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Australian Nationalist Found Guilty of Opposing Islamization

Blair Cottrell is an Australian political activist, carpenter, and the leader of The United Patriots Front.

Blair joins us to discuss his legal battles, the Islamization of Australia, antifa, and much more. But first, Blair tells us about his background, including how he came to be involved in right-wing politics. Next, we discuss the recent court decision in which Blair was found guilty of “inciting contempt for Muslims.” This leads to a consideration of Islam in Australia, which Blair tells us is growing at an alarming rate. The show explores many other topics, including Australian antifa and Blair’s thoughts on the American Alt-Right.



13 thoughts on “Australian Nationalist Found Guilty of Opposing Islamization

  1. I have invited the “Latino’s” – unwanted by the USA to migrate to Australia.
    I have invited the Palestinians – unwanted by the Israeli’s to migrate to Australia.
    I have invited the Greeks & Dutch & anyone else from the EU to migrate to Australia.
    I extend this invitation on a regular basis & Mexico looked us up on the map.
    Any day now the first few will arrive to make Australia home.
    Australia is so far away from all the nasty problems over there.
    We need multicultural balance in Australia & By Jove well shall have it.

    1. Just one last thing Jagg:
      EUROPA – The Last Battle
      ” we reward the …. we reward the …. we reward the …. ”
      How do we reward them
      This jerk off is full of shit only
      We the people of planet earth have a loaded gun to our heads.
      A loaded gun.
      How can you argue with a loaded gun.

  2. When you or your relatives came here, Rosie, were they given welfare or did they go to work? Who has the loaded gun? Marxist-culturalism in western Europe is an abysmal failure for the indigenous people. Brit-ain, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, but “she’ll be right, eh mate” here in the land of oz.
    Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration
    There is a reference to Australian TV doco in it.

    1. What FUCKING Marxist – culturalism Jagg:
      The GLOBAL MONEY – BANKING & FINANCIAL SECTORS are the cause of the overflow of refugee / immigrant crisis throughout the European Union.
      The ELITE invited them – using Mad Old & Frumpy Mutti Merkel –
      “comen zi here” she squawked & squawked & squawked “comen zi here – is VELFARE MONEY FOR YOU HERE – everyone is VELCOME.”
      I visit EU News websites regularly & I read it – watch video’s – for the last 10 years Jagg:
      This is a plot to steal lands – from both Middle Eastern & European has not been hatched by Marxist – nutters – but the leading global aristocracy ……. Jagg:
      Queen Liz & her mob throughout the EU & US & Israel – 5 times the size of Hiroshima Jagg:

      And what is wrong with WELFARE – Oh – hang on – you believe that people do not deserve money to live – let them starve in the streets – hey !
      Sacred money Jagg:
      Albeit – it is the government & banking sectors that have destroyed the work place throughout the world – & along with it the lives of descent hard working people – if only given a chance – But Hey lets bash the victims to death & horde the Scared & Almighty Buck.
      What is it that you can’t see –

    1. And we have to deal with them as responsible – thinking – feeling human beings & not some moronic – blood thirsty – barbarian.
      But people love to hate – they love to subjugate others – why – just for the fun of it .

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