April 17, 2024

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4 thoughts on “Artificial intelligence Lucifer’s Haunted Mansion

  1. “Centuries ago, man discovered a way to transfer – consciousness – into a new body.”

    I first saw the trailer for this movie on Tor.com – great website.
    I have not seen the movie.

    The body is in the freezer – cryogenics paid of.
    The consciousness is in a canister awaiting it’s recipient.

    Description of consciousness:-
    * status adult & aware – no need to start again at birth –
    a) can be connected to brains memory bank & will take up where you left off former life.
    b) can be introduced into a specific time frame of former life.
    c) can be totally new identity.

    What is the consciousness ?
    A homogenised – one fits all – life giving energy force ?
    Is rejection a factor ?
    How did you entice a free willed conscious energy force into a canister dude ?
    I could go on & on.

    I love Sci-Fi.

  2. I need for there to be stuff that I don\’t know, stuff that I don\’t understand, that will blow my mind, it has to be – POSSIBLE STUFF – though we don\’t know how yet.
    This movie does not have it.

  3. Neuralink – is a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk & eight others, reported to be developing implantable brain-computer interface.

    What is brain-computer interface – a BCI is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain & an external device.

    We have seen this before – the captive, experimental monkeys, in the lab, with wires sticking out of the top of their heads.

    Look, I would not buy a packet of corn flakes from Elon Musk, to me he just doesn’t look or sound smart enough to know what he is doing.

  4. A mesh would be injected into the brain, where it would unroll.
    Where would it unroll to – is there room for it to unroll – what would it link itself to / anything or nothing (?) – can it interfere with the portions of the brain it connects with – is near (?) –
    Then they launch into the question of PRIVACY ” how will this affect you?” to get our gastric juices going …. short on explanation & big on double talk.

    I hope our superannuation fund monies don’t find their way into this SCAM.

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