April 20, 2024

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Australian Children Taught to Reject Kisses, Hugs with Grandma



An Australian school program is teaching young children about the boundaries for sexual consent by explaining they have the right to reject kisses and physical contact with their grandmother.

It is part of a move to teach children about “body autonomy” and highlights concepts around sexuality and consent as they move through the school system.

The Respectful Relationships program being taught in the state of Victoria’s schools is meant to help kids learn to say no to unwanted physical contact. But in one “child-friendly” example, educator Margie Buttriss ignited a storm of controversy when she told kids they have the right to turn down kisses from their grandmas.

“We’re talking about situations such as Grandma wants to swoop in for the big sloppy kiss, and if the child doesn’t want that to happen, what can they do,” she said, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“And they can respectfully say, ‘No thanks, Grandma, let’s have a hug instead.’ Or if it’s someone they don’t know, ‘Let’s high-five, let’s fist-bump.’ ”

Not everone is as convinced as educators regarding the merits of rejecting physical contact with direct relatives. Some took to Twitter to make their feelings known:

Dennis Barr@DennisDiane

‘No thanks Grandma’: Children taught to say no to sloppy kisses to understand consent. This rot bought about by some extreme lefty who never had a granny. left philosophy I never had it you won’t, I don’t feel good as rich so get drugged so I can really getting a bad world ahead.

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American Grandma@KarolynRae

Yet they support Sleepy Joe and his constant touching. Even kisses his granddaughters on the lips! I’m INSULTED! ⏩Children are being taught to say no to kisses from their GRANDMOTHERS to learn how to avoid abuse | Daily Mail Online https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7293431/Children-taught-say-no-kisses-GRANDMOTHERS-learn-avoid-abuse.html 

Children are being taught to say no to kisses from their GRANDMOTHERS

The example is part of a move to educate primary, high school and university students about sexuality and consent in an Australian Government teaching programme called ‘Respect Matters’.


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ABC News

‘No thanks Grandma’: Children taught to say no to sloppy kisses to understand consent https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-28/consent-training-for-kids-empowers-them-against-sexual-abuse/11335842 

Goodbye to Grandma’s sloppy kisses: Teaching young people about body and consent

Body autonomy courses are being taught from kindergarten to help children understand sexual consent.



I miss my grandma’s sloppy kisses. Wish she was still here

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My grandma kissing me of the forehead is the purest form of love I’ve ever felt

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Primary and high school students in Australia aren’t the only ones being educated about consent – more than 30 universities have signed up to the Consent Matters course.

Some universities require their students to complete a 40-minute multiple-choice exam before getting their exam results each semester, according to the Daily Mail.

This is not the first time baby rearing has entered the public domain in Australia.

Last year a sexuality educator suggested people ask their babies for consent before changing their nappies.



‘Sexuality expert’ says parents should ask for baby’s consent when changing nappies.

Yes, really…

Embedded video

Speaking to ABC News on 8 May, Deanne Carson said she works with parents from birth teaching them “to set up a culture of consent in the home” and to talk to their newborn baby saying things like “I’m going to change your nappy now, is that OK?”


4 thoughts on “Australian Children Taught to Reject Kisses, Hugs with Grandma

  1. It sounds great to me.
    I never did sloppy kisses.
    When Luke & Laura were old enough we talked.
    Coming to granma Mira’s house was fun & interesting.
    Lunch at granma Mira’s house was yummy & we went for breakfast pancakes too.
    Granma Mira makes crepes with lemon juice & sugar or whipped cream & strawberry jam.
    And hot strawberry tea.
    And lots of conversation, granma Mira would ask us everything about what we were doing & we would talk & talk & talk.
    As a consequence I have highly evolved & acutely aware & intelligent grand children.

    1. Funny Story.
      I was invited to lunch & arrived accordingly. Luke was on the top of the new front & high fence, Laure saw my car hid behind the tree to surprise me.
      “Hi guys,” & the conversation started, Luke lay on the top of the fence & Laurs stood at the gate & we talked about
      How come you have grown so much since I saw you last
      When did they put the fence up
      How’s school
      How any friends you got.
      Is you teacher a good teacher.
      Almost a half an hour went by like this.
      I saw Miranda looking out the front door, eventually she sent Andrew to come get us in, lunch was nearly ready.
      “Hi Andy, do you like the fence, how much did it cost ………………”
      Half an hour later Miranda, with an alarmed look on her face motioned for us to, “come inside please.”
      Where the conversation continued.
      Andrew actually found out a few things he did not know about Luke & he was amazed that his son was so astute.

      1. When my children were young adults, we used to do Sunday Lunch.
        I would make a quiche & lasagna or pasta, marinated, grilled chicken pieces, yummy salads & form desert a tort or a baked cheesecake. Manhattan cheesecake with chocolate sauce or assorted berries & creme fresh was their favorite.
        And sometimes we had dinner by candlelight & we dressed up & friends came & we talked & talked & talked.
        All this amongst the bullshit that life bring to your doorstep.

        1. Laura – smaller – we would draw – do cut & paste & do puzzles on my coffee table – I bought 2 small chairs for them.
          Laura drew a long & winding line allover her page.
          “What’s that,” I asked her.
          “The road to the beach,” replied Laura & that it took a long time to get there & the road had many twists & turns.
          Can I draw some fish on your picture,”:
          So I drew 3 fish, a mummy, a daddy & a child fish.
          She looked & looked at the baby fish as she continued to develop her story drawing.
          Then suddenly she scribbled on the baby fish, “Look grandma.”
          I looked, “oh goodness. you know what happened there, you know how fish like to jump out of the water, his mummy & daddy told him no to jump too high, unfortunately he misjudged & jumped right onto the road & got squashed by a passing car.”
          And this explanation was okay with her.

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