April 15, 2024

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John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information

Dr Cunningham has refused my challenge for an open debate in regards to his vaccine pushing propaganda & apparently i’m a conspiracy theorist for wanting open debate about this issue. Dr Cunningham will not debate Dr Rima on a live show but has no problems going onto the John Laws show to spit out vicious lies & propaganda. If vaccines are so safe & absolutely needed in order to maintain Herd Immunity then why won’t these skeptics debate? people who simply choose not to vaccinate are being crucified in this country & now being labelled, child abusers. People like Dr Cunningham are a pathetic example of how rotten & unjust our system is but a large amount of the population just keep buying into their stupid nonsense. 

Update: It seems that Facebook have blocked me again & this time it was for posting this article. The Atheist science skeptics just can’t handle the truth so their buddies at Facebook just block it out. 

We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community StandardsYou’re Temporarily Blocked From Posting


Friends of Science’s John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information – No 1FSM
Step 1 : Read Dr Judy Wilyman’s expose of the battle she has faced with our satanic Friends of “cherry-picking” Science in Medicine, and in particular their big gun, John Cunningham.

Newsletter 116 Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided by John Cunningham in the Vaccination Debate (Part 2)

Step 2 : Also watch this graphic 4 minute video, just sent to me an hour ago, which displays the sick extreme depths the Greens have descended by aligning themselves with the ultimate of satanic cyberspace criminals, “guilty” of the Federal Crime of Intimidation.

Greens love affair with pro vax hate group Stop The AVN (SAVN)

The satanic desire of the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), to destroy the credibility, teaching, practice, and evidence base of so many traditional healing modalities ofAustralia’s multicultural community –

is coming to a brutal end !*!

Professor John Dwyer with his two main sidekicks, Ken Harvey and John Cunningham, and their sick band of FSM followers, have shown an extraordinary discrimination with their blinkered attack on Australia’s multicultural community. This satanic assaultchallenges the very core essence of being an Australian, far removed from our once “lucky country tag” rich in freedom of choice and democratic values.

Check out my recent post highlighted below about the satanic Friend’s handling of Professor Dwyer’s only attack on my credibility. His intended hard hitting response just vanished into cyberspace after I challenged him further, but not before the Professor created the substance of multiple regulatory action steps for false and misleading statements. In addition, the criminal offence of intimidation could well be triggered yet again as intimidation is the modus operandi of this clandestine sect of arrogant elites created out of ANTI NATURE genes I suspect.

The subject matter not surprisingly was the failure to quote the Cochrane Collaboration’s review of another mainstay of fairyland medicine, the safety and efficacy of the MMR vaccine, and rubella in particular, for which Cochrane found no proper studies at all supporting efficacy.


Professor Dwyer gets his blog attack on me censored by Ken Harvey, John Cunningham and Loretta Marron

We are now all subject to a “reign of health terror” far more perverse than any so-called “war on terror” invented in the White House after 9/11.

Our lost freedom to challenge the corrupt science behind the pharmaceutical industry is unprecedented in the western world. I believe Australia is the most corrupt, and “health science censored” nation, for reasons which ultimately a Royal Commission will discover.

Cardinal Pell should be approached to advise Health Minister Sussan Ley, that continuing the cover up of the health science truth will inevitably ensure political suicide and a total rebuild of the health based public service.

Social media forces are building their political power base to break through the mainstream media manipulation our major parties rely upon to achieve office.

Find time to read Judy Wilyman’s work below as she may well prove to be an Australian of the Year, when it becomes politically correct –

to challenge the exponential growth –

in vaccination drug cocktails –

from cradle to grave.

I refer you again to read Judy Wilyman’s work – your children and grandchildren will be immensely proud you decided to research the topic yourself – after all, everyone 65 years and older will have to be vaccinated to get the pension soon but no political party will tell you that. I will take that legislation to the Queen to overrule its satanic intent to fix the baby boomer’s burden on our health budget.

Judy Wilyman PhD
Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 116 Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided by John Cunningham in the Vaccination Debate (Part 2)

Source: https://fightpharmacorruption.com/2016/07/01/friends-of-sciences-john-cunningham-peddles-false-and-misleading-information-no-1fsm/

Vaccine pusher & big pharma shill, John Cunningham on the ridiculous John Laws radio show. What the hell does Laws even know about vaccine science? he states in this one sided & twisted interview that vaccines don’t cause Autism, how does he know this? who says? Please read this article, The Vaccine Autism Link for another opinion that does not have it’s roots in Big Pharma propaganda & fear mongering. 

these sick animals are running wild everywhere & if the gullible, zombie public are going to continue tuning in & eating up this brain slop then we are in deep shit.

Dr Cunningham openly attacks Meryl Dory along with the AVN & anyone who dares to question vaccines, but we don’t hear a thing about Dr Cunningham’s involvement with skeptic hate group, SAVN. Please watch this video below & see the kind of people that Dr Cunningham is involved with, Why is a so called prestigious Dr involved with this horrid hate group? should his customers be warned of this? This video exposes evidence of SAVN cyber bullying, abuse to parents and citizens who advocate for choice in Vaccination & health issues. Senator Di Natale personally thanked in parliament, SAVN facebook page founder Daniel Raffaele, who made violent threats and phone calls against AVN founder, Meryl Dorey. His threats were so serious that she had to obtain an AVO ( Apprehended Violence Order ) against him. These Propaganda peddler’s truly have no shame & seem to openly enjoy lying to the public but unfortunately have the main stream media on side. I personally think that Dr Cunningham is a two faced manipulator but also likes to pass himself off as a smooth operator. I pose this question to Dr Cunningham, are you a Dr or a Pharmaceutical sales representative? 

Push dangerous & potentially deadly vaccines onto children & receive a medal of order. 




14 thoughts on “John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information

  1. Radio Presenter John Laws has no credibility, was not & is not today seen to radio audiences, as any thing more than a shock jock / one who shoots his mouth off.

  2. Polio in Australia – Polio is said to be eradicated in Australia.

    Poliovirus Symptoms:
    * 95% of people infected do not experience any symptoms at all / NO SYMPTOMS.
    * and do not even know they have been infected.
    *among those who do experience symptoms, there are 2 main forms of disease,
    1: non-paralytic polio
    2: paralytic polio
    * 4-8% of people who are infected suffer from what is known as abortive poliomyolitis. This type of polio does not cause paralysis & the symptoms which include fever, sore throat, mild headache, nausea & vomiting improve within 3 days.
    * a further 1-2% of people who become infected with poliovirus develop non-paralytic aspetic meningitis, which is an infection of the meninges – the membrane covering the brain & spinal cord. Symptoms last from 2-10 days & include fever, headaches, nausea & vomiting, diarrheoa, tiredness & muscle pains, stiffness & spasms.
    Paralytic Polio:
    * very few people with polio infection develop paralytic polio.

    POLIO IS … caused by a virus known as poliovirus, which is very contagious & IS SPREAD BY SWALLOWING CONTAMINATED FOOD & WATER … or direct contact with contaminaded persons.
    * 30-40 years later there is post-polio syndrome.

    I am confused ….

    1: 1990 major epedemics began to occur throughout Europe.
    2: major polio epedemics were unknown before the 20th century.

    Important Question Here :
    Could the epidemics of the 20th century have been deliberately caused by Doctor Igor Mengele AND His Salavating Ghouls.

    1. SORRY … before 1900 no epidemics …. is this when The establishment realised that they should set illness amongst the people so as to establish BIG PHARMA & make a killing.

  3. Also – to say that polio has been eradicated is not a grosse exaggeration – but negligence itself.
    Look at how benign the symptoms are….in presenting to a medical professional, for all they could tell you could bloody well have a case of the flu.
    To which they will prescribe “go home & take some asprin & a few days bed rest.”
    These people … THE NHMRC & THE FRIENDS OF SCIENCE … are dangerously out of touch with health & well being & disease & life & death senarios.

  4. If I were some nasty man, I would contact Dr.John Cunningham & reminde him fo that bit of conversation with John Laws & shove the reality right up his backside.

      1. I would enjoy watching his face turn, when he realised that polio could be fake, an experiment.
        Or that he, instead of having been afflicted with the flue, or some stomach bug, each time, had actually been infected with the crippling / deadly poliovirus & was just fobbed off by his quack.
        Get someone to kick him hard.. sacremongering exercises.

  5. Sister Elizabeth Kenny, one of our hero’s, this lady, for 30 years she fought The Global Establishment Medical Fraternity to have her, what is now physiotherapy, recognised & embraced as treatment to prevent polio paralysis.
    At the time I though, what snot The Establishment were, now I suspect that they were afraid that she & others would discover the truth. That polio was never epedemic in nature & that it may not even be a real disease.
    What if the flu is actually polio.

  6. I haven’t finished with this topic yet, I woke up with it buzzing around in my head, hope you don’t mind.


    * In looking at the symptoms of polio, they are exactly like flu symptoms.
    * So why would a doctor look any further, than to conclude this person has the flu …?
    * How would a doctor / medical professional, suspect that the person before them is, a person suffering polio …?
    The would not.
    Oh, great …. no that’s great …. really.
    The next time I have flu like symptoms, or gastro for that matter, I will insist to my General Practitioner that it could very well be polio & insist on blood tests.
    Like that I am certain & safe from the deadly & crippling poliovirus.
    What now …!
    The symptoms disappear within 3 days.
    It’s too bloody late, isn’t it.
    Please know that I am dead serious here.
    Who is to say that the flu / or swine flu is not actually the poliovirus.

    HANG ON A MOMENT:- please ….
    The Mayo Clinic
    Tests & Diagnosis
    Doctors often diagnose polio by symptoms, ……………. “you see, what have I been saying”
    such as neck & back stiffness, abdominal reflexes & difficulty swallowing & breathing.
    To confirm the diagnosos, a sample of throat secreations, stool or cerebrospinal fluid – a colorless fluid that surrounds your brain & spinal cord – is checked for poliovirus……………. “these are the tests you have to ask for” … “and pronto”
    Treatments & Drugs
    the focus is on increasing comfort, speeding recovery & preventing complications.
    Supportive treatments include.
    * Bed rest
    * Pain relievers
    * Portable ventilators to assist breathing
    * Moderate exercise (physical therapy) ………. THIS IS OUR ELIZABETH HERE a simple Australian country girl & she has done us Australians proud ………. to prevent deformaty & loss of muscle function
    * A nutricious diet.

    * Polio has been tracked back almost 6.000 years.
    * Symptoms & signs of polio vary from no symptoms to limb deformaties, paralysis & death.
    * Diagnosis of polio is based on the patient’s history …….. WHAT KIND OF HISTORY … “have you been to anyplace where there is polio” ……. is there any other kind of history that would help detect polio … NO………..
    * physical exam & ongoing symptoms. The virus may be isolated from the patients tissue to confirm diagnosos……………… ” was I right, or was I right – when in doubt go for broke – when the flu sets in – ask yourelf – “is it the flu or polio” – & go all out to make sure that you are not left wanting a coffin.
    SO – THE ESTABLISHMENT ERADICATED POLIO BY DISCOVERING A VACCINE & VACCINATING ALL THE CHILDREN OF AUSTRALIA – including the little kiddies that live in the outback, of whom some may not be vacinated – that may come in contact with contaminated water on a regular basis.
    The story is so full of holes, it leaks like a sieve.

    Nothing to do with polio – A person of interest to me BERNARD SALT – conservative.

  7. Just one thing more …..

    How does Polio Virus get into food… ?
    POLIOVIRUS is found in fecal material.
    Be sure you wash your hands.
    Young children who are not yet toilet trained are a ready source of transmissin.
    Most people with the poliovirus have no signs of illness & are never aware that they have been infected.

  8. It is more than likely that there are some INDIVIDUAL who are PREDISPOSED to the poliovirus.
    What a shame no one looked to see why some people seem to be a sponge for the poliovirus.
    I doubt that it is a depleated immune system.
    More a COMPATABILITY to it.

  9. I googled – characteristics of an epidemic.

    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    Section 11 Epidemic Disease Occurences
    * Epidemics occur when an agent & susceptable host are present in adquate numbers & the agent can be effectively conveyed from a source to a suseptible host. More specifically an epedemic may result from …
    * A recent increase in amount or virulence of the agent
    * A recent introduction of the agent into a setting – where it has not been before
    * An enhanced mode of transmission so that more susceptible persons are exposed
    * A change in the sesceptibility of the host to the agent &/or
    * Factors that increase hosts exposure or involved introduction through new portals of entry.

    A common-source outbreak is one in which a group of persons are all exposed to the infectious agent or toxin from the same source.
    If the group is exposed over a relatively brief period, so that everyone who becomes ill does so within one incubation period, then the common-source is further classified as a point-source outbreak.
    The epidemic of lukemia cases in Hiroshima following the atomic bomb blast ….

    This is a how to infect as many people, in a little time as possible to maximum effect = the polio epidemics of Europe in the period after 1900.
    That’s all folks.

  10. Hi,
    Your link about the attack Prof Dwyer made on you, and its censoring by Marron and Harvey is no longer functional.
    You mention an attack Dwyer made on you but withdrew very quickly.
    If anything similar happened and you were able to get screen shots that would be very helpful.
    Clearly there is a very high probabiity that the major medical players in FOSM are in breach of the Medical Board Code of Conduct in most of their direct actions against any of the pro-vaccine choice side.
    The mechanism for making complaints via AHPRA is straightforwards- so we all need to watch.
    We also need to take care to protect our own identities.

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