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10 thoughts on “Animal Rights in National Socialist Germany

  1. Gee .. this sounds great.
    That a man can kill a child & then another by knowingly starving them to death & only by means of the stroke of a pen .. then go home & lovingly embrace his wife & children & even kiss his dog goodnight.


    It is impossible .. it is an act .. propaganda .. spin .. bullshit.
    The moment the dog steps out of line it will feel the swift & heavy boot of its master.
    Be they Nazi’s of Germany or .. where it that one of the Corgis of Buck Palace were to piddle in the shoe of Queen Liz .. it would surely go rolling across the room for its trouble.

    1. The Germans and The Ancient Egyptians kept meticulous records.
      R Davis please provide the evidence you have to support your statement
      “That a man can kill a child & then another by knowingly starving them to death & only by means of the stroke of a pen”.

      Are you denying the National Socialist pioneered animal rights?
      Do you support kosher slaughtering?
      Do you support halal slaughtering?
      Please find the time to answer and reply.

      1. Dear JAGG sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner .. to be honest not may people have the time to comment .. not expecting any comments I don’t often look .. better late than never .. hey !

        Animal rights:
        I no longer have pets .. but we had several cats / several dogs / fish / birds / guinea pigs / ducks / chickens / a tortoise / white mice .. the Lort Smith knew us well & so did The Lost Dogs Home where all our K9’s came from.
        I woke up .. 3am & raining heavily .. Jack .. he was not inside .. where the hell was he .. I called & called & he was not anywhere .. he must have got out somehow .. I took the umbrella & walked the streets looking for him .. he was curled up in an old blanket in the shed .. safe & warm & I was drenched.

        We are told .. just like everything else .. that “The Germans & The Ancient Egyptians kept meticulous records” .. let’s say that they did .. records of what ? .. real happenings or the bravado story that bolstered their ego’s .. History is full of it .. fantastic adventure story after another .. the Holocaust was it true ? did it really happen as told ? .. today no one believes the Holocaust story except a few stragglers .. It is estimated that over 100 million people died in WW2 & we only cry for the 6 million who were of the Jewish faith .. though many more Christians died & side by side with the Jews & we have never had a good cry for them.

        Killing By Means of a Stroke of a Pen:
        Everyday men women & children die as a result of bureaucratic murder ..
        IRAQ .. during the 10 years of sanctions imposed upon Iraq .. the official number of children who died as a result of a lack of food & water & a shortage of medical supply’s is said to be 50.000 .. other sources say it was more like 1.500.000 children ..
        MADELEINE ALBRIGHT said the deaths incurred were justified / Iraqi lives did not matter .. I bet this monster goes home & kisses the family goodnight with all the love in her cold, black heart.

        Theodore Robert Bundy .. was a very nice guy .. good looking .. charismatic .. socially well adjusted .. no one could believe that he was the monster that he was found out to be.

        I will look out for your comments in the future stay cool man.

  2. What’s more .. in keeping with the nature of a tyrant .. the wife & children walk on broken glass in anticipation .. because the self loving chameleon will .. find imperfections in them “that bring him down” & will proceed to unleashing .. “the stress of it all” .. upon the wife & kids via domestic violence.
    For the pansy that he is.

    1. Hi JAGG,

      “they” let him do it / “they” put him up to it / they used Adolf Hitler / he was their patsy / offer a man everything his heart desires & he will grasp it with both hands & hang on tight / no matter the cost .. why (?)

      It was always doable but the .. anal retentive’s .. would not have it.

      CONTROL OF MONEY .. only one who understands & appreciates that currency / money / cash .. is precious / matter from heaven ..& that it should not be touched by inferior hands .. can understand.
      Money as a form of prestige .. to be only in the possession of the worthy of the world.
      Gods Chosen Children On Earth & / or Lord Satan’s Chosen Children On Earth.

      In fact money is ONLY a form of exchange.
      If money cannot buy anything / if it has no purchasing power .. it is worthless AND a waste for it’s existence for it is no good as TOILET PAPER even.

      So, why did the BANKERS allow Germany to implement a system that would pull Germany out of the pit of despair ?
      Why .. when Germany was defeated was it allowed to flourish ..
      To bring war = WWII .. an opportunity to loot EUROPE / to CULL the population / to force the 28 countries of Europe to unite so as to steal their independence.

      Hitler played his role .. Hitler was always going to be bumped off .. as if aristocracy was going to let an unknown bum rule Europe.

      Feel free to disagree man !

  3. GOLD is the same
    You cannot eat it
    If you were starving how many bars of GOLD would you give for some bread & water ?

  4. Have we all looked at the .. World Population Clock .. ?
    Oh, my God
    Oh, my God
    Oh, my God

    * Population Growth Today .. 168.999 .. AND COUNTING
    * Population Growth This Year .. 18.999.999 .. AND COUNTING

    Somebody do something !
    Someone had better do something or we will have nothing to EAT tomorrow.

    Albeit that fertility is below replacement level for most countries on planet earth.


    1. What is your suggestion?
      Shall we start with the over 60 white males?
      Most of them have few if any grandchildren.
      How much of a better world would you then have?

      “Albeit that fertility is below replacement level for most countries on planet earth.”
      Population increases in the last 50 years;
      Syria = 4 times
      Most of north Africa = 4 times
      Most of mid Africa = 6 – 8 times
      Are you, R Davis part of “they”, or by choice assisting their agenda.
      “they” have the power and influence you claim though your CONSENT.
      What do Napoleon and Hitler have in common?

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