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State Of Chaos With Thomas Goodrich


Millions murdered . . . Millions raped . . . Millions tortured . . . Millions enslaved . . . Millions of men, women and children cast to the winds. . . . No matter what you have read about the Second World War, no matter what you have been told about it, no matter what you believe happened during the so-called “Good War” . . . forget it! 

Now, for the first time in over 70 years, learn what the war and “peace” looked like to the losers. Learn what was done to Germany and her people in the name of freedom, democracy, liberation, and other such high-sounding, but hollow, phrases. In their own words, in graphic detail, this is their story…

Hellstorm–The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947

 !!! NOW IN GERMAN !!!


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1 thought on “State Of Chaos With Thomas Goodrich

  1. I was an 8 YO child when WW2 ended in 1945.
    I had no idea of any world war apart from my mothers remembrances of WW1…… she was 8 YO when it started.
    I am now reaching my eighth decade of life and due to my perseverance to try and understand world wars I have accumulated knowledge.
    This knowledge has allowed me to make precursory glimpses into our problems today.
    Our primary problem today is that we are faced with an ancient adversary who became a collective group with survival as its ultimate prize….. the Jew!
    The secondary problem…… us, as apart from this primary group is that we have adopted a ’self sacrifice’ mode to appease this primary group so we must face either slavery or extinction…… take your pick!
    In evolution and I do not contemplate Darwin, but we do have a natural responsibility to survive…… what happened?……… Gus

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