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Australia needs to hear the voices of our own vaccine injured

Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. – AVN
A very talented and dear friend of mine put this video together and everyone in Australia needs to hear the voices of our own vaccine injured during the Vaxxed tour!

We need this to go viral!

It shows very clearly how the government is actively denying and vilifying it’s own vaccine injured citizens and it needs to stop!

2 thoughts on “Australia needs to hear the voices of our own vaccine injured

  1. Jill Hennessy

    It Shall Come To Pass
    Sooner Rather Than Later
    When The Likes Of Jill Hennessy Are Held To Account
    While Being In A Position Of Power
    Did Advocate Dangerous Practices To Harm The Population Of Australians.

    Is there a register of Adverse Reactions To Vaccines
    If Not Why Not

    We Have The Internet
    It allows us global populations connections
    It allows us access to crucial global information
    Including – Individual – regional – national – global
    All the meetings in the world
    All the videos in the world will amount to nothing
    While people remain independent

    SORRY BUT – Australian Vaccine skeptics is not how to do.

    Allowing yourself to be classified as – on the back foot
    Allowing yourself to be classified – the underdog
    Allowing yourself to be the classified as – out of tough
    Allowing yourself to be classified as – armature & unprofessional & ill-informed

    Here we have Medical Practitioners who are outspoken about the harm vaccines cause.
    The AMA threatens them & their professional opinion.
    What does the AMA say about the Medical Professionals who are Fraudulently Sucking on The HIC TIT via BulkBilled consultations – fraud which is documented – to the tune of BILLIONS upon BILLIONS – of Australian Hard Earned Tax payer Dollars AND the Medicare Levy monies.

    Is how Victims need to present
    The Knowledge & proof is out there
    The pretense of – NO HARM – from the government – the medical profession – the pharmaceutical industry – is already proven to be false A MILLION TIMES OVER
    You will not convince them what ever you do because they already know.
    What does everyone want – AN ADMISSION ?
    They cannot do that – NOT EVER
    It would render them LIBAL
    They would be arrested & tried on charges of KNOWINGLY CAUSING HARM TO OTHERS.

    THEY WOULD ALL GO TO PRISON – doesn’t everyone realize this.
    Will the – Government – Medical Profession – Pharmaceutical Industry – Court Systems – or any other bodies admit GUILT – because that is what it amounts to.
    The believe they are safe – SAFETY IN NUMBERS
    A sense of false security on their part – I fear.

  2. Thank you God
    There Are Hard Nosed Can Do People Out There
    Who In A Professional Manner
    Will Tackle This Problem Of Deviant Deceit – Suppression & Oppression
    On The Part Of These Lay About Fraudsters That Are The Political Arena – Financial Sector – Legal Fraternity – The Pretext That Is Academia & All The Other Vermin Out There
    And It Will All End.
    People Who Do Not Look For Love & Understanding From The Establishment
    People Who Do Not Need Some One To Look Up To
    People Who Do Not Need The Establishment To Validate Their Existence
    People Who Can Do With Out – “Their Betters” – To Guide Them Through Life.

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