February 27, 2024

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Ben Fordham blasts ‘the greatest fake in Parliament’ Lidia Thorpe

Why Do So Many Aussies Support These Communist Green Traitors???


Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe described the Queen as a coloniser when she was told to recite the oath of allegiance for Australian parliamentarians on Monday.

Ms Thorpe walked to the Senate floor with her right fist raised in the air before being asked to repeat the oath as written.

“She thinks it’s The Lidia Thorpe Show,” Ben Fordham said, “Her only concern is making herself the centre of attention.”

“I think she is the greatest fake in Parliament – fake claims of racism, silly stunts and an ego bigger than Parliament House.”

Source: https://www.2gb.com/ben-fordham-blasts-the-greatest-fake-in-parliament-lidia-thorpe/

1 thought on “Ben Fordham blasts ‘the greatest fake in Parliament’ Lidia Thorpe

  1. A serious question “why do so many Australians support the Communist Greens.”
    They are constantly spitting in our faces yet this pathetic percentage of Australians maintain the Greens are Green and will protect us all against the ravages of nature.
    We need to lift our game in Aus otherwise we will never get the ball.

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