, the engineered food shortages overseas are about to send wave after wave of orcs landing on our shores. Whether or not the last minute arrival of a boat full of Sri Lankan “refugees” was an election stunt, more of them are undoubtedly coming our way.

Sri Lanka has gone off tap.

It’s just a small island off India. What happens when food riots hit the rest of Asia? Iran is using digital ID’s to ration food. Big Brother is here, and he’s watching us globally.

We’re looking at millions of culture enrichers coming our way, regardless of offshore processing. The people of the developing world are still under the illusion that Australia is a paradise, and if they are starving, what do they have to lose?

Even with all that AnAl.

Source: https://xyz.net.au/2022/05/anal-wins-election-australia-is-screwed/

3 thoughts on “AnAl Wins Election: Australia Is Screwed

  1. Labour/Greens the final nail in the Aussie coffin.
    In an election decision that went against the energy of the Australian people who spent countless hours struggling to support change, attending protests at most Australian cities coping with police brutality and restrictions yet Labour was given the nod before the weekend was half past. The protests in part were partly for the riddance of the standing political du-opoly yet one survived; how?
    As reports start to flow in we must seriously consider the integrity of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and ask many questions and question many answers.

  2. The election was rigged, it\’s obvious.

    Millions of Australians never voted for labor or the greens (reds), or even liberal. All these parties are the same and unique party, the globalscum party.

    It is impossible that people would elect these scumbags after 2 years or torture, knowing that more will come and that their sovereignty will be lost as a result.

    Fraud, like in the USA in 2020, Canada last year and France few weeks ago.

    Since 2016, the criminals who control most politicians worlwide don\’t want to have a Trump phenomena again, so they rig all elections.

    As long as people will believe mock elections can change anyhting, nothing will change. This is how they keep the STUPID masses quiet. Make them believe their voices count.

    In the USA, Europe and Australia, the solution will come from the streets, not moc elections.

    The sooner it starts, the better it will be.

    “Nothing gets done until there is blood on the streets”. — Bernard Shaw.

    Ps: And while the NWO has rigged Australia\’s vote putting a traitor in power who will hand Asutralia sovreignty to the globalist scum/WHO, Russia is talking about quitting the WHO and WTO…

    See which one is the real democracy…

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