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Senator Roberts draws record crowd in Cairns


One Nation has been rallying the troops in Townsville and Cairns getting ready for an October state election, warning of Labor’s war on freedom, human rights, the economy and the very fabric of our treasured, Australian way of life.










Speaking to a capacity crowd in Cairns on Saturday, Senator Malcolm Roberts said Labor wanted to put “number plates” on people with their Digital ID Bill which recently was “guillotined in the senate without one word of debate” and passed but interestingly he said it had not yet been listed for introduction into the Lower House.

“Senator David Pocock is responsible for the senate guillotine and made sure there could be no debate about this extreme bill,” Senator Roberts pointed out.

Question time from the audience raised some significant issues to which the Senator had credible replies











Several hundred thousand names on petitions and thousands of emails and phone calls to Labor MP’s had terrified Minister Bill Shorten, who introduced the Bill and had not yet tabled the fascist document in the House of Representatives.

Normally a draconian bill such as this, would first be introduced in the House and if passed sent to the senate for approval, but Labor had reversed the process with this intrusive and offensive piece of toilet paper.

He said however, the entire blame should not be saved for Labor when the Liberals had originally drafted this oppressive Orwellian piece while Scotty from Marketing was running roughshod over the country with Covid mandates.

One Nation state candidates in attendance but none was given the opportunity to speak to the crowd











“This bill if enacted makes one massive database, leaving no privacy whatsoever,” Senator Roberts warned the 200-strong crowd.

“At least 350,000 federal public servants will be able to see everything about you, and everything you purchase and every financial transaction will go on a data base.”

The bill opened a Pandoras’ box for hackers and Shorten has offered the collected data to commercial interests, for a fee of course, paid into government coffers.

China would be on clover after it gets its hands on to this bonanza of personal information compiled from every government department which has every citizen’s stored data.

Roberts said when the ID laws are tied to the removal of cash, along will come 15 minute cities, social credit and hey presto – total governmental control.

The wily Senator covered the renewables fallacy which in reality was de-industrialisation of the country, the kill-switch for home solar generated power, a lack of housing for 2-3 million people on work visas added to 400,000 tourists all looking for beds.

He called out State Opposition Liberal Leader David Cristafulli who voted with Labor for 70 per cent renewable power by 2030 and explained the high cost of housing could be attributed to 45 per cent government tax on new homes.

“The system is terribly broken,” Senator Roberts said.

The Cairns Post or the ABC did not have reporters present.

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