February 29, 2024

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Little-known $344 driving fine stuns Aussies

Pictured: Waving goodbye and tooting goodbye, Australian cash and poll about fines. Images: Getty, Facebook (Victoria Police)
Have you done this? Images: Getty, Facebook (Victoria Police)


Victoria Police has stunned thousands of Australians by revealing that drivers can’t use their horn to draw the attention of others outside the vehicle.

Using a car horn for any other purpose than to warn others can incur a $161 fine, Victoria Police said on a Facebook poll on Friday, leaving thousands shocked.

Of the 13,400 Australians who had responded to the poll, one in three thought the use of the horn to draw attention to themselves was not illegal.

But, they were wrong.

And in New South Wales, the fine can be even higher.

According to the New South Wales road rules, drivers can’t use their horn for any other reason than to warn someone.

If you even use it to beep ‘goodbye’ to someone, you’re looking at a $344 fine.

Responding to Victoria Police’s poll, drivers’ feelings were mixed.

“What a joke,” one respondent said.

But others thought it made complete sense.

“Cannot abide the tooting of horns when people leaving someone’s house. So rude, ignorant. That’s just me,” one person said.

“I do it anyway, those groceries aren’t going to get themselves inside the house,” added a shopper.

Source: https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/driving-fine-shocks-australians-030941703.html

2 thoughts on “Little-known $344 driving fine stuns Aussies

  1. Money is the root of all bullshit.
    The Australian State Governments …. have squandered billions, good money after bad.
    Gasping for air in desperation, they are inventing one scam after another trying to make up the difference.
    TRANSURBAN … are making billions ??
    Sorry but they are not.
    Toll roads begin to cost bigtime the moment they are opened, the moment they switch on the power they bleed money continuously.
    TRANSURBAN is in eternal debt, that is why they need to keep borrowing & building new roads.
    The vicious circle of staying afloat.
    Politicians & their financial advisors do not know how to do business, they are easy pickings for the business & corporate Mavericks who have expert vultures at their disposal to tell them HOW TOO.

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    I had no idea that I could be heard upstairs by the tenants, who would tell Dr. Islam that they could hear a beautiful lady;s voice singing I believe in angels over & over again.
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