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Anthony Albanese the ‘biggest peddler of misinformation’ in Australia


Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has labelled Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as “the biggest peddler of misinformation” in the country.

In The Australian’s latest Newspoll survey, Peter Dutton is shrinking the gap on the better PM poll – increasing a point to 35 per cent with Anthony Albanese remaining unchanged at 48 per cent.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Resolve Political Monitor found Labor’s primary vote had reduced by two points to 30 per cent while support for the Coalition increased by one point to 36 per cent.

“I don’t think it’s unclear why the government is struggling,” Mr Canavan said.

“I definitely think the next election is there for the taking.”

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1 thought on “Anthony Albanese the ‘biggest peddler of misinformation’ in Australia

  1. Who gives a flying f#*!k ? Politicians do the bidding of the lobbyists of BigBiz in Canberra and dance to the tune of the central banksters. Don’t you remember conservative PM Scomo’s words: The Covid vaccines “are 100 percent safe and effective”?

    At the next election just write “I do not consent” across the ballot papers.

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