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Behind The News With John Friend


The Realist Report is an independent media outlet owned and operated by John Friend. John is an avid blogger, independent journalist, and host of the The Realist Report podcast.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he currently resides in San Diego, California. John is a regular reporter for American Free Press, a biweekly national newspaper based in Maryland. He has also contributed to The Barnes Review, the bimonthly historical review magazine affiliated with American Free Press, and is a proud member of the Board of Contributing Editors. John is a columnist for, one of the most popular alternative media outlets in the world, and contributes to The Renegade Tribune as well.

On November 7, 2015, John Friend was awarded the Free Speech A

ward from the Foundation to Defend the First Amendment. The award was announced and presented to John at the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute, an epic conference organized by American Free Press and hosted at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In his free time, he enjoys jogging, biking, lifting weights, camping, hiking, listening to live music, cooking good food, and spending time with his family and friends. He is currently working on a book entitled, The New World Order Explained.

Due to the controversial nature of the information and political perspectives presented on his website and expressed publicly, John has been either fired or forced out of his job on two separate occasions. He has also had his PayPal account permanently limited. He encourages you to support his work by subscribing to both American Free Press and The Barnes Review.

Donations or other correspondence may also be sent to:

John Friend

P.O. Box 35

Poway, CA 92074

2 thoughts on “Behind The News With John Friend

  1. Great show! Nice to see you guys touch on the Bible. As John intimated, the Bible is a racial/genealogical book which is about preserving God’s laws and advancing the Adamic people. Judah should not be confused with Jew. There were good and bad figs, those who kept their race pure and those who race-mixed. Jesus was not a Jew but came from Pharez/Judah. Judah was a son of Jacob and his brother, Esau, is the ancestor of Edomite Jews. Pharisees (religious separatists) started off as Levites but were replaced with Edomite Jews by Herod the Edomite. Judah’s son Shelah was the product of a Canaanite wife and his offspring can be considered bad figs. But this needs to be taken back to the Garden wherein Satan seduced Eve. Cain is Satan’s offspring and Cain is the first genetic Jew.

    William Finck from Christogenea can put this in easy to understand terms, using the Bible, ancient history and archaeology to underscore his thesis. That show would wake a lot of people as to who the Jews really are and put them on a path to real truth.

    I honestly pray that it happens.

    Peace and thanks for at least exploring this very important topic.

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