April 20, 2024

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Australian Lamestream Media Morons Link COVID-19 To Climate Change And Dry Air

The risk of catching coronavirus could increase when the weather is drier, according to a new study that’s uncovered a potential link between humidity and transmission according to 9 News Melbourne

We can clearly see how a fake virus is being milked right into the Australian summer and that the new normal is now permanent. 

This video really shows how ridiculous the COVID-19 PSYOP is and that the lamestream media zealots are now just mocking us.

This is just a sample of the ridiculous nonsense that’s being spewed out on a daily basis by the Australian lamestream media networks.

Will we continue to be locked down and lied to by these stupid morons or will we rise up and take our country back? 

People must understand that these compromised backstabbers are only a product of the TV networks that own them and we all must tune out and stop supporting them, NOW….





1 thought on “Australian Lamestream Media Morons Link COVID-19 To Climate Change And Dry Air

  1. The science I have read is that Virus’s do not respond to warmer temperatures.
    However, as the CoVid19 is an extension of our Mainstream media propaganda then to keep a boat full of holes afloat they need to keep plugging.
    I cannot imagine what their next plug will be.

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