February 29, 2024

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Australia’s Prime Minister (Ex-Goldman Banker) Warns G20 To “Civilize Capitalism”

Is it time to “civilize capitalism”?

That’s what Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister says.

Turnbull was chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia (1997–2001) and a partner with Goldman Sachs and Co (1998–2001).

Australia PM

Please consider G20 Leaders Urged to ‘Civilize Capitalism’.

Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies have been warned that they must “civilize capitalism” as they seek to revive economic growth and address growing public scepticism about the benefits of free trade and globalisation.


Officials present during closed-door sessions said US president Barack Obama, UK prime minister Theresa May and her Australian and Canadian counterparts emphasised the need to placate public discontent. According to the officials, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, a former Goldman Sachs banker, warned his peers of the need to “civilize capitalism”.

One G20 official said there was a high “degree of awareness” among heads of government that globalisation could be thrown into reverse. “It has taken the rise of populists across the world for them to realise this,” he said. “If we do not address the issue of fairness, [it] could endanger the global economy.”

Before the two-day meeting, the US government argued that a “public bandwagon” was growing to ditch austerity in favour of fiscal policy support.

“Maybe the Germans are not absolutely cheering for it but there is a growing awareness that ‘fiscal space’ has to be used to a much greater extent,” agreed Ángel Gurría, secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Placate Public Discontent

Obama wants to placate public discontent and Turnbull wants to “civilize capitalism”.

Instead of trying to “civilize capitalism”, I suggest we try capitalism and free markets instead of massive amounts of QE, central bank sponsored wealth inequality schemes, bank bailouts, and manipulations of every asset class on the planet, coupled with free handouts to millions of refugees at the expense of everyone else.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-06/australias-prime-minister-ex-goldman-banker-warns-g20-civilize-capitalism

3 thoughts on “Australia’s Prime Minister (Ex-Goldman Banker) Warns G20 To “Civilize Capitalism”

  1. Ooow you little sputnik, you !
    I had no idea Our Malcolm Turnbull had it in him to look like that.

    What the hell is Our Malcolm going on about ?
    What does “civilize capitalism” mean ?
    Is he talking about “hygiene” …
    I’m going to look around & even ask someone on WALL STREET.

  2. Officials present during a closed door session said that there is a need ………… to placate public discontent .. to calm, to sooth, .. as a means to an end .. with empty promises no doubt.

    1. Who are these OFFICIALS .. that are warning Western Nations Leaders to placate public discontent ?
    2. Who EXACTLY .. are they talking about when they say “public” .. are they talking about us, we the people on the street / the common man .. or are they talking about those in the financial & business world (many being very high profile & wealthy persons & organizations) .. who are opposed to the direction that the banks are taking the world / there is a difference between these 2 groups.
    3. Much of the corporate / financial / business world is not happy with agreements like TTP & TTIP & nor are they happy with war, which is in reality a smoke screen & a disruption, a catalyst, to allow the take over of the normal functions of finance & business from them & hand over to the Banking Cartels.

    The Banking Cartels of planet earth are demanding of their salaried, ghoul puppets, the global political arena, that they act, to shackle any possible action that could hinder the smooth transition of the total control of planet earth to them; The Banking Cartels .. is all & this is what “civilize capitalism” means.

    “that a public bandwagon was growing to ditch austerity”
    Austerity is the CHOSEN METHOD of deliberately debilitating / crippling financially any possible opponents .. THE PUBLIC BANDWAGON being any & all corporate, business, financial reluctance to cooperate with the takeover of the planets assets by The Banking Cartels.
    There are banks that want to stay in business & have the clientele to do so ..
    The HSBC / Herves Falciani List / Christine Lagarde List.. which was most likely the FRAUDULENT INFORMATION compiled by rival banking interests to scare away the lucrative clientele from the HSBC Geneva & shut the HSBC down .. is a prime example of “civilized capitaliam” TAKE OVER in play.

    TOLD TO THE WORLD BY U.S. GENERAL WESLEY CLARKE in a candid interview.
    AND that scumbag TRATOR to her own nation.
    Angela Mutti Merkel crying for all she was worth ..
    “comen zi here”
    “comen zi here”
    “everyone is velcome”
    “is free welfare money here for you”
    Is a plot to destabilize The European Union so that THE Banking Cartels can take over global banking & not Islam trying to commit genocide in the EU.

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