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Australian media desperately trying to dissociate cardiovascular injuries from COVID vaccines


Australian media outlets are trying to dissociate the cardiovascular injuries suffered by vaccinated people from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, linking them instead to “genetic mutations.”

One reporter, Gabriella Rogers of Nine News, tackled this issue in one of her stories. She featured the tale of Sydney resident Liza Stearn, who experienced spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). The condition involves a small tearing in the coronary artery, which causes a blood clot to develop.

The 41-year-old Stearn suffered a heart attack in 2015, but managed to survive. She told Rogers that it required “lots of CPR for apparently over 40 minutes” and “seven shocks of the defibrillator” before she stabilized. While Stearn did not experience any chest pain, she experienced warning signs such as a fainting feeling and a cold sweat.

According to the Nine News health reporter, a study done in the U.S. identified “genetic mutations” that weaken the collagens that make up blood vessels. She added that while SCAD causes about 25 percent of heart attacks in women below the age of 50, men are also susceptible to the condition.

Dr. Robert Graham of the New South Wales-based Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) shared a case of another SCAD patient he encountered. The SCAD patient from Melbourne who was just under 40 years old had suffered from a severe heart attack.

“We’ve got some very interesting families now where we think we absolutely nailed the gene that’s causing [SCAD],” said Graham. He also described the U.S. study that attributed SCAD to genetic mutations as “still early” and meant “for a very small number of patients.” Still, Graham said it needs to be replicated.

Rogers mentioned that the VCCRI is “casting the net wider” by taking gene samples from a list of 400 SCAD patients and using sophisticated techniques to determine other mutations responsible for the condition.

“Experts say finding an underlying cause of the condition is crucial, as up to 30 percent of cases are likely to have another heart attack,” she added.

Is SCAD the new name for damage caused by the spike protein vaccines?

The timing of the Nine News report about Stearn coincides with the emergence of reports about COVID-19 vaccine damage. The shots have been found to cause the formation of clots in the blood vessels, mainly attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used in them. (Related: BIOWEAPON: New study reveals spike protein in coronavirus vaccines responsible for adverse reactions.)

Texas cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough pointed this out during his conversation with Del Bigtree of “The HighWire.” He said: “Everyone understands these blood clots in the body are a bad thing. The spike protein is incontrovertible; it causes blood clotting. Every single study shows that the spike protein damages endothelial cells.”

“People have a hard time figuring out – is it the virus with the spike protein, or the spike protein alone? Can it damage things? Just the spike protein alone. Does it damage cells? Does it damage the heart? Does it cause blood clotting? The answer is yes.”

McCullough mentioned how the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the COVID-19 vaccine travels throughout the entire body, damaging different organs. “The spike protein, after vaccination, is traveling in the body in what’s called exosomes or small phospholipid packets. [They] move in the body independently.”

The cardiologist also cited findings by long-haul COVID specialist Dr. Bruce Patterson, who guested in the former’s program “The McCullough Report.” He told Bigtree: “I asked Bruce what [he was] seeing, [and] he said: ‘I’m seeing the S1 and S2 [segments] in vaccinated people for as long as I can observe them – months.’” According to Patterson’s best estimate, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein would most likely stay for “more than a year.”

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Watch this video about SCAD and how COVID-19 vaccines play a role in the condition.

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