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Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts denounces the WEF and its supporters



Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts recently denounced the WEF and its supporters, warning that the Great Reset will lead to “serfdom.”

“Instead of working together to push Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum plan based on United Nations policies, work together instead for our country. Klaus Schwab’s ‘life by subscription’ quote is really serfdom. It’s slavery,” said Roberts.

“Billionaire globalist corporations will own everything: homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture, and everyday citizens will rent what they need if their social credit score allows.”

The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing,” Roberts said. “To pull off this evil plan, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum will need to take more than just material possessions from Australians. Senators in this very chamber today who support the Great Reset threaten our privacy, freedom, and dignity. Yes, they’re in this senate chamber.”

Roberts continued, stating that he and his One Nation party oppose the Great Reset, the theft of agricultural land use through various policies that force farmers to sell their land, and digital IDs.

Since giving his speech, Senator Roberts has called for the Federal ICAC to investigate all corruption in government, including those connected to the WEF, cronyism and lobbying in the Australian parliament related to environmental initiatives.


2 thoughts on “Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts denounces the WEF and its supporters

  1. Thank you Senator Roberts. The monstrous World Economic Forum/ Globalists have Infiltrated most Parliaments including Australia and they must be taken down.

    Austra*lian Me*dical Profe*ssionals Society AMPS. Do*ctors ag*ainst Man*dates

    Tr*uth speaking Doc*tor bl*ow*s up Aus*tralian Med*ical Ass*ociation Conf*erence

    MULTIPLE CLAIMS by HEA*LTH OFFIC*IALS Globally DEBU*NKED – See truth about Australian Gove*rnment A*BS / AH*P*RA – See story and extremely important information in comments to give the tr*uth to the pe*ople

    RIP Med*ical Priv*acy – Dictator Dan – Also see extremely important comments

    The Aus*tralian A*rm of the mon*strous Wor*ld Eco*nomic For*um Glo*balist Ca*rtel must also be aboli*shed perm*anently and irre*vocably along with all Man*dates and any and all other tyra*nnical Gov*ernment actions. It’s ins*ane !


    WO*RLD ECON*OMIC FOR*UM CONNECTIONS – TREA*SONOUS ACTIONS – EVEN THE AUSTRA*LIAN HUMA*N RIG*HTS COMM*ISSIONER / L*ORD MAYO*R OF MELB*OURNE Mr. Edw*ard San*tow – He was Hu*man Ri*ghts Commi*ssioner at the Aust*ralian Hu*man Rig*hts Commi*ssion from Au*gust 2016 to 28 Ju*ly, 2021.

    Hija*cked Glo*bal Parl*iaments > Dest*ruction of AL*L Free*doms
    From Ope*n Voi*ce – What the W*E*F/Glo*bal E*lite/Tech*nocrats Car*tel have plan*ned for the p*eople of the world in their world hij*acki*ng

    CO*RRU*PTION/ CONF*LICTS OF INTE*REST – More ste*nch than a Parli*amentary Sewer Pit

    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corru*ption/Co*nflicts of Interest items all through this Information Paper. Also, please IN PARTICULAR SEE THE INFORMATION ON VICTO*RIAN GOVER*NMENT GLO*BAL HEALTH > Revolving Doors > Big Ties > Big Ph*arma > Big Med*icine > Big Me*dia > Glo*bal Eli*te et al but as stated, the entire system is cor*rupted with syst*emic and ext*ensive con*flicts of inte*rest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corru*ption/Conf*licts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

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  2. To anyone who doesn’t know why I have to break up my information with ****. It is because the Globalist WEF
    Member Tyrant Mr Farcebook constantly and continually censors, removes comments, bans, bans for up to a month at a time and even shuts down the farcebook pages of groups and individuals who want to post truth and who go against the globalists/political vile narrative of complete hijacking not only of the internet but of global democracies AND ALL THOSE LUNATICS AND TREASONOUS POLITICIANS MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN PERMANENTLY.

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